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Before I get started I want to say screw you Toei for that major spoiler. I will not talk about if you somehow did not got that big spoiler. But screw you Toei. Also when I post a review, it is always spoiler free unless told otherwise. But since this is a movie so many people are looking forward to with so many spoilers being thrown everywhere, I just wanted to let people know they are safe here. And please no spoiler in this review thread.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Review by Jgames

Often when it comes to movies based on tv shows, I tend to not review them as they can basically sum up as if you love the show, you will love the movie. They tend to be entertaining movies for the fan, but can too often just feel like a longer episode of the show. New characters often feel like throwaways, and usually, the story does not feel like they have an impact on the actual show or are just an off shot. They are movies that are the exception, and luckily this movie happens to be included in those exceptions.

The movie is about Broly and Paragon, two people banished by King Vegeta. Years later through some event, Broly comes to the planet Earth and fights our Saiyan heroes Vegeta and Goku in their toughest fight yet.

Before I talk about the movie, I do have to talk about the two previous Super movies. They both are love and criticized by fans and I understand why. I personally enjoy Battle of Gods, with it bringing back the franchise and setting up some things for the future, and did like that the villain, Beerus, actually felt like a character. That being said Beerus was still just an obstacle, there was not that much emotional weight to it (except the climax), and despite actually being more than just people punching each other, those moments were just okay. It was just a setup movie for more DBZ. Resurrection F I enjoy a bit more, with lots of fun humor and action. Plus it helps that Frieza is still a fun despicable villain, but as many criticized, it is just lots of punching in what felt like a lazy story that was just meant to be a cash grab and did not really do much to further the characters. This movie, however, has the things people like about those movies but better. As it has Broly be a character people can actually care about and sympathize with, and not just be an obstacle. As the movie surprisingly takes it time to make us care for him. Not just having him be mad at Goku for crying, or just being the Hulk, but actually be a compelling character. In many ways, I did find myself rooting for him a bit. The title does not lie when it says it is Broly movie, because he is the main star and honestly wish the movie focus on him a bit more instead of the movie just being a barrage of action. Which is not me criticizing the action, which is no mistake, amazing and possibly the best action from the series so far. But it just speaks more of how well the movie does to make us care for him along with other likable new side characters that could have easily just been throwaway characters. Is not something I expected, but the movie pleasantly surprises me. With the movie having great pacing and actually being a compelling movie.

As for the other usual DBZ cast, they are still the lovable character people know. With Goku wanting a good fight while being a caring and compassionate goofball. Vegeta is the same prideful warrior and his interaction with Goku as always is great. Frieza manages to have some good moments along with other characters having small fun moments. They are not as focused as Broly, but that because if you are a fan of the series, you already know the characters. It was more important for us to get to know the new characters, and let the characters we know be their usual self that can come up with great and fun lines, and care for them because we already invested in them. In many ways, it reminds me of Infinity War where the movie mainly focused on Thanos, the villain, rather than the heroes since we already know about them and already invested in them because of the previous movies. So a great decision by the writers, which is not something I thought I would say after Dragon Ball Super. They even gave a god damn explanation behind Broly transformation, unlike Super which refuses to give any god damn explanation for the most part except Ultra Instinct which still could have been better. I just have to give a mini-rant on Super, since the writing was just all over the place. I am just relieved that the movie manages to have some great writers this time around.

Dragon Ball Super has also been criticized not just for its writing, but for the animation with the infamous episode 5. Which it is a shame since they do have some really amazing fight scene that has had great art, and animation. But unfortunately they are not consistent with that, so people are constantly criticizing Toei animation. Thankfully the animation for this one looks fantastic. With the animation having more flexibility and smoothness to it. Which works so well in making the action looks fantastic. I mean this is easily some of the best action scenes from the series. Maybe not as much emotional weight as some of the fights from the series since they have so much episode to work with, unlike this 100-minute movie which did it best with the run time. But still, once the action scene started I could not stop smiling. The action was fast pace, with great angles, shots I have not seen from the series that look fantastic and gave me a different look of the action. The art and style do work to give more flexibility and more great hand to hand combat that I do not see as often in the series that is smooth, and allow the character to show more of their techniques. Also, love that the fight is not one-sided, and always, getting more intense as the battle keep going. With the action doing a great job of always keeping me engaged and never disappointing me. Knowing how to make each transformation look badass, intense, knowing how to make the action be painful and have an impact to it when it needs to and just be an experience. Just cannot praise it enough. That being said there is CGI in the movie and they do stand out quite a bit. Is not as bad as Resurrection F, especially since its moving so fast with great choreography that it did not take me out of the experience. Would have wished for a bit less of it, but it did not deter my experience. The action and animation were just amazing.

Also, one thing I do have to mention is what they do with Goku backstory, which includes his Dad Bardock, might make some people mad. I do not blame them since they do retcon the Bardock Special which I and so many other really enjoy. Not to mention the changes are not that interesting and just feel like a copy of a certain character origin story. In the grand scheme of thing it did not ruin my enjoyment of the movie, but it would have been nice if they would have just kept the special.

While the movie is structured well with great pacing, with great long action scenes, people who are fans of the series are the one who going to truly enjoy this movie. I mean people who have not yet watch any of the series, might enjoy it if they enjoy fun over the top anime action movie. Otherwise, this is truly a movie that fan would not only have a good time but be engaged and touch a bit. It was a wonderful experience and I give this movie an A-.

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Random bump

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This movie was good and definitely like what it set up at the end

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So they just gonna keep making movies? Or will a new show ever come out?