ENDGAME SPOILERS - Which was more emotional

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Posted by Ryokuma100 (1038 posts) 2 months, 21 days ago

Poll: ENDGAME SPOILERS - Which was more emotional (93 votes)

Tony’s Death 60%
Logan’s (The Wolverine) Death 40%
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Tony for me both almost made me cry but I have more of a connection with Tony

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Tony's hasn't fully sunken in for me yet. I was in a state of disbelief in the theater and I still am now.

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Tony's death made me want to cry. (I don't cry that easy)

Logan's death was the only scene in cinematic history that made me cry, especially when the Cross is tilted to look like an X, that was a gut punch.

Comparatively, that cheeseburger scene was also a massive gut punch.

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I cried in the theater when Tony died.

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Lmao all the grown ass men who cried. It's not real. Still Wolverine's death had more weight

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Guys, it's just a film

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Tony solely for the reason that we have been through 10 years of film with him. Logan’s death was poetic but Tony’s Death feels more personal.

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Logan's by far. I was literally gut wrenched in that moment.

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Tony for me.

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Logan who?

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Logan's, just because of how he had lost EVERYTHING before he died.

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@emanresu_20: ?

Hugh Jackman had been Wolverine for almost 20...

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My tears were endless for Tony.

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This is almost close, but Logan.

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Tony isn’t dead

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Black Widow

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Probably Logan since he was brutally killed, while Tony's was a noble sacrifice.

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Logan for sure. “You will die with your heart in your hands.”

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Tony, for one reason

He didn’t get to actually say any last words to the people he loved. Logan at least got to say (weakly) “so this is what it feels like”

Tony, the gauntlet drained him to the point that all he could do was stare at them before passing away from what I remember

They’re both sad, but that’s the thing that makes Tony’s death just a little sadder in my opinion

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Logan's for me. I actually cried for his even though I've heard the rumours. When Laura said, "Daddy" the tears couldn't be held back, and I ain't no dad.

@amcu said:

Tony's hasn't fully sunken in for me yet. I was in a state of disbelief in the theater and I still am now.

Same. I didn't expect him to die, 100% thought Cap would. I just see Tony as the ultimate hero.

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The latter option, by a little bit.

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Logan stomps.

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Idk why, but Logan's death scene made me cry harder.

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I think i felt more connected to Tony, so his death began to make me tear a bit, didn't happen with Logan, though it was still sad. I actually started crying a little when i heard the music Steve and Peggy were dancing to and them finally being happy.

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Both dammit.

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Logan led a miserable immortal life, having loved ones died one after another, never finding a family until he found the X-Men (which he couldn't connect very well with either, and even then the X-Men were wiped out) and all he had left was a slight father figure in Xavier, who then died too. He's wallowed in guilt, self-hate, sorrow, grief, and pain all his life and longs for death, which ironically is delayed immensely due to his own mutation.

It wasn't until the very end of his tortured life when he finally finds a "daughter" in Laura, and he only knew the true feeling of having a family when Laura cries out "Daddy..." as she herself manages to get a father for herself, distancing herself from the weapon they made her.

"So this is what it feels like..." Logan murmurs with his last breath with tears in his eyes, but with the relief he sought for all along - the feeling of having a family, along with his long desired death.

I mean, this has to make people tear up.

Tony's one is not too far behind though.

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Tony that lifeless stare and everyone coming to comfort him was great

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Logan I guess. Some pile of s shamelessy spoiled the other death on Facebook.

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Actually I felt like the death of Clark in BvS was more emotional than Tony's in endgame. Logan's was pretty emotional too though.

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Logan death was really sad while Tony's death was epic but also sad but still badass

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Tony went out like a bad ass saving the universe. Logan went out like a bitch and I'm still pissed about it. He got picked up and slammed on a log by his clone and I was like.... well.... that just happened. Stupid as shit. Daken had zero attachment to Wolverine in the movie and came out of freaking no where, in the comics he was Logan's biological son. Hell there was nothing for the viewer to be invested in Daken. The answer is pretty clear to me in my mind considering we are invested in both Thanos and Iron-Man. For me personally, Logan is a movie that annoyed me and came off as lazy writting and was not satisfying for me in any shape or form. It's my least favorite of the Wolverine movies. There were plenty of ways to age Logan and they went with the worst possible outcome. Why Omega Red was the main villain and drained him from his life force in the first act is beyond me. Arkady would have been the perfect end villain for Wolverine for both movie goers and comic fans, a perfect send off for our hero who didn't even get to fight one of his greatest nemesis on the silver screen (at least we got some messed up version of Silver Samurai).

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Tony's. He had much more to give to the world since he was in his prime (Mark 85), so a lot of lost potential. One thing that helps Tony's death hurt more visually is that we've seen Wolverine having gruesome injuries before while Stark was burned so badly that he couldn't even speak (which is his thing). Stark being in such bad shape hit me harder. Logan was already dying from the start and his spiral downward was painful to watch, making his death almost seem merciful. His friends were all dead too. Poor guy, but at least he got to live much longer than Stark. However, he showed all the signs he was on his way out. Both deaths were painful, and I remember enjoying the first X-Men movie many years ago, but the jump from a healthy Tony to burned up Tony in the same film hurt more. I doubt Tony had ever been in as much pain, but he was unable to move much to express it. He's more mortal under the suit than an old and dying Wolverine.

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Hands down, Tony.

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Tony without a doubt.

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When Logan died, I felt that it's his time. When Stark died, it broke me.

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Tony’s death for sure. Logan didn’t really have much to live for anymore and he welcomed death, whereas Tony had just got his family and wanted to live for them.

The saddest part of Tony’s death is he is a survivor, he always found a way to cut the wire so to speak, so watching him sit there with the realisation that he was going to die and there’s nothing he could do about it was pretty depressing. I suppose the same could be said for Logan but that was just part of his abilities whereas with Tony he was just too stubborn to die.

I mean, he could have just gone to bed when he discovered time travel. Also that moment where Strange holds up his finger to Iron Man with that look on his face was haunting.

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Both were emotional. Probably Tony, but Logan was better movie than Endgame overall.

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@mike_fowler: I read somewhere that it was RDJs decision not to talk while he died, it was really a strange moment as you’d assume Tony would come out with some one liner before his death. I think he just couldn’t believe it was actually happening as he had always found a way to avoid to death until now.

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Tony's death meant a lot to me personally.

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Leaning towards Logan’s, but it’s close

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Tony's, with Logan being close behind. But as stated before, Wolverine had the longer life, more tortured, more pain, etc. Tony was still young enough and such a brilliance that he could have offered things to the world for years to come, lots of potential gone with his life ending. I remember watching the first Iron Man and thinking as a 15 year old "There is something to this, i like it for some reason" and becoming a fully engorged MCU fanboy thanks to Tony hooking me in. When my father figure passed in 2012, i still had the MCU to escape with and look forward to, and RDJ was always there. His death gutted me in theaters! I'm going for a re-watch in IMAX and i can't wait, but i know that his death will be just as bad again lol. The way he is just sitting there so catatonic, blankly staring and unable to speak, all i could say was "Jesus" as i was full blown ugly crying with my wife. Great payoff to Iron Man!