DCEU should have just followed the MCU mold

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It was proven to be successful yet they had a colossal brain fart I guess.

Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Captain America, and Thor all came out before the first Avengers movie. None of which had characters interacting with each other. The first time they meet, is in Avengers. (Besides Tony and Natasha) They had built a foundation and ground to build on.

DC should have done something similar to that but it felt rushed and uninspired. They should have done Man of Steel, a Man of Steel sequel, A solo Batman film, maybe a sequel, Wonder Woman, aquaman(before JL), and maybe a Green Lantern film. Thennn they could have brought them together for JL. All they had to be was cohesive. The BVS film should have never been made.

Batman and Superman are more popular than probably 95% of the Marvel universe and they still dropped the ball. It could have been as epic as the MCU if not more, but they didn’t let the audience connect with the characters in the way the MCU did.

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If DC did what marvel did they would be making more money because DC has the advantage of more recognizable characters (ex: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash)

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I don’t think they should, what they shouldn’t have done was make everything kinda gloomy and sad, because you know? DC haves 3 dimensional characters that aren’t all Batman.

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Honestly, if they'd literally just made Batman related movies and gave a movie to each of the Robins, Batgirls and villains in Batman's rogue gallery and done them well, they could have me purchasing a ticket ever year for the next couple decades. They had so much potential but you can't recover from the kind of start they've had ( imo ).

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Thank you, Captain Obvious.

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Why, so MCU fans can bash the DCEU for being a rip-off?

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@kidolio: someone made a good point about how Batman should be played. They said there are three parts to Batman:


Bruce Wayne in the public eye

Bruce Wayne in private w/ loved ones (Alfred etc.) (vulnerable)

Batfleck was pretty much the same guy throughout the entirety of the films. Bale was all three at different times.

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Or they simply should have made better films.

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They're too busy making shit decisions like Robert Pattinson Batman, these casting choices are so dumb I honestly think they are just picking names out of a damn fishbowl with their eyes closed

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Don't really think they needed to. I mean, unlike characters like Iron Man and Thor, at least the JL Trinity is comprised of characters who are famous enough not to need solo movies first.

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I don't really think that Snyder ever intended to set-up a long-running, sprawling DC universe in the vein of the MCU. I think it was a one shot, enclosed Elseworlds story across 5 films he wanted to tell and then bounce. I don't think that was ever made clear to the audience or even WB, who kind of realised this is what he was doing after a while, pursuing his own specific interest/story, which is not what they wanted.

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Personally, I agree with the OP that this is one of the problems. No matter how popular a character is, you can't use a version of them in what you're planning to be the next Avengers level blockbuster team-up without establishing them first. It's just that there is a lot of other problems as well. Quality is one of them.

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Its kinda hilarious that after the success of movies like Black Panther, Deadpool, GotG and Aquaman there are people still thinking that popularity is basically everything...

When it comes to the comic book movie genre, everything changed after the Avengers movie, we started to have like 5 comic books per year, and that obviously made audiences look for the freshness of characters, worldbuildings & concepts.

I am going to even make the argument that Shazam poor results were not due to the lack of popularity but due to the weak wolrdbuilding and the similarities to Superman powerset (besides the poor release date), and for those who are going to say that so is Captain Marvel, her worldbuilding had space, and i believe no Mcu movie right before Endgame would not make $1B, and Captain Marvel is by far Phase 3 weakest movie...

So, at the moment the movie going audience have more anticipation for new stuff than the 4th or 5th iteration of very well known characters, and its not like now there isn't a lot of people where their fav. comic book character is someone outside of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and the X-Men.

With an unseen Mcu worldbuilding, new concepts and a good trailer, Eternals would probably do more money than X-Men reboot in the next 2 years...

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BvS was fine, but Justice League was a disaster, and I don't think that's because they teamed up too soon. I fully believe Snyder could've pulled it off under the right circumstances.

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I think the DCEU are on level with MCU...box office sales don't mean anything to me, it's not a measure of quality just popularity