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Been waiting for this for a while. if this happens dc better take this oppertunity and cast an actual flash.

in not too surpised considering the fact that this movie has been pushed back 4 years and I would be surprised if supporting cast members started leaving.

If we get a director that respects source material like David Sandburg or James wan there’s hope that we’ll get a comic accurate flash if we do: yellow boots and the flash ears,

Once again:



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Eric Johnson should replace him.

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At this point, DC mind as well just recast everyone they don’t like. With all the confusion they should just cut everyone but Wonder Woman, Aquaman And Shazam, and Harley quinn

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Damn I knew it would happen

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It doesn't sound like he is leaving to me.

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@rem: @jashro44: i just saw a article about he and Morrison writing flash movie script

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@supermanthor: his contract expires in May and he may not get his contract renewed.

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It’s 50/50 at this point. I hope he stays tbh.

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Everytime the DCEU takes 1 step forward they take half a step back.

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This movie has been a clusterflock since it’s very inception

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Everytime the DCEU takes 1 step forward they take half a step back.

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Cavill,fleck and now miller. It will not be long before others quit too

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I wasn’t a fan of Ezra Miller’s casting either, but if you think him leaving is a good thing then y’all crazy

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This movie can't catch a break just yesterday he was reportedly writing the script with Grant Morrison.

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Where's that dude who said I was overreacting about recastings? Ducken boom!

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If that's true, I wouldn't mind it.

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I hope so, Ezra's a good actor but is a crap Barry allen he was playing cartoon Wally West and didn't get any laughs out of me.

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I don't give a damn.

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I hope he stays

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Good, he sucked anyways.

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he should leave