How come there is a Naruto vs Bleach rivalry but none with One Piece?

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They all were considered the HST once. What made Bleach and Naruto strike a rivalry?

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One Piece power levels aren't as high.

Also OP is leagues better in writing and I'm sure people just accept that

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One piece isn't strong enough to hang with Bleach or Naruto.

At least not in the upper levels.

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there were tons of naruto vs one piece threads pre-2014, after that it toned down due to the naruto verse reaching moon to planetary levels

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One piece is like a tier or 2 below the top tiers of those verse's power-wise. And Naruto and Bleach have a rivalry because bad/not clear writing in both verses leave alot of room for wank and downplay on both sides

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Yeah, Naruto and Bleach are closer in power compared to OP, but honestly the second it even begins to approach those levels it will probably become just as toxic.

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Because One Piece fans are more mature :D

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Cuz One piece is mostly about hax abilities, the progression of strength over time, and not using plot armor meanwhile naruto fans use power scaling as crutches and it just so happens Bleach is who they hate.