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@thewatcherking said:

Where should I start if I wanted to read up on Super boy Prime?

Crisis on Infinite Earths then Infinite Crisis.

Before Inifnit Crisis there is Identity Crisis !

And read the Infinit Crisis Omnibus. The mini-series leading to Infinit Crisis are necessary to understand the story.

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@jb681131: I was giving him stories for Superboy Prime.

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@jakefuryv2: I know, but even if he is not in the others I mentionned, it is interresting for him to know that what you suggested shouldn't be read alone or lots of elements will be missing for him to understand all.

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No Caption Provided

Can anyone tell me where this comes from? Scott visiting Jean's grave.

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I was wondering if somebody could help me find a comic. From what I can remember about it is a group of friends decide to murder somebody after they do it I can remember them wanting to kill one of their friends who they don't like can't remember any images and I know its vague hopefully enough. Thanks

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(sorry I originally posted a new thread about this but realy I shouldve posted here)

Are there any comics where, for example, a character wearing a silver age outfit + written by silver age writers meets their present day self, but the art/writing style differences remain between the two characters? i.e. a superman with underpants meets the current superman (without undies) - crude description I know but for simplicity sake I hope it makes sense

Prefer DC, but Marvel is ok too, just wondering what it would look like if an old art style was redrawn with today's detail, but maintain the look and mannerisms of the past character

If anyone has a better way of phrasing my question please suggest one, even I don't think it's a good explanation of what Im curious about lol

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Hi Gus I looking for a batman comic were a lowl level criminal gets hit in the head with a baterang and it cause a terminal brain injury and as his life falls a part hope decides to get revenge on batman. One of the main scenes I member from the issue is that he burns a batsymbol onto a Gotham sign use a flare gun to start the fire and batman corrects them about the flare casing not being some kind of shell for a home made gun.

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Hey all, I actually have 3 comics that I need help finding. These are all (I'm 99% sure) from the 80s or 90s.

The first is a Batman comic. All I really remember is a bunch of guys knock out Bruce (most probably disguised) and tie him to a hot air balloon. I believe they realized he was Batman as he was wearing his costume underneath his clothes and they had ripped his shirt open.

The second is a Superman comic. I remember it had Bizzaro in it and Clark and Lois were on some type of experimental plane that goes into space I believe. There was a panel that showed Clark transforming into Superman and back into Kent simultaneously to basically be in two places at the same time.

The third is much more obscure and I honestly doubt anyone will know, but I figured I'd give it a shot. I was in Amsterdam and saw this horror comic in Dutch (though I'm pretty sure it would also have been available in English) and there was this haunting image of a guy being held down by other people/zombies(?) and had a tube in his mouth. You could see some kind of smoke rising from his mouth as the guy was dying. That's all I can remember.

Thx so much in advance!!!

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Does anyone know what issue Obsidian folded the coid of space to remove a fleet attacking the JLA from their vecinity

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If anyone can help me in identifying a comic mini-series I read back in 90s would appreciate it. Really dont remember the title or publisher but have some info that someone might remember and let me know

- Published in US from 1990-1995. Dont believe it was DC or Marvel, but independent publisher.

- Was small series about 4-6 issues, I believe they were graphic novel format.

- Plot was about an American young man (was a wanderer) was traveling across middle east countries, where he stumbled into a poor country that was occupied by another rich powerful country with their more modern army. The American found an ancient temple that was the ancestors of this occupied nation (they appeared as spirits to him in temple), that were very advanced in technology, and to help their descendants free themselves the bestowed super powers to the American. He used the powers to create rebellion and fight invading army, and fell in love with local woman. At the end I remember all the local population were granted same super powers and were able to free themselves and free their country. However the ancient race forced the woman to strip powers from American and banish him as they wanted only their descendants to live in the country.

I know this is vague info but if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hello, hello! I'm new here, been a lurker for a while. Nice to meet you all!

So I have a question on a comic book I can't find for the life of me and I'll try and be as specific as possible. The comic book was created by either a Marvel or DC creator (I believe) going solo. I remember reading an interview about it. Anyways the comic is about a girl (either she is a robot, android, or just a really good fighter) that goes around taking out malfunctioning machines. I'm pretty sure the series has bright colors and cartoony visuals. Any help or points in the right direction are appreciated. Also it's not Beatdown Girl from Indiegogo, I checked.

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Hi guys, so i read this comic many years ago, but i really don't remember the name of it. The plot was something about the superheroes managing to wipe all the crime in the world including the main villain who was sort of a lex luthor mixed with brainiac.Then the heroes looses purpose and some of then even commits suicide (like a super-heroine that jumps from a building because she had super strength but was not invunerable). But in the end it's all part of the plan of the prime bad guy. It's has few issues.