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Answer please?

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You have to defeat a pitbull in a cage fight.

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A casting couch is involved...

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Be good for the entire year, even on these forums, and send a letter to Santa Claus and hope for the best.

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take one hostage

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Good behavior, gain the trust of the existing moderators without being an ass kisser.

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You don't ask.

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Brown nosing?

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You have to undergo 8 brutally long months of grueling training on a remote island away from home.

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30 push ups

60 sit ups

15 pull ups

150 bench

240 leg press

360 dead lift

Run 5 miles at full speed

Eat only raw meat

Master every song on guitar hero

Sleep 1 hour every night

Do this on repeat and you’ll have 2% chance at making the cut.

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@farkam said:

A casting couch is involved...


OT: You will be airdropped into a forest enclosure where you have to track down and kill one of them. But be warned, they will be heavily armed with AK-47s, machetes and worst of all, The Banhammer. There are also certain mods with a lot of feats that will prove challenging to defeat, e.g. Renchamp, Majinblackheart and Rogueshadow. However, if you do manage to succeed, you take their hammer back as proof.

Upon confirmation, one of the staff of the site will mail you your own personal Banhammer with your name engraved in it. From that point on, you are now a Mod.

With great power comes great bannings.

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Ever heard of the Hunger Games?

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If you are willing to sell your soul, make a sacrifice or two, then something could happen.

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@hulkbusterx9: From the years I have been on the site, usually big time posters help. then if you are also a subscriber helps.

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@magian: or he can buy the entire site :)

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Don't ask. Just keep following site rules and act, yknow, responsible, respectful and all that good stuff.