Godzilla owner is expanding a subsidiary in the U.S. with a view to working more with Hollywood.

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Toho the largest movie group in Japan, is expanding a subsidiary in the U.S. with a view to working more with Hollywood.

The company said that its existing Toho International Inc. subsidiary has been injected with $14 million (JPY15.4 billion), through a share issue subscribed to by the parent company. The subsidiary has existed since 1953. It has made some property investments in the past, but recently has been largely dormant.

Toho has provided few solid details, though revealed that Hiroyasu Matsuoka, currently in charge of Toho’s movie and TV content sales and its international businesses, will be the unit’s representative director. It also said that the move is part of its “Toho Vision 2021 Medium-term Management Strategy,” a strategic plan that it laid out last year.

According to Toho’s website, the Vision 2021 Plan lays out operational goals that the company describes as a content strategy, a platform strategy, and a real estate strategy. It also sets a goal of beating JPY50 billion profits.

The Los Angeles move appears related to a so-called breakthrough strategy also described within the Vision 2021 plan. This foresees an enhanced character business centered on Toho’s iconic Godzilla creation, and an accelerated international strategy. “We will work toward the full implementation of JAPAN IP (Japanese entertainment content by Toho and others) on a global scale,” it says.

Japanese-language websites have reported that Legendary Entertainment’s license to use the Godzilla IP will soon expire. But Legendary retains the rights as long as it continues to make Godzilla films.

Toho is an investor in Legendary’s “Godzilla: King of Monsters,” which is due for a late May release through Warner Bros., and also in Legendary’s “Pokemon Detective Pikachu,” which releases worldwide from early next month.

The company’s name has also been linked to the 2020 film “Monster Hunters,” based on a Capcom game, and to Bad Robot’s live action remake of Japanese hit “Your Name.”


ICYMI, Toho’s plans to expand in Hollywood have begun! They’ve invested $14 million into their LA-based subsidiary, Toho International Inc. This could mean so much for Toho’s planned cinematic universe. Possibly co-produce these films with a Hollywood studio? Or allow Legendary to renew the license and continue using Godzilla for the MonsterVerse?? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS FOR GODZILLA & COMPANY!!! 😱😱

SOURCE: https://variety.com/2019/film/asia/japan-godzilla-toho-expansion-in-hollywood-1203192294/?fbclid=IwAR3p_afEErBnXD3cpZdCVHwv8ealgqdEkWDg-c8YG6eMLOn367fZ4y8VPyw

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I like it but what if they release a competing franchise?

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This is interesting news. I dearly hope this means Toho is looking to work more closely with Legendary in expanding the Monsterverse and plans to renew their licensing contract.

This could also mean that future Toho created Godzilla films could have more American style effects, which could be really interesting.

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@metaljimmor: That would be absolutely sweet. I was afraid the toho rights would end with the monsters in the upcoming films. Man do I want to see moar. Plus Legendary is going to introduce new kaiju which is great too.

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But still no Shin Godzilla 2 :(

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Not sure I understand all the implications, but this sounds good.

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@heatforce: If theres no King Caesar what's even the point

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This doesn’t say anything relevant. “We have business strategies! These business strategies will make us lots of money! We’re buying real estate!”

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Live-action Your Name...hhhmmmm, indeed. Casting would be paramount for that property. I have a feeling it would wind up indistinguishable from any of the recent YA movies which is sad because the original is charming.