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I. Index

    1. Index
    2. Introduction
    3. Forum Descriptions
      1. General Discussions
      2. Off-Topic
      3. Battles
      4. RPGs
      5. Bug Reporting
      6. Delete/Combine Pages
      7. Artist Show-Off
      8. Contest
      9. Fan-Fic
      10. Submission Guidelines
    4. Where is <insert character>'s  forum?
    5. List of specific Character's forums
      1. Marvel
      2. DC Comics
      3. Image / Top Cow
      4. Dark Horse
      5. Wildstorm
    6. Conclusion

II. Introduction

Welcome to Forum Descriptions for Dummies! Here, you will find all the information you need on where a topic show go. This book breaks down everything you need to know on how to successfully put a topic in the right place. After reading this book, you will be a pro at finding the right forum. Your probably wondering to yourself, "hmm... how easy is it?" Well it's easy as pie is how it is. And I guarantee it or double your money back!

III. Forum Descriptions

1. General Discussions

  • This is probably the most confusing because it’s just called General Discussions. But we have an off-topic forum, which I’ll get to in a bit. General Discussions here are used for miscellaneous comic and comic-related topics, which do not fit in any other forums. Specific topics about characters like Spider-Man or Batman should go in the Spider-Man or Batman forum, which is explained way at the bottom.
  • Topics like: Which character is hotter? Which character is more power between DC and Marvel? Who liked the DC vs Marvel comics?
  • Also any threads that deal with ComicVine directly. Examples would be asking to change a character's profile image (there's a thread for that so don't make another one). If there's a problem on a character's page however, then post it in their forum.

2. Off-Topic

  • This is the forum that is used for all non-comic topics. Whether it be about sports, life, religion, politics, video games (there are exceptions with video game characters that have comics, post those in their own forums), etc they all go in here.
  • How about topics regarding the Simpsons? or Family Guy? or about Zelda games? or Metal Gear Solid??? Well the answer is simple, since they have their own pages as I have linked just post topics in there. It makes it easy to find topics.

3. Battles

  • As much as this should be self-explanatory it is not. This is used for actual fights between 2 or more people. Just because it’s a “versus” does not make it a battle. They have to actually be fighting, otherwise it's an Off-Topic or General Discussions depending if it involves comics or not.
  • An example of a topic that does NOT belong in the battle forums is: the Simpsons vs Family Guy, which show is better? This is NOT a battle, it’s just asking which show is better.
  • Battle rules can be found here.
  • Battle related threads, such as questions whether <inser character>'s powers should be included or asking who's the best battle debater should be directed to this thread. That way it doesn't clutter up the battle forums to show actual battles.

4. RPGs

  • All Role-playing and Role-playing related threads belong in here.
  • This means if your asking who's the best RPG player? who has the best powers? basically anything that involves you being in character or related to that, also all RPG team threads belong in here too.
  • RPG rules can be found here.
  • If you’re new to RPGs and wants to get better, you can find help from other members here.

5. Bug Reporting

  • Hopefully... self-explanatory, if you see a bug anywhere on this site make a thread in this forum to let an admin know about it.
  • Currently, ALL bugs go to this thread, because 2.0 is still new and there are tons of bugs out there.

6. Delete/Combine Pages

  • You may notice when browsing for characters, that there are multiple pages of certain characters. Sometimes people make them on accident, or it was just there to begin with. Whatever the case, just post the links of the pages that are duplicates (dupes for short) and a link to the original page.
  • If you notice a page was plagiarized, post the link of the page that was defiled and the original page source in this thread.

7. Artist Show-Off

  • A place where you can show off your drawing skills or if you’re looking constructive criticism. Hopefully you didn't need my help to figure this one out.

8. Contest

  • The contest forum is for, believe it or not, actual user contests. Contests can be made by anyone, the site admin, mods, or CV members. It can consist a prize for the winner or not, it is up to the contest creator's choice.
  • It is NOT used for random topics that sounds like a contest such as best powers evers, who’s the hottest super girls, versus/battles, top 5 or top 3 of anything, BP and Storm's baby, etc.

9. Fan-Fic

  • Hopefully self-explanatory, post your fan-fictions in here. Rules can be found here.

10. Submission Guidelines

  • Any questions about contributing to ComicVine's encyclopedia should go in this forum.
  • Questions like: How do I earn points? Is plagiarism acceptable? (answer: no)

IV. Where is <insert character>'s forum?

So you may be thinking to yourself, okay I see boards for X-Men, DC Universe, Spider-Man, Batman, Marvel Universe, Deadpool, Superman, Skrulls, Fantastic Four, Hulk, and Green Lantern. Where do I find Psylocke’s forum or Witchblade or characters who aren’t as popular? Well every single character/team/concept/item/etc page has a forum on it. Just type in the person you want in the search bar, and when you go to that page a forum button is right there on the left column.

For those who are already supposed to know, it's irritating when us mods see people not take the effort to even look for the character's page. Yeah it’s a pain having to search for the character then creating the topic in there. But it’s especially a pain to us mods when we see someone create a Batman thread in General Discussions, because for one, the Batman forum is easily located on the left side under Popular Boards, and two, we can’t move threads to character pages yet. We still reserve the right to lock away threads that belong on the character's page and not General Discussions.

V. List of specific Character's forum

I'm still linking pages for the lazy people... it's hell on my arm. Well anyways if you feel there's a character, team, item, etc page that would make it easier to find them if I added them here, then just PM me with what it is you want.

1. Marvel Comics

2. DC Comics

3. Image / Top Cow

4. Dark Horse

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Darth Vader
  • Hellboy
  • Jones
  • Jedi Order
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Mace Windu
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Sith
  • Star Wars Universe
  • Yoda

5. Wildstorm

  • Abbey Chase
  • Authority, the
  • Chasers
  • Danger Girl
  • Fairchild
  • Gen 13
  • Grifter
  • Jack Jawksmoor
  • Jenny Quantum
  • Lion-O
  • Mr. Majestic
  • Sydney Savage
  • Thundercats
  • WildC.A.T.s
  • Zealot

VI. Conclusion

Now that you finished reading it, you should be extremely confident in your skills now. If you're a "veteran" member, and I use that term loosely, you should know by now. Don't disappoint us with refusing to do something so simple. Go out there and take one for the team! And if you still don't understand what the hell to do after reading this... sorry but nothing on Earth will help you understand this. Better hope there's some kind of alien technology out there.