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Last year when I reached the milestone of 1000 comics owned. I realized oh my god I am obsessed. So as one of my near year's resolutions (also includes loose weight) was to cut back on comics in 2012. I recently moved into a new place that is basically like an outdoor mall with roads and homes above the stores. I live around the corner from the Barnes and Nobles (takes me no more then 5 min. to get there). They recently started selling a lot of comics (before it was just maybe 5-10 or so and most were kiddy, they now sell most of the good stuff). So instead of just buying them, putting them in a box, then forgetting about it until I need to transfer it into a new box to make room. I read the issue and put it back. Ill download free comics via the marvel comics app on my Ipad 2. Only buy when I go to a convention near me (there is a 3 day and a tri anual one) but not over spend like in the past.

When I checked to see how much I spent last year on comics. To see how much Ill save. I was shock and a little not suprised to find out I spent nearly $700 worth at comic shops, conventions, amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and other places that sell them via cash and gift cards. This isnt just a small habit to break, its a life changer.

So far Im 4 days into my new plan. Read 2 comics ("Incredible Hulk #3" and the current issue of "Avengers") and I do plan on reading 1 today. So far in 2012, Ive spent $0 on comics. I know 2012 is still in its infancy but I wont be suprised if by the end of the year (if the world is still around) I would have spent at most $100 at comic conventions and thats it.

I want you to look at how many you have. Estimate how much you spent and think about it. Are you a Comiholic?

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Quick, leave now while you can! Comic Vine will only further fuel the addiction!

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In The past year or so I've purchased over 150 comic books, estimating the total cost to be around 6-700 dollars. I've been cutting back recently, but against my will, as I am currently unemployed and cannot afford them atm.

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It's only getting worse for me. I actively search out new comics to pick up rather than the opposite....

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@The Man of Yesteryear said:

Quick, leave now while you can! Comic Vine will only further fuel the addiction!


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You may not want to come here to often if that's your goal, most likely you'll see something that will pique your interest and you'll inevitably be drawn back in.

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Comic Vine is the last place to go.

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just be careful, remember t.........READ ALL YOU CAN

srry, just monitor your spending and sell comics/give them away if you really need to make some space

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Yeah this is NOT the best place to go, but when I started reading I was having the same trouble but with the memory of my CPU full :S

I calm down with the return to class.... but in vacation.... things go wild

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I have made a pile of useless comics that i either got for free on comic book day or came in 10 pack of back issues (you only know 2 of the 10 inside, so 8 are a mystery) to be thrown away or given away. I have 4 boxes full. 2 regular comic boxes and 2 old ones that were lying around. I can easily do this while looking here. Barnes and noble has a lot of series that i normally read. So i dont need to buy. Here i can find out whats good and maybe the store will have it and if look for it at conventions. I just read ultimate all new spiderman #4

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Hi Power_struggle55....

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Its day 5 of my comic buyimg withdrawl. I read crisis on infinite earths #1 for free on my dc app on my ipad2. Thank god for the free comics on those apps and barnes and noble. Without them, this would be tough. If i bought comics i read at barnes and noble, i wouldmalready have spent $16.plus i read 2 free downloaded comics, so whatever they are worth as well. So its so far so good. I am goimg to put the money im saving to good use, like maybe a new tv. Maybe at the convention i go to, buy issues that dont 25 cents.