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I’ve noticed in comics it’s hard for me to feel that something is truly dangerous or threatening. If a big enemy comes to fight I’m never too worried because I know that the superheroes always have somebody more powerful or they have such diverse powers that they could defeat almost any threat. Or if a problem came along I know that comics have people who could solve the problem pretty easily because they have some of the smartest people in the universe on the planet. If somebody died I never feel too sad because they’ll come back, the whole shared universe thing is usually an advantage but this seems like a downside to it.

If you look at other works of fiction there are threats that feel dangerous like Voldemort who we know isn’t really that powerful compared to our comics but was in a universe where he felt like he was a huge threat or Madara in Naruto who seemed so overpowered and was so dangerous and seemed untouchable because of all of his hype and fights. I think that it would be almost impossible to make a villain seem threatening without the villain being good at mind games in comics because no matter how strong the villain there will always be someone stronger.

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Pretty much

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At no point did I ever think Voldemort was going to win and Potter was going to die. Not once even for a second. But I do get what you're sayin. Its the same in most mediums though. Not all, but alot. You know going in (insert name here) isnt going to die and (insert name here) is going to win. Suspension of disbelief and well crafted villains however will and often do take care of all that. A good story will take care of that. Its the journey and other story crafting factors that help a reader become immersed in the tale. I guess it all depends on what you're looking for. Me. I dont need to think Batman is going to die for good good in order to enjoy his arcs and stories.

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No because by comic logic Batman and his city could be burning to the ground and invaded by aliens and Superman still wouldn't show up lol