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I want to get back into the DC universe, but i don't feel like spending all kinds of money on subscriptions, and there isn't a nearby comic store either. Right now i'm thinking about reading digital comics, to keep up with what's going on. I plan on following Justice League, Superman, and Wonder Woman to start off with. Can anyone tell me if this is a viable way to keep up to date with everything?

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Comixology has everything you need comics wise. They keep everything really organized too. I prefer reading print but I've converted to digital because it's just a lot easier.

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Thanks, but regarding that website I just got a couple questions.

If I purchase something from Comixology, does DC still get my money? I want to support DC and New 52.

How come I should purchase from there instead of the DC website?

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Digital is ok but I like print better.

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Not a big fan, but Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited is ingenious. And I'll never pay full price (2.99 or above) for a digital comic. It is a viable way to keep up if you don't mind paying normal price, don't have/want to go to the comic store, and don't have the space for physical comics.

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Not a fan.

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@mpfly88: Yea Comixology is officially licensed by DC, Marvel, Image and other comic publishers so it's just the same as if buying it from a shop.

@the_tree: All digital comics fall in price a month or so after they are released. They wouldn't be able to start them cheaper than physical copies because that would put massive strain on LCS and force more of them to close.

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If you have an iPad with retina display, digital comics are absolutely superior to print comics. I have a comic book store one block from my apartment and I still decided to convert from print to digital. Carrying my tablet with me is the equivalent to carrying all my long boxes, especially after Marvel's 700 free issues sale (something like that could never happen with print comics). The only print comics I still purchase are ones that have a code for a free digital copy, and even then I just input the code and read it on my iPad without ever looking through the print version due to the former's highly superior picture quality.

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Thank you everyone for your input. I don't have a lot of space, or a comic book store near me. I don't want to spend all kinds of money on subscriptions too, so Digital Comics seem perfect for me. My PC is hooked up to my 32 inch tv, so it should be nicey nice reading comics off of it.

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Funny you ask, when talking about this with my friends I always say this- "digital comics are buying with your head, physical comics are buying with your heart." While digital comics are cheaper, save paper and don't take up much space at all they can't beat the feeling of thumbing through and holding a hard copy. I for one would never buy digital, there's just something about having a shelf collection of physical comics that makes me feel happy I guess

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@bob808 said:

Digital is ok but I like print better.

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I buy some digital comics (those that I can't easily get as trades), and I'm very happy with the format. I have an iPad with retina display, and it's very well suited to the medium. The colors are fine, and the images are always crisp. Most pages are in portrait layout, but some are in landscape, so you have to turn the tablet to get the full value of the page. I don't mind it; you get more details that way. I use the DC app instead of comixology, because I have no interest in Marvel comics. The DC app is pretty good imo. There are a ton of comics available. The one minus is that when you have comics from many different series, the startpage starts to become cluttered. But that may just be me; I'm very fond of really strict organizing (I'm a librarian :).

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I only care about them if they're free.