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"Tom Holland is the best Spiderman, but Tobey was in the better films."

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No. I liked andrew garfield as spiderman. Tom holland actually makes peter sound like he is from new york though.

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Tobey was the best and was in 2 better CBM in general.

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No. Garfield is the best spider-man, but Holland was in better films.

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@omnipotent94: I never liked Garfield, but maybe because it was fresh off the Tobey trilogy.

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Garfield Spidey had the best suits though.

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Nope. Tobey Trilogy is overrated as hell.

Holland is the best Spider-Man, no question. Stan Lee himself said so.

As for better films, we'll have to wait and see since Holland only has one film so far, but it'll most likely be better than Tobey's.

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@erentheghoul: The movie wants you to believe one thing the character actions another is possibly why

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Its hard for me to look at the Rami films objectively. I remember watching spider-man 1 a few years ago and it didn't hold up very well. it came off as ridiculously campy and silly....I still love it. Its apart of my childhood.

I do think Tom Holland is the best actor of the 3 spider-men. I don't really like the material he is given but he does well with it. That amazing spider-man #33 moment is probably the best acted scene in the MCU IMO and he has some scenes in infinity war that got a laugh from me.

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Well Tobey's Spiderman has a lot of fans. It also helped Marvel achieve its status right now.

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This I agree with.

Tobey's Peter and Spidey both were better as fleshed out human characters.

So far we have not seen things that are amazing from Tom Holland's Spiderman. We have not seen a story that explore his fears and his depths. We need something like Spiderman 2.

Garfield's creators tried it and failed miserably clearly.

TASM 1 is actually pretty good when I see it now but TASM 2 is very very bad.

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No. Tom is the best Spider-Man AND stars in the best films.

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No Tom has the best films too.

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Garfield was an awful Peter Parker.

Maguire was a better Park than Spider-Man.

Holland is a good balance.

Spider-Man 2 is the best movie by far though. I would entertain Homecoming as being number 2.

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I think Holland himself is a nice choice. Can't say I like the material he has to work with much though.

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I say that all the time. I think Holland embodies Spider-Man better, but I prefered Tobey's movies (as of now.)

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No Holland is the best and has the best set of movies unless we are just gonna ignore IW and Endgame.

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Tom Holland Spiderman > Andrew Garfield Spiderman >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tobey Spiderman

Homecoming > Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Original trilogy