How come DC can't beat the Black Panther at the B.O.

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DC has been around longer than any comic studio. So what gives? Ironman, Captain America, Avengers and now BP all kick DC square in the nuts. If not for Legers death TDK wouldn't even have hit a billion. Batman on his own is not really a billion dollar franchise. If not for that GotG, Ragnarok and several others including the Raimi trilogy would all be beating DC handedly.

How come BP is superior to DC. Why does DC's a-list continually get beat by all of Marvel?

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Because Marvel Studios knows how to make good movie.

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Simple, because Marvel took their time with their cinematic universe and it paid off big time for them. DC was being reactionary and was so hellbent on catching up to Marvel that it ultimately ended up ruining the quality of their movies (except Wonder Woman).

And it ultimately ended up biting them in the ass big time when Justice League bombed at the box office. At this point Black Panther is the victory lap and Infinity War is gonna be the after party.

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Because Marvel Studios knows how to make good movie.

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(I have not seen Black Panther yet) I'm sure opinions differ; and there are facts that prove a certain point of view, but for my mileage and money, the Marvel movies are fun. Every one of them. Wonder Woman was a fun movie. The 1978 Superman movie was fun. I enjoyed Batman: The Animated Series much more than the live action films. The Marvel films are re-watchable, too. Like I said, everybody has a different opinion; and there's probably facts that prove a certain point of view. I know what I like.

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@airdave: 100% agree. Marvel can be appreciated by movie goers who aren't necessarily into super heroes. Which is why they made such "non-entities" as Guardians of the Galaxy, into a success.

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TDK still beats BP in actual ticket sold.

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@rbt: why tag Stegman? Is he knowledgable about BO or film success? What could he contribute to the conversation.

Really the only thing I ever see him doing is making a BIG deal out of any positive Marvel threads and any truthful negative DC threads. And if you're being honest the average studio comment about the two is going to be more positive for Marvel and more negative for DC. Nothings wrong with that. It's just shooting straight. It shouldn't turn into a psycho cry fest every time this topic comes up. Especially sense it was talked about on this website freely for so long.

I would love to here from him and other fanboy mods on there criteria for locking threads. I don't think fanboys should be allowed to be mods. As mods they should have to set the example of fairness and free speech. If fanboys don't like a thread because it's narritive doesn't say what they want to bad. Fanboy mods shouldn't force people to only speak the narritive they want.

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I mean that's black panther's success. The movie is crossing a billion dollar, there are very few movies passing those numbers.