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Poll: Do you like DCEU Black Manta? (57 votes)

Yes 60%
No 9%
Meh 32%

I personally loved him, I liked him more than Orm. He was so badass and his sub Plot of seeking revenge was good. Only downside is his limited screentime- although that's probably due to having a bigger role in the sequel.

I also loved his theme song whenever he appeared on screen, it gave me chills.

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I would snog his face off

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#2 Posted by mrmonster (15184 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes. I thought he was a great side villain.

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Yes, amazing villain with great reasoning and also was very cool. I also preferred him to Orm and I agree the theme was spectacular. I was hoping he would meet Slade & Lex on their boat though in the Credit Scene.

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#4 Posted by MarvelandDCfan24 (7364 posts) - - Show Bio

He was cool not very fleshed out besides Aquaman killing his dad and him wanting revenge

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They established decent motivations for him but in the end they didn't really take his character anywhere so in all honesty I didn't really care.

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He was the best part of the film

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No he was by far the worst actor in the movie, possibly in all of the dceu. Also his helmet looked ridiculous.

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Favorite part of the movie honestly. I love that he got a cheesey montage.

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Yea if you like comic Manta then you'll like him in the movie

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I really liked him and I'm hoping they'll put him to good use in the sequel, likely with him as the main villain. There are not many CBMs that have villains return for the sequels and still be the villain. Most are either set-up to be the villain in the next movie, like Bucky, or are only the villain for the first movie and then they act more as the second lead in the movies after, like Loki (if you're only counting the Thor movies and not Avengers).

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Nah he was poorly acted and not fleshed out. Another forgettable DCEU villain

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Just ok.

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Asinine motivation, average acting. Neither Manta nor Orm lived up to expectations. Then again, the film didn't manage to do much correctly.

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He had some good Quotes

“I’ll make you a deal... I won’t tell you how to Captain, and you don’t tell me how to pirate.”

“Killing him is my reward.”

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“I’ll make you a deal... I won’t tell you how to Captain, and you don’t tell me how to pirate.”

I actually thought that line is the basis of the problem in his characterization. And the exact reason he's a moron.

He has no compunction to callously kill someone who did nothing to him, then spends the entire film crying about Aquaman not saving his father - after they both tried to murder Arthur, twice. You can't begrudge someone for not displaying compassion after you've just killed someone for far less.

He got what was coming to him and was as shallow as possible. A great armor doesn't make up for it.

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@morpheus_: You Make a great point, Morpheus. But that’s villains for you- Complete hypocrites. They can dish out pain but they can’t take it.

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I liked him but not more than Orm.

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@skywalker95: His irrational hatred for Aquaman is the only thing that makes sense about him. His father died - he focuses his rage on Arthur while disregarding the context. I simply object to how terrible everything else about him is. No nuance whatsoever, he's just a stooge with no personality. What else does he have going for him outside of hating Aquaman?


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Meh. Bleh character in and out of comics saved only by an iconic design.

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Didn’t like the voice, he had good fight scenes though so in conclusion, meh.

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Oh yeah I liked him. His theme music is beast.

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Dude had about 10 minutes of screen time, too early to judge rn.

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Guess I watched a different movie because the Black Manta I saw wasn't really that great.

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His design was cool, but damn was it a horrible acting performance. And when he had the helmet on I didn’t understand a word that he said.

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Honestly, he was just fine. He's better than a Ronan or an Enchantress, on the merit of being an actual character with a humane, relatable, substantial motivation. But he's also no Thanos, Joker or Killmonger.

He's middle of the road.

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I hated the voice. His acting was fine (better than Momoas). They need to make him more like Injustice black manta. With a less bulky suit and a clear voice. Everything about I2 Black Manta was perfect.

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He was great.

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Meh. Beside his costume nothing stood out about Manta.

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His lines were a little hammy, but absolutely

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I'm a Black Manta fan myself and I felt like the movie didn't do him justice.

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He felt completely shoehorned into the film he was put into. So out of place, really

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I found his motivations one dimensional and frankly hypocritical. And through the film he was just "in the way", like "f off, no one even likes you".

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Yeah. I felt they set him up really well and the scenes he was included in added a great deal of fun and excitement to the scenes he was in.

Looking forward to seeing him as the main villain in the sequel.

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His suit is sick.

That’s it.

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Yeah, I didn't care much for Manta. He seemed like a vestigial and ultimately pointless subplot for the movie, his motivations made him come across like less of a badass and more of a crybaby, and the suit...well, I applaud the attempt to be comics-authentic, but I also wasn't feeling the look overall. It seemed like bulky power armor and the matte black made it look like a plastic action figure. I prefer my Manta is a slick, glossy wetsuit, personally.

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Hell Yea,he was cool. Though, his dialogue could have been much better though.

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He was alright. Visually he looked damn cool and accurate

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