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Something occurred to me after seeing it for the second time in less than a few months. First of all I should say that Irresistible was my least favourite series of the last year, and really probably of all time. Comics are no different from other forms of media though, and there is nothing to stop a series from being absolutely horrible, even if it seemed interesting from its inception. The fans are not the only ones capable of such insight though, and it is likely that other members of the creative team know it as well. I think in terms of contribution to a comic issue the main driving force is generally the writer and next to that are the artists (such creators as cover artists or editors would fall below them.) There are artists who certainly work out of need and not out of a belief in the quality of the material. These artists are presumably as discerning as the readers in their ability to determine the quality of what they are working on.

A month ago I came across the series i Love Trouble. It was not as good as I might have hoped from the concept as the story took a somewhat average and sort of cliched route. Maybe the artists wouldn't agree with me about the quality of the series (or either series) but what is noteworthy in both series is that the artists found a way to show off some famous art (I previously mentioned this in a blog about Irresistible.) It occurs to me that I have only seen this approach in series which I don't think highly of, that maybe the artists see the doomed series as a chance to show off their abilities or at least to hone them, getting some exposure and practice for a series that they don't believe will be very successful so they can make better contributions to the industry in the future.

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Interesting how they make the art on the wall look really cool yet completely botch the girl. She looks effing weird.

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@Renchamp: It doesn't seem to be a straight copy and paste thing either. It looks like the artists actually recreated them.