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ok. so there are many doctors cientists and bussiness men and women in the hero (and vllain) cominity. but what is their major?

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superman and lois lane are profetional reporters. and many stories depic clark going to metropolis university. so we can asume that he has a degree in jornalism

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I think many of them did before they actually became heroes 
-Most geniuses like Pym, Stark, Wayne, Richards, Ray Palmer, Mr. Terrific etc 
-Clark Kent went to study journalism I think 
-I'm pretty sure Peter Parker went..or at least was a professor there. 
-Xavier had to go if he has the title Professor 
-I think Barry Allen went 
so yeah, many heroes do.

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Most people with 'Doctor' in their title went to college. Such as the aforementioned people, Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom, etc. Anyone who in their secret identities has a job that would require one has one. Peter went to college, and taught at one for a while using the name Ben Reilly after his identity was revealed to the public. So yeah, look for people like that think whether or not they should have one. Though admittedly, some can be hard to peg, like Strange. He was a surgeon, believe it or not.

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If her age remains unaffected by the relaunch, Stephanie Brown is currently in college. Dick Grayson went to college at one point, I think he dropped out, not entirely sure.Ted Kord went to college, not sure what for though, and graduated. Booster Gold played college football, so he went, but I'm pretty sure he never graduated.