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Posted by xZone (10334 posts) 5 months, 5 days ago

Poll: Did Thanos block this attack with the Power Stone? (39 votes)

Yes 38%
No 62%
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Was having a discussion and a lot of debate went down over this feat. I’m pretty sure most people lean a particular way on this, but I wanted to put a poll out. Ty for the input

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#51 Posted by TheGerudoKing (1598 posts) - - Show Bio

@renchamp: so are the words "unitard" or "leotard" also frowned upon? Asking for a friend...

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#52 Posted by Renchamp (7770 posts) - - Show Bio

@thegerudoking: Let's not get ridiculous. Read into the context of the rule and make wise decisions.

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#53 Posted by NiteLite (2537 posts) - - Show Bio

He no sold it without any stones.

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You are right it showed shield effects just not in that specific scene. Even if he tried to shield himself, it didn’t matter because it wasn’t enough and he still had to tank it. He also was kinda pissed afterwards implying that he wasn’t fast enough to block it.

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#56 Posted by Richubs (4174 posts) - - Show Bio

No he wasn't. He was probably thinking of destroying it before it lands but didn't do it quickly enough.

It very clearly didn't do anything to him at all so he had no reason to destroy it