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Fellas, Phase 4 is almost here! So, here's my picks for the Avengers' Phase 4 roster.

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Team Leader - Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel will reportedly "lead the MCU" going forward, which means she'll probably be the Avengers' leading lady as well.

Black Panther

Black Panther, after he gets resurrected, will be very important. Wakanda could be the Avengers' new base, and he could supply them with tech.

Captain America (Bucky Barnes)

Steve Rogers' story in the MCU is likely over, but Bucky's is far from it. I see him as the perfect replacement for Steve.

Doctor Strange

What this team needs is some magic, and I wouldn't be surprised if Strange joins the team for good after being resurrected in Avengers 4.

Black Widow

Black Widow is one of the few original Avengers who will likely be important in Phase 4, and if Kevin Feige wants the team to be more female, it'd be good to leave her on the team.


Hawkeye is confirmed as Ronin for Avengers 4, and he's potentially getting his own movie in Phase 4. I think he, like Widow, should stay on the team to add a sense of normalcy.

Scarlet Witch

Like Kevin Feige said, female Avengers. And that means Scarlet Witch needs to rejoin the team after being resurrected, not to mention she's an all-around important character.


Yes, I know he died in Age of Ultron. However, leaked details and photos have pointed to his return, likely through time travel. If that happens, the Avengers need him!


Falcon could replace Cap as well one day, but I don't really want that. He should remain on the team as just Falcon.

Ant-Man and Wasp

This seems like a given, as both characters' stories are just beginning.


Even if Marvel can't make more than two solo movies for the character without Sony's approval, he should still have a presence among the Avengers.


I don't see Thor dying, and Hemsworth has seemingly confirmed that his story isn't over. However, I see Thor leaving to rebuild Asgard, with Valkyrie taking his place.

The Sentry

Sentry is heavily rumored for Phase 4, and a Superman-like powerhouse like him is exactly what the Avengers need.

Monica Rambeau

She has already been seemingly cast for Captain Marvel, and it's likely she'll become a superhero like Carol.


Namor is reportedly "complicated", but it's still possible. If so, he should join the Avengers for sure.


Like Thor, I can't see Hulk dying, but I can't see him staying on the team. She-Hulk, meanwhile, would be a good addition to the team.


She's rumored to be popping up in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and she's been an Avenger on several occasions in the comics.

Iron Man (Amadeus Cho)

No, I'm not talking about the tech dude from the Incredible Hulk. I think the "real" Amadeus Cho could be that guy and Helen Cho's son. And if that's true, he'd make a good, smart replacement for Iron Man.

Iron Woman (Shuri)

I think Shuri should help Amadeus Cho follow in Iron Man's footsteps by becoming Iron Woman, but not Ironheart, who should be saved for Phase 5 if at all included.

Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Hawkeye will likely become Ronin, and I see Kate Bishop taking his place.


Cassie Lang has been cast in Avengers 4 as an older version of herself, and she'll likely become an Avenger like her father.


A lot of people want him to join the Guardians, but I see him joining the Avengers, sort of bridging the gap between space and earth like Captain Marvel.


What do you think of this team? Comment!

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I really can't/don't want to see The Avengers without any of the main six. ESPECIALLY if it's either Cap or Iron Man. The development has been amazing and it would feel so weird without them. Their personalities are so familiar. However I do want to see more additions and perhaps replacements, somehow.

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Stop making threads...

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@solar_nerd: lol at richard following orders from carol.

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Woah, that's way too many characters.

I imagine it will be like Captain Marvel, Dr Strange Panther, Ant Man, Wasp, Spider-Man, Bucky and reprogrammed Vision or something.

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Falcon should be Cap over Bucky IMO.

If Tony dies so does IM let WM take up the mantel so to speak we don't need any of this Shuri/Cho BS

The leader shouldn't be Carol she doesn't have the seniority for it.