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Okay i love x men the 90s cartoon. To be honest i have seen everything but nothing compared to that was like comic book come to life with so much emotions.

Has any cartoon movie or series been created like that show?

What about tv series anything like that cartoon where we get to see lots of marvel characaters? Jessica johnes kinda sucks as in I want to see lots of mutants and or superheros/villians rather than just a small handful i dont even know. SOS

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Fun fact: once Beast was captured and Morph ‘died’, the main team had more women than men. Jean, Storm, Rogue, Jubilee vs Gambit, Wolverine, Cyclops. X-Men works that was because it’s something that affects both genders equally.

This one’s more obvious, but Giant Sized X-Men 1 had mutants from all different countries. Most major human races, Black, White, Native American, East Asian, even Irish (Which I liked to label ‘Super White’).

But to answer your question, there are things you can get away with in serial cartoons on Saturday morning that simply don’t translate to major tv shows or movies. Especially now that even in the tv shows that want everything to be serious but quippy, sexy but reserved. Closest thing would probably be the Joss Whedon Avengers movies, though he butchered the one try he took at romance. You shoud actually prepare your body for what Feige gives you in the Uncanny X-Men reboot. Based on his 1960’s inspirations like Agengers origin, Thor art style, and importance of old school Avengers.... we’re getting the OG 5 man. And it’s gonna be the best thing of all-time.

EDIT: you asked for cartoon, sorry. Try Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, it did the team relationships really well.

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Avengers earths mightiest hero’s delved deep into the mythos

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i tried to start that but found it so boring

I love more actual power than fighting ability like black panther captain america (Cute) shadow cat spiderman they are all cool but i really love storm, scarlet witch, polaris, magneto, havoc, jean grey, whtie queen, phylock, and of course the hottie archangel. I love characters with powers vs just simple strength acrobates or fighting and gadgets. LOVE The comic infinnity Gauntlet.

Forgive my spelling english is not my first language.

I am learning how to upload picture and fill my profile lol

As a kid comics were my life. I just started to get back into it now with all the movies hitting the huge screen speciallity infiity war has me excited. But sad I was hoping warlock, mephesto, spidwerwoman, clock dager, dazzler, storm and the rest would be in it :(

Oh it was avengers asemble i tried to watch lol

I wish cartoons would include a lot of marvel people like the huge marvel groups out there. Like x force excalibur etc..

The woman i have to admit are my fave part of it. Jean grey white queen storm so fun to watch.

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TAS Batman comes to mind.

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If you want your comics coming to life filled with emotions, then Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the show you want to watch. Holy once that rollercoaster starts, it never stops. You will cry at least once, you'll feel the thrills, excitement, and adrenaline rush as you go through it. It starts off really slow and even a tad bland, but give it say 10 episodes and it starts to pick up and by episode 16 it never stops! You can't skip any episodes because it's all deep character development. Even the first 10 or so episodes that don't feel connected establish characters and is interesting. It's phenomenal.