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you're reading this you must be '' what the hell is this guy talking about? '' I explain: I was arguing with a guy about this subject and his argument to say that Goku lost that power increase after his fight with Beerus was "Goku could not take the weight of Tupper but 18 managed to do'' this should already be clear to everyone that is an incoherence scene, to solve the problem was only goku turn into a super saiyan and ready, he would leave, however. .. why did not he do it? this scene implies that the 18 is superior to Goku super saiyan only with a short training of a few hours on Earth, that would be too much incoherence even to a goku without divine essence. for people who still use that scene as an argument, you have three options: first - admit that 18 is now able to beat up Fat Buu with that ridiculous training of a few hours on Earth with krillin.
 why Fat Buu? simple goku in saga buu in ssj1 was lower than gohan ssj2, ssj1 is officially a 50x increase in base, ssj3 was an increase of 400x the base or 8x the ssj1 and with that he says to be able to defeat fat buu and at the end of the saga goku black he was 10x stronger at least because he managed to break the timeskip in 0.5 seconds of the hit without the help of any kaioken in their fight on Earth while in the tournament he needed the kaioken x10 to break the timeskip in 0.1 seconds, and that means that goku ssj current would now be as if it were a 500x increase the base form in buu saga, this without counting the trainings he did before that event so surpassing the 400x he needed to win fat buu and according to you the 18 is now far above Fat Buu.  second - There was no way Goku could get out of there even with the Ssj  third - pure incoherence.  and sorry about my english, I'm Brazilian.
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You gave away what you were whining about in your title, so I'm assuming everyone knows what you're getting at. Your grammar and punctuation issues aside, on-topic, it doesn't appear that people are disproving your claims and/or interested enough to respond. So why does it matter that you're complaining?

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Well, yeah, no one really disagrees... But it's just not that important, you know. I'm keeping it real here.

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Are Goku threads always this low-effort?

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@mainjp said:

Are Goku threads always this low-effort?

Compared to all the other Goku threads? It has excellent quality.

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What about the fact he turned ssjg in the tournament of power?

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@jexsu: I'm sorry for the mistakes of English, as I said in the end I'm Brazilian and I'm not used to your language but you're right

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@cor_tsar: Akira said in an interview that it was no longer necessary for Goku to become Super Saiyan God, this implies (at least for me) that he still has the transformation but that he just does not need to use it anymore

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@gamervnqs: but why did he then use it to get an upper hand if it wasn't needed. I don't even disagree with your assessment. Just thought it was a major plothole in ToP