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When this film series started, it looks like Harry Potter fans are mixed about it sinse. some would say these are not as good as the original 8 Harry Potter films. Is Fantastic Beasts seen as inferior?.

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I think so. Crimes of Grindelwald were criticized a lot.

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Doesn't have the flair of the orignal at all.

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I guess they never miss huh

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To me, the Fantastic Beast's movies are way better. Specially the last one, not sure why people hate it so much

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I like the series, I don't like prequels. Are they good movies? Sure, they are. Do I like them better than HP? Nope. It was the same story with LoTR and Hobbit, Star Wars etc. Just continue with the damn timeline.

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Newt is basically someone telling Eddie Redmayne to play a poor version of Matt Smith's Doctor and the "additions" to the lore are absolutely horrendous. Put it this way, the reason Newt is the hero of the Grindelwald war films destroys all credibility Dumbledore has in the books and makes him out to be nothing but a total bastard living off another man's actions. Either that or a total hypocrite who uses "Dark" magic to make himself able to fight Grindelwald. Either way, the films should be shot.

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I guess they never miss huh

Well played

OT: pretty big miss. They just feel like a cash grab. And lately they are just becoming a tool for JK Rowling to use and flex her massive progressiveness. It's a shame too because i really enjoyed harry potter growing up.

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It is okay.

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I liked the first one but I have yet to see the sequel.

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They're nothing compared to HP.

The first is good, the second is meh.

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I guess they never miss huh

You got a boyfriend...

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I like them, they are pretty fun. Don't understand the hate sequel got, imo people overthink Rowling's writing way too hard. Are they better than HP tho? Nah, half blood prince is still my favourite.

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I like them fine. Newt is actually my favorite Harry Potter main character now. If I were a wizard he's pretty much doing what I'd be doing as far as wizard careers go and his awkward introverted personality is pretty endearing to me. His suitcase that functions as a portable zoo also captures a lot of that joyful wonder the older books/films which is nice.

I am not sure I care much for Dumbledore's portrayal or the Grindlewald stuff however. The second movie was fine but it wasn't exactly a movie I'd title "Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them". It had nothing to do with Newt or his quest to save all the wee little animals. Newt was just kind of shoehorned in by Dumbledore despite having no qualifications to fight Grindlewald at all. Sure, he knows about obscurus' and can work with them. That doesn't make him an ideal pick for going up against a powerful dark wizard wielding the Elder Wand with an army of followers at his back.

Newt would be a fantastic (beasts and where to find them) protagonist for a series chiefly about magical creatures. Possibly fighting against wizard poachers or muggles who happen across these beasts in the wild and attempt to capture them. But as a foil to Grindlewald? I'm not feeling it.

And that is all without me getting into the inconsistencies with established lore or the changing of things that didn't need to be changed. Did we really need to know Voldermort's pet snake that he drinks milk from was a human woman? It kind of tarnishes the heroic moment of Neville slaying her in the original books. Instead of killing an evil creature he is putting down a cursed slave woman by beheading.

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I liked the first one but I have yet to see the sequel.

This. Shocking as it may be, I prefer the adult magic world to the child filled halls of Hogwarts.

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