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We know it's roughly about 100,000 people or higher but it was never stated how big the village is, we are only told that it is one of the largest villages in the world.

So my question is simple: How Big is the hidden leaf village ? Is it comparable to the size of a city like New York City or perhaps Las Vegas ?

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I actually think it's much much smaller than either NY and Vegas.. Perhaps more like a section of chinatown in some places that can be super populated yet small

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The original size was probably about 30 - 40 km around, scaling from the forest of death in the right hand size over there.

So smaller then NYC, but big enough to be one of it's Burroughs, it's current size is anyone's guest, as we still haven't got much of a clean shot of it.

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I think the only way people have gotten a ballpark is through Forest of Death scaling.

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I don't think it's as large as people think.

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The size of Azeroth

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I just think it's not too big since Pain was able to devastate the area themselves. It's a village, after all.