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did they completely disregard all of the first film

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I bought this but I haven't seen it yet either, anybody know if its any good?

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i dont think too many people liked it but it had its moments

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I've seen it with an average amount of expectation since I was told by a few of my pals that the movie wasn't good. Alas, since I like GR, I gave the movie the benefit of the doubt.

My final verdict? It was bad. I don't mean to discourage you from watching but yeah, this time, the critics did not lie...that much.

Give it a shot anyway for the sake of the....experience.

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It was a reboot, so yes, they did. As for the film itself...Much like Batman & Robin, The Room and Battlefield Earth, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is so bad, it's actually kinda good. There are so many WTF moments, it would make Tim Burton jealous. Plus, while Cage isn't TERRIBLE in this movie, he has a few laughably bad overacting moments.