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I've noticed Wonder Woman got more popular for the movies and TV shows such was 2017 Wonder Woman film, Iconic 1975 TV show, plus the animated 2009 film. but when the 2011 Green Lantern film came out people did not care for it, the animated Green Lantern series got cancelled after season one, then two animated DVD movies that did not help make Green Lantern popular.

So what makes Wonder Woman more popular than Green Lantern?.

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Bad casting. Bad script.

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The movie was just bad.

The cartoon never had a shot. Cartoon Network is the channel Warner Brothers keeps giving the DC animated series' to and Cartoon Network isn't especially interested in them. They cancelled Beware the Batman and Young Justice too. The only DC property they are intent on airing is Teen Titans Go!. Likely because it doesn't compete with their original properties like Ben 10.

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Gl was a bad movie no matter how you break it down, we wasnt