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It still doesn't even feel real.

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It's just a movie, calm down.

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I'm excited but its just a movie...

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Eh...... Old faces go and new ones come in. Its just the way it goes.

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They have grown on to me. It will be sad but we have to move on

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Like others said, it's just a movie.

It'd feel odd not to have Captain or Tony around but it's still just a mobie

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At some point I stopped being invested this much, but I can see how for some fans its a tear-jerking moment.

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Ehh, it just a movie. Plus I'm all for seeing new characters.

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I have more important stuffs to think of.

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I'm one of the (few) lucky people to have seen it.

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Disagrees with a lot of things in each film but what a ride it was

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@yuuki157: I think we may just have gone out of the MCU's Golden Age. Harder times looms ahead.

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MCU fans are a weird sentimental bunch

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lol, it seems the ones who don't care comment bc they can and those who don't are avoiding the painful reminder.

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You'll never be prepared for your first watching of an unspoilered Endgame. Never.

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It's always a little bittersweet when things like this come to and end.

I'm honestly more gutted saying goodbye to Gotham though.

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