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You know, after replaying batman arkham city, it made me realize how useless it is to arrest super criminals. You throw them in jail, they escape, you throw them back in jail. Why doesn't the jury give the criminal the death penalty and be over with it. Now I know what your thinking, how can they do it? I don't think lethal injection won't work on clayface or the electric chair won't affect Electro. But why don't they give the villain death penalty, and kill them with the enemies weakness?

I don't know what do you think?

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In real life, I don't think that death penalty in necessary.

But in comics, maybe, but I would prefer what Tony did in the Civil War, to put all the villains in the negative Zone, I prefer to have them alive than just dead.

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That's pretty much what Frank Castle does on a daily basis.

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Most superheroes have recurring supervillians though, meaning you'd only ever get a couple of good storylines from each villian, if you were to simply kill them off. Also Batman, Superman and pretty much all of the superhero world would then become vigilantes working against the police because they just don't believe in killing people.

Not to mention the fact that many heros have been 'under the influence' of strange powers that have made them, for a time, villians themselves. In which case Green Lantern, Spider-Man, Gambit, Angel, Captain America, Jean Grey, Daredevil, Quicksilver, Bat-Girl, Sue Storm...... etc etc would have to be subjected to capital punishment?

I can see where you're coming from but I don't think it'll work in the comic book world. I think rehabilitation is a better way, just look at how many of these villians are actually insane!

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From a legal standpoint, we have due process. That means that everyone gets their day in court. Not only does an arrested villain have to go through various steps before the trial starts, but has many opportunities for appeal. A real trial of a criminal can take years. And even if they escape, they have to be tried for that. So the death penalty is probably an option, red tape just gets in the way.

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In real life, it'd be perfect, get rid of them. But do you really want your favorite villains killed off? I get where you're coming from, it seems ridiculous that they don't. As Batman spurred your question, most of the Batman villains don't have "special powers", so it would seem the easy and logical way to do things. For example, Batman's mains; Joker, Two Face, Penguin, Riddler, Mister Freeze, are all normal human beings with a lust for evil, so it would seem easy to do that. Like you said though, it'd be ridiculously hard to actually give, for example, Clayface the death penalty. But back to my original point, your favorite villains would disappear, and who wants that?

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From a moral and story standpoint, it wouldn't work. Except for Frieza and Vegeta of course :)

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I'm not talking about heroes killing villains. I'm talking about using the court system to sentence super villians to death. And batman's enemies are also not the main subject. Any Super villain is in discussion