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It looks like we'll be saying farewell to Steve Rogers in Infinity War. There are two probable successors who could be the next Captain America: Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. I think Bucky is the clear choice but I could also see Marvel choosing Sam on account of his skin. I like Sam but I really can't think of any other reason he'd get picked over Bucky. Another reason I wouldn't want Sam to be the new captain is because the way he fights is awesome and using the shield just wouldn't be nearly as cool.

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I would start by saying I would not overrate the importance of having a Captain America in the movies at all. It's entirely possible the next phase will be headed by more recently intorudced characters, such as Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther all of which easily have enough of an audience to do so and enough of a box office success. With Marvel having the X-Men and Fantastic Four rights there are also more than enough iconic characters they can bring back into the spotlight after recent years.

With Falcons run as Cap having been quite unsuccessful and unpopular I expect Bucky to at least briefly take the shield thought. I don't know if he will ever have a solo movie in that persona thought. My previous theory was that Bucky would be Cap fpr a movie or so with Chris Evan Caps return being already planned for a later movie.

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I would prefer Bucky. Falcon just bores me.

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Morgan Freeman

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Let’s hope not

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A. Hope Cap is not gonna die in IF

B. Bucky. This is not comic book, MCU Cap is superhuman based on in-universe bio and out-universe handbook. The cinematic universe can’t risk having a normal human sending others flying dozen of feet away and lift several tons over their head like super-soldiers, which means that Falcon is out of the question. This leaves Bucky, an actual super-soldier unlike his comic book counterpart

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There won't be another one

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Bucky will likely be White Wolf and Falcon stays as Falcon.

Captain America will be a title that dies with Steve Rogers.

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I don't see enough leadership qualities from either of these 2 characters/actors for Mcu writers to consider going this route. If Cap bites the bullet, I don't see any mantle passing. The Cap character will be retired at least until the next solo storyline reboot or if they decide to reboot the universe all together. Until that time, other more recent prominent lead characters will take leadership of any such team-up movies, imo.

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Bucky woul be a relentless Cap. I say dew it.

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I’m hoping nick fury becomes the next captain America

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-.- color of skin comment.

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I don't think they will get a solo movie, but I see them carrying on the legacy of what Cap stood for, even if they don't take up the mantle. Bucky and Sam knows Steve better than anyone else in the MCU and Steve trusts both of them. I think they'll hop around in different movies, upholding his legacy, but as their own men.

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I think it’ll be Bucky, it’s safer for Marvel to do it that way.

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I do honestly think there is a chance that Chris Evans doesn't leave the MCU after A4. I've seen John Campea suggest that its possible and I've seen Emmergency Awesome suggest that he might just be renegotiating his contract.

Now if they do kill him off or have him retire than I don't want to see him replaced. Let Bucky be Bucky and let Falcon be Falcon. They becoming Captain America isn't gonna make them better characters imo. As far as I'm concerned Captain America is Steven Rogers and Sam and Buck will be best at being themselves rather than taking up his role.

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Bucky. They might as well draw from Brubaker's run.

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It'll probably be Bucky.

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Didn't they already say Bucky would assume the White Wolf persona? I don't think he becomes Captain America.

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I honestly hope not. I don't like either of them as Captain America. Sam is a good character but only as Falcon, I feel like Captain America is too big a part for the actor to play and the character Falcon lacks the leadership skills to take the mantle. I hate Bucky and everything about him, it was a waste to introduce him to the MCU again, especially the way that they did. I can see them trying to get Bucky to be CA but Chris' Steve Rogers was too perfect to have a successor.

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I think the whole arc of the Russo brothers has been aimed to getting Bucky into the captain america costume. As much as Cap has evolved over his movies, so has the personal arc of Bucky.

1-First movie. Bucky is established as Steve´s best friend and parter and "dies¨

2-The whole second movie is about Bucky´s return and his fall of grace, ending with Bucky remembering Steve as his friend.

3-Civil war is Bucky´s redemption and his return to Steve´s side, heck a lot of the reasons of the Civil war is Steve protecting Bucky.

Sam has been featured in a lot of movies and I like him, but I don´t think he is as developed or featured as closely to Steve (a partner, but not THE Partner).

Bonus part: I think it´s pretty obvious that Marvel studios has focused more on Brubaker´s run, so Bucky is even a likelier option

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If they do I would probably prefer to see Sam become Captain America. Bucky is already Cap 2.0 and this would give them a chance to do something major with Sam's character. As Falcon, he's hardly more than a background character.

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Bucky is the White Wolf now. No way he's gonna be Captain America. The only option now is Sam Wilson.

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I hope not. We don't need a new Captain America.

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In terms of ideals Sam is much more suited for captain America. I actually liked him as cap, just HATED evil Steve and marvel saying Steve was always secretly evil.

Bucky does the shady shit, so he CANT be captain America but you could argue that him don’t no that shady shit allows cap to be cap

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I’d rather neither, but Bucky seems the more logically choice

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@jameswayne: Bucky did some shady shit in the comics too and he made a great Captain America. In fact, him dealing with the mantle of Cap while stuggling with his past made for an extremely interesting story.

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I want it to be Bucky because of possibilities of adapting Brubakers run. But truth be told Mackie>Stan easily as a performer and is more capable of carrying a film and these MCU films have done far more for Falcon overall than Bucky. James has been reduced to a toothless tiger and Steve's damsel who just fuels shipping.

It was Falcon who became Cap in the aftermath of TWS film. Bucky only got a series with a baffling status quo that lasted 10 issues and a mini promoting freaking Iron Nail. Heck DC capitalized on TWS with Grayson better than Marvel ever did.

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It'll be Nat. Female Captain America.

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@huthimamwa: yeah I was referring to the comics. Bucky took the mantle but it didn't fit him, he gave it up, he's better as the winter soldier. Bucky took it to honour Steve, Steve wanted him to have it at the time because he thought it would give bucky purpose. But bucky shouldn't be cap, he doesn't have Caps ideals, doesn't represent what he does. Not a knock against bucky, I don't believe the character would actually WANT to be cap at all.