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  • Better main character?
  • Better side characters/side character arcs
  • Better musics
  • Which one did you enjoy more?
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Odd choice of shows to compare...anyway, Musically its not even close. That smooth contemporary jazz in every Hey Arnold episode was amazing. The music was always way above and beyond any other children's show. It was complex and fit the emotional tone of every episode.

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Durarara... why is this even being compared? lol

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I am going to say Hey Arnold! Just bc of how clusterf$#k the DRRR got. There so many great plot thread buried by many uninteresting plot.

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Monkey Man solos.

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It's pretty rare for me to prefer American Cartoons over animes (except for the old classics American Cartoons which are just works of art)

But i prefer Hey Arnold here.

And now Im thinking how the show would look like as an anime.

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Durarara stomps, that show is fantastic.