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Titans premiered it's pilot episode on the DC Universe today, and so far has been getting good reviews from critics. Not great reviews, but good reviews for the most part.

So, for anyone who has seen it so far; did you like it? Did you not like it? Why or why not?

Also, please be spoiler-free.

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It's a lot different from TT, TTG, and CW shows. But we haven't seen much yet, mostly about Raven and Dick, a little bit of Starfire and a short beast boy tease, overall not bad.

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pretty interesting, Starfire is the most interesting character to me.

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8/10. A few scenes were meh but good overall.

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I think it's great

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Definitely way better than excepted but nothing amazing so far, but I would say everyone should give it a try before bashing on it.

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Just watched the first episode, it's surprisingly good. I'm enjoying the direction they're going with Raven.

No comments on Starfire yet, I'll watch more before I judge. Interesting so far, though.

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Weird how people were **** all over this show before it came out and boom...it's not as bad as everyone thought it would be.

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@wolfrazer: happens all the time with comic book fans unfortunately