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They author should know when to stop.

You'd better leave while you are at the top of your success.

Yu-gi-oh 5D:

"Do you have any idea about what we can do to make yu-gi-oh more dynamic?"

"How about playing a card game on a motorbike? We'll call it Yu-gi-oh 5d"

"Excellent!! Here is your promotion"

A few years later

"The card game on motorbike was a great idea guys. Now, we need a new concept for yu-gi-oh!"

"How about playing card game on a surfboard? We'll call it Yu-gi-oh Vrains"

"God, you are such a genius"


"Ok, i've read every existing fanfiction and i'm going to the fans a favor and marry their favorite characters with the characters they chose. But no Naruto/Sasuke or Ino/Sakura pairing"

"But boss, Naruto is going to be an adult, he's going to be hokage as we promised. His adventures are going to be boring, now"

"My God!! You are right!! We'll focus the story on his son"


"Every other other series are introducing new kickass concepts to their game, like Yu-gi-oh 5D and Bayblade: Baywheels. We need something new, to show them that we are also evolving"

"Evolving?....Evolving!? What about a 4th evolution for pokémon?"

"Naaah! Three evolutions is enough"

"Yeah, but we're going to make a temporary evolution with rocks"


A few years, later

"Hey guys, remember those rock evolution?"

"We are going to create other rocks that allow the pokemon to use ultimate moves"

Dragon ball super:

"Toei gave me a huge wallet of yen guys, i need to do something to bring dragon ball to life? Oh i know, how about a new god, who is stronger than the other and a new super saiyan with a new hair color?"

"But boss! We've already had a god (kami), a god above a god (king kai), a god who rules over all gods (grand kai kai) a god above a god who rules over all gods (Supreme kai), and a god above a god above a god who rules over all gods (grand supreme kai), why do we need another? I think the fans will, eventually, know that you are taking them for fools and what's the problem with the old super saiyan hair color?"

"No, this time, the new god is going to be the ultimate god, a god feared by all the other gods, a god of destruction. And i want to introduce a new concept of super saiyan, i'm going to call it **The super saiyan god** a super saiyan form of legends that no other saiyan have ever unlocked, and i'm going to give it a color that shows that he is a god...............Red hair"

"I think white is more godly-"

"No! I'm saving the white color of a new super saiyan form"

"Wait what!!? But you said that the new super saiyan is going to be called **super saiyan god** to show his mightiness. There can be no super saiyan stronger than a super saiyan god"

"Heehehehehehe, you think so? Well let me introduce you the new super saiyan god super saiyan....With blue hair"


".........Also i'm going to make a new god stronger than all the others, i'm going to call it zeno"

"Oh you are kidding me!!!!!"

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But Pokemon xy anime was good tho o.o very good in terms of story and characters and fights

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YGO! 5D's was the best, your analogy is terrible.

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I actually find Dragon Ball Super to be pretty good