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I'm looking for an issue of either Batman or Detective comics, I read it a long time ago, but I don't remember what issue it was, and would like to find it.

Its a really old issue when Dick was still Robin the boy wonder.

[Spoiler]In the issue, Bruce and Alfred were away in another city and left Dick in Gotham, and Bruce had Dick staying at the home of one of Bruce's friends who was also away. While Dick was in the house, there was a always some loud noises coming from the guys shed, but Dick was too creeped out by the guys house and the books he writes, so he didn't check it out.

The next day Dick was in town and some strange woman ran up to him, gave him a stack of money, then told him "hurry take this you know what to do", then a car pulled up to the side walk she got in and drove off leaving Dick confused. On the way to the house dudes house Dick was shot at, and not knowing what was going on ran to the house in a hurry, then at the house some creepy looking dude apeared in the window and dissapeared the next, and so did the stack of cash. Dick went to tell Gordon, but he didn't believe him, so Dick decided to investigate the noise in the shed himself as Robin.

Turns out the strange woman, the creepy guy and their goons have been coming to the shed every night to steal art that the home owner stores there. Robin calls the cops this time and he beats up the robbers, and Gordon and the cops take them away.[/spoiler]

Anyone know what issue this is?

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@gmanfromheck: I need help finding a comic I had back in the early 90s. It was a black and white page comic with color covers, and it was not a Marvel or DC book. The character in the book was this redhead chick that was out to get revenge after her father was killed. All I really remember from it was she had this black trench coat and guns and went to get all the people responsible for killing her father. I distinctly remember a part toward the end where she took an elevator to the top of some building and when it opened she ran out shooting some of the bad guys to get to final guy. On the back cover was a picture of her standing next to a grave with a crow sitting on it. I believe it was a series, but not sure of the name of the comic or the publisher. If anyone knows get at me. Thanks

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I need help finding a spider-man comic from when i was young. The description is going to be weak cause i don't remember much from it.

It was starts with spider-man i an alley where he meets a woman. She needs help to defeat something and takes him through a wooden door to another dimension? He falls through a door by mistake and finds himself surounded by women, and is almost traped there but saved by the girl. They reach a ship and starts to fight a blob that shapeshift into a giant, and spider-man smashes an anchor into it's side.

I can't remeber more but the monster blob is the main antagonist of the story. i remeber it having multiple faces a fleshy feel to it's design, i think a grey and blue color but i see many color so im not sure.