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Poll: Do you want to see X-Men or Fantastic Four first? (MCU) (45 votes)

X-Men 20%
Fantastic Four 80%


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Fantastic Four

Even if X-men was destroyed by Fox,they still have some good movies like Logan,DOFP etc

Fantastic never had an opportunite to shine and have the spotlight.And they are a lot more easier to introduce than the mutants lol

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Fox X-Men is great, I don’t really want to see an MCU version so soon after Dark Phoenix. I’m fine with waiting at least 3 years before. Also mainstream audiences will be really confused with X-Men as well.

FF, we never really got. I feel like Marvel can easily pull it off and make them an integral part of the MCU, they have solid cosmic potential and good Earth roots. Reed Richards can fill the gap of Stark as well.

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Someone need to make a good ff movie

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Logically- Fantastic Four

In my opinion- X Men

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F4. Doom is all I need.

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We've already had a good chunk of X-Men movies already. Would love to see marvel's first family and their rogues get needed screentime rather than the mutants.

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Fantastic 4 so we can get introduce Doom and Silver Surfer and plant the seeds for Galactus.

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FF, mostly because of Doctor Doom

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I want Doom so f4

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F4 deserve a good adaptation, I personally really like most of the FOX X-Men movies. Also, I don't like the idea of introducing mutants to the MCU unless you're going to make them extremely rare, it would render heroes like Cap and the recruitment of Spiderman a bit redundant if every town had a kid just as powerful.

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The Xmen are vastly better characters than the FF and have far better storylines so they get my vote

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Xmen work well separated. The FF on the other hand could do amazing. In the comics they are basically superhero Rick and Morty. Knowing the MCU and the introduction of the Multiverse this would be a sucess for sure

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Fantastic Four. I love the X-Men, but we need a hiatus from them. The Fantastic Four, on the other hand, I want Marvel to prioritize in phase 4, it's about damn time we got a good Fantastic Four movie.

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I would like to see something closer to the X-Men comics on the big screen. as far as I'm concerned there has never been an X-Men movie.

I would like to see a good FF movie, but I doubt it will ever work because filmmakers won't embrace the goofiness and kitsch quality of FF.

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The “first family of comics”, the Fantastic Four. I would, however like to see a new Wolverine and Storm sooner than later, but I’m okay with waiting for the rest of the X-Men to appear until Phase 5.

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Doctor Doom.

Seriously, I want a Doom movie, think it's the only way they can do him justice.

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Definitely the FF first. There are X-Men movies about to be released as we speak, so I do think the franchise needs to rest for a while after that.

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Dying to see xmen since I love them but I think endgame is setting up Fantastic Four to a greater degree than X-Men. Phase 4 will be really centered around space-based characters which the F4 mythos is quite rich in

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Sick of X-Men. Want to finally have the chance to find F4 interesting

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I like the X Men much more but they've been in the spotlight for a long time. Also, I feel like Endgame kinda set up F4. The energy the stones put off when used on Earth and the F4 were I space and got their powers. Additionally, Nakir was hinted by Okoye in Endgame.

However, my favorite villain Apocalypse can be introduced in the Eternals.

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Doctor Doom.

Seriously, I want a Doom movie, think it's the only way they can do him justice.

I agree with this. and with this new Joker movie maybe movies based on villains will become a thing.