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Mr Oz was revealed to be..... Jor-El.

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Yes because of the things he was doing.

He was protecting him. Helping his Grandson. Taking out his enemies. He said he taught him.

Also destroying the shield an telling Lex he is not worthy would make it seem he knows about the house El. Plus the heat vision in the end was spot on. The biggest question now is how is he so powerful an how did he survive .

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Oh, so it's not Ozymandias. That's disappointing. Hopefully we get to see him at some point.

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Yes, it's been thrown around on sites like bleedingcool and the DCComics subreddit. Terrible imo. Hopefully he's just mind controlled by Oz or something

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I'm actually happy it's not ozymandias, that's too easy. I liked they theories of it either being post-crisis/ pre-new 52 Lex or even siegel and shuster's first incarnation of superman from rein of the superman. Jor-El was unexpected imo.

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Hell naw!

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They took the one of the few options I liked less than Ozymandias. Also, this was spoiled a while ago. I didn't see it coming, but it's still not good. The December solicits have Booster Gold and Superman investigating this, so hopefully there'll be a decent explanation.

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Yes, because it was spoiled a long time ago. Still a good issue though