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You aka the Comicvine user wake up as the current last play gaming character was played by you in any video game, what's the first thing you do with all their special abilities/powers and items/weapons/powerups/armies into the real world?

So what you gotta say to your friends,family and others from real life from having a different look with unique powers or something?

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Pubg player. I'll be able to get healed from GSW with painkillers and Redbulls. Petty cool.

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PUBG player.

I always hit what I am pointing my gun at.

Perfect aim.

Can take multiple bullets and yet survive and even heal myself completely

Solo ISIS jacked up on Redbull

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Tower of Time :S

WTF am i doing here? What happened to my world?!?!?

lol gotta stop skimming OPs.

Well, you control a party, so I guess it would heavily depend on which character I become, assuming I become Kane, i'll be far sturdier and stronger than I am now, but aside from that, I guess I'll just try to keep living my life as best as I can. Hardest problem will be staying in the system without revealing what happened to me, since it could lead to my becoming a lab rat. Would have to somehow get a new ID, new job, probably would have to answer a lot of questions :S

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@richubs: Cool and what would you do after soloing isis?

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Reboot Dante, going to get laid.

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Sackboy, I'm basically omnipotent.

then just before that peter parker, then just before that rico Rodriguez.

In other words, my life is very very good

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Well, explaining to my family that I'm Spider-Man will be interesting, but hey, I get to zip around the city irl! And that's what I'll do for hours, then eat pizza on the side of a building because why not?

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Shoot sparks into the sky with a power-boner to re-enact Movie Voldemort’s lightning celebration after grave robbing Dumbledore.

If people see it, they’ll just put it down to abnormal weather.

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I'm Link from Super Smash Bros. (and Zelda if everything carries over). I don't know how I'd explain these clothes and my elfish appearance. Probably just shoot anyone with an arrow that looks at me funny.

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Damnit Dude I just played frogger...

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I last played the first Xenoverse game. Could probably take over the world as a saiyan or at least nuke the things I dislike.

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My blood elf in WoW but he is only level 9 so i am not going to be that dangerous.

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Maya from Borderlands 2 so I will quickly become a Black Ops Merc

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Marcus from watchdogs 2. Luckily he’s also black, so I guess I don’t have to explain too much.

RIP all your bank accounts, I’m gettin’ paid for sure.

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Once again you've caught me after a game of Dominions 5. I was playing EA R'lyeh.

Which means I am Jiggathul, the First Spawn of the Polypal Queen. A millennia old Aboleth who has grown to an immense size on a diet of life force and who's telepathic powers have grown so great that he can control entire populations from across vast distances.

.... Unfortunately I am also a fish. If I just woke up like this I might just suffocate and die. I'm a size 6 creature so I am basically the size of a whale, so nobody is moving me and I can't just chill in my pool.

On the plus side my mastery of magic means I can cast blink and teleport vast distances instantly, and I don't live too far from a river. If I can get there in time things start to get interesting.

My build with this pretender god is a bit of a mix between scales (economy) and magic paths. His magic skill is as followed: Air 1, Water 2, Astral 7, Death 3. I have some control of the sea and sky, immense mental powers, and am a master necromancer.

Unfortunately I won't have a Polypal Mother to spawn more Abeloths like myself. Or perhaps fortunately. I won't have competition.

The first thing I do is start flexing my telepathic muscles. I touch the minds of all my neighbors and the nearest towns, influencing them to join my Cult of Jiggathul. I need worshipers to expand my power, but luckily with mind magic that isn't difficult to get. Luckily falling under my dominion has its benefits. People become more orderly. Crime completely disappears wherever the weight of my immense mind may be found. People are all around more lustful and have more sex, are more fertile, and the crops and animals swell in abundance so everyone has plenty to eat. Life is good for the people enslaved to my great mind. Though my presence does bring about a bitter, eternal winter.

More importantly, my dominion makes the world all around more magical. This is important because waking up in the real world would mean there are no magic gems I need to cast my bigger spells, but if my Dominion warps the land itself to be more likely to produce said gems or makes it possible to find them by chance I could accumulate them over time. I am functionally immortal after all, I have time to accumulate them.

So I enter the ocean from my river and begin to search for these magic gems, all the while my cultists spread across the surface world bringing the good word of Jiggathul and his fantastical powers. I will also start to teach some of my magical skills to my followers, training them in the art so they too can become powerful practitioners of magic. None so mighty as myself of course, but enough to perform miracles in my name like conjuring the rain or raising the dead.

Once I have enough gems I will forge myself a Ring of the Fish, a magic item that requires air and water magic to create. Wearing it upon one of my tentacles it will give me the power to form a closed bubble of water around myself and float through the air. No longer will I be limited to the sea! Now even the land and sky is mine to rule!

My power will sweep over the world. All who oppose me will become slaves to my sheer telepathic might. Whole armies will lay down their arms and praise the name of Jiggathul while those few who try to resist will be overrun by armies of the undead and conjured sea trolls.

Then, maybe a century from now, I will rule with an iron tentacle. All my enemies scourged and the world fully blanketed in the gentle snow brought on by my divine tyranny.

Or maybe I'll go to Japan and become a real life hentai star. One of the two.

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@fullmetalemprah: Cool so now you basically real-life superhero with actual powers.

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I am Kratos.

As for what I would do, first I would test the upper limits of my strength, and then become a professional boxer.

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I last used Pikachu so I guess I'll have to find myself a trainer.

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Be very confused why I just woke up a tall blonde woman.

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Well I with Wake up as Thor, or Vegetta either way I wake up fly and then start taking over. Strait to the white house to burry Trump under a wall, then Toss ANTIFA into orbit. Then declare myself ruler of the world. Maybe spam some bolts for fun.

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I'm Ridley. I am not all that sure what I'd do, since I never played Samus games, but I'm a space dragon, so cool.

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Guardian from Destiny. I go on a killing spree to upgrade my weapon collection.

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I wake up as Geralt of Rivia and become a porn star I guess

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Lvl 74 saiyan in DBXV2 and I scale to Beerus, Broly and Jiren. In the real world that kind of power makes me lord of the planet

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I'm Reverse Flash from Lego DC Villains, I run around the city steal from everyone.

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Arthur Morgan. First thing I’ll do is go see a doctor if you know what I mean.

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