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has there been any games where you can play as a legit reality warping character?

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Psi ops maybe? I know a lot of time manipulators though

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Minecraft Creative Mode

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Disney Infinity.

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GTA with the cheat codes.

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It would be a pointless game because all you would be doing is making things happen magically on the canvas, hence why it doesn't exist... Duh

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@alphaq said:

GTA with the cheat codes.

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There are many, Black and White is the first one that came to mind

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Maybe Epic Mickey or Okami?

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Scribblenauts is probably the best one.

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Garry's Mod with the right addons.

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Bethesda games where you learn the console commands.

Elder Scrolls even has lore to support this as a viable way to play the game. It is called CHIM.

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Halo Forge also.

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Minecraft with creative and modes and command block, gta with cheats and mods.