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Hey guys! Okay so I have this idea for an animated Godzilla reboot and I'm REALLY bad at giving plot summaries so... bear with me.


This film would be animated in anime style, but not the way you're probably thinking. There wouldn't be big eyes, dramatic faces, or crazy hair. People would be drawn sort of like this, but with a more modern look:


The characters are from various places, showing that this isn't Godzilla versus Japan, its Godzilla versus the world. The setting is futuristic, with laser guns, robots, and other advanced technology. In addition there is magic and fantasy involved, so it's not realistic by any means. Godzilla himself is the villain of the film, and is bent on destroying mankind, similar to GMK.


It's 2034, and Godzilla has already been around for over ten years. Mankind is devoting most of its resources to the war against Godzilla and a special anti-Godzilla military force called the Global Defense Force has been created. One of the main characters works for the GDF and he is involved with a special project to develop Mecha Godzilla, the ultimate weapon to destroy Godzilla. He ends up befriending other characters involved with project MechaG and their storyline, which is mostly character development, unfolds throughout the film.

The other main storyline is about a group of people brought together by two twin fairies to find Infant Island, a mystical island that only appears every 400 years. The fairies send them on a quest to find the island and summon Mothra, the Winged Goddess, to defeat Godzilla, and other things happen along the way. The story alternates between the GDF and Mothra storylines.

In the end of the film MechaG is completed and the GDF team gets behind the controls. Godzilla is lead to an evacuated city and MechaG does battle with him. The two fight for a few minutes and then we skip to a scene with the Mothra team performing a ritual. They pray at a stone altar and the Fairies sing a song (you know what song I'm talking about) and a flash of light is seen. We go back to the fight between Godzilla and MechaG, and the two seem to be evenly matched. Suddenly the clouds part and Mothra, curled up in her wings and glowing with divine energy, descends towards the two monsters. Godzilla begins to charge his breath, and the GDF targets Mothra, thinking she's the enemy too. Mothra opens her wings wide, knocking both of them off their feet before they can attack. The Fairies speak telepathically to the GDF team and assure them that Mothra is their ally. After a few minutes of Mothra and Godzilla fighting, MechaG gets up again and starts to help Mothra. Godzilla is managing to hold them both off until Mothra starts to build up energy for a last resort attack. Godzilla is beating the now damaged MechaG, and time is running out. Before the final blow is struck, Mothra tears open a hole in space and time, and casts Godzilla into the ether!

As mankind celebrates their victory, they hear the voices of the fairies. Godzilla is not dead, but trapped in a parallel dimension. Mothra cannot hold him there forever, and he'll be stronger when he finally breaks the barrier between dimensions and returns to our world. We must prepare for that day.


So that's my movie. Any ideas? Any criticisms? Is it perfect? You decide!

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That's a really cool....thing! If there was one criticism I would have, it's that there doesn't seem to be much Godzilla in the film. I'd add in a few attacks and such. I understand that this is mostly about the human's reactions to the threat of Godzilla, but he should have some more appearances. Otherwise, that was totally awesome!!!

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It sounds very similar to the original Japanese films, which is a rehash/safe option. The difficulty is avoiding any Pacific Rim similarities.

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bumping once more

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@racob7: Godzilla should fight other monsters than just MechaG

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@betatesthighlander1: There are three monsters, Godzilla, Mecha Godzilla, and Mothra. Later films would have more monsters. I'm planning on having King Ghidorah, Battra, and the Voortak all make appearances.

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Hell yeah! I would watch this. Big Godzilla fan, and especially have a lot of love for Mothra, so this gets my vote ^_^

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@bumpyboo: How do you feel about it being animated?

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@racob7: I'm open to it, I think an animated one could be pretty cool :)

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