Dr Doom, Magneto or Thanos - Who do you prefer?

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Poll: Dr Doom, Magneto or Thanos - Who do you prefer? (34 votes)

Dr Doom 32%
Magneto 47%
Thanos 21%

Marvel's big 3 villains. Who's your favourite?

616 versions.

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Always Thanos. He's Thanos.

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Doom has always been the most interesting for me

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Magneto and Doom are close, but definitely Magneto.

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Ok here's my reasoning and I know some of you will think I am crazy. Magneto copied Dr. Polaris. Thanos copied Metron and Darkseid. To my knowledge, Dr. Doom is more original than Magneto and Thanos so I like Dr. Doom the most out of the three.

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Magneto more original and was very good written in the movies. Plus the bat scene and First class scene are still memorable and this comes from a DC Fan, I own X-Men movies and comics so there might be a reason?

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Doom by a hair over Magneto. I wouldn't call Thanos part of the "big 3" to begin with but either way he certainly isn't close to the other two in quality.

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If this is going by comic versions then I guess it's Doom by default.

Magneto hasn't really been a villain in the conventional sense in long time and Thanos is pretty uninteresting.

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Doom by far followed by Thanos and then Magneto.

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Doom is one of my favorite villains of all time right up there with Vader. Thanos is very close and I would choose him over Magneto. But you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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Magneto. He is simply the best to me out of those 3, even in his lesser incarnations. Thanos may have ended up higher in my esteem if he had gotten a good animated incarnation.

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Thanos>Dr Doom>Magneto

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Doom by a hair over Magneto. I wouldn't call Thanos part of the "big 3" to begin with.

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If you're talking strictly bout the movies version? then.

1) Thanos

2) Magneto

3) Doctor Doom(Fox really didn't do him justice.)

In the comics.

1) Doctor Doom

2) Thanos

3 Magneto

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