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Simple premise.

If you're primarily an MCU fan, say something good about the CW, FOX, or DCEU.

If you're primarily a DCEU fan, say something good about the MCU, FOX, or CW.

If you're primarily a CW Fan, say something good about the DCEU, FOX, or MCU.

If you're primarily a FOX fan, say something good about the CW, MCU, or DCEU.

Or if you want, praise all four.

I can already see the trolls flooding this thread in my mind.........

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We're all comic book fans! we should all unite!

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Why not create a roast thread too for certain popular and overused characters like MCU Cap, CW Arrow or DCEU Doomsday.

Good humour is always appreciated.

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I love the connectivity of the CW shows and how they embrace certain goofy aspects of comic book lore (primarily LoT)

I love the direction they're taking to the DCEU. They seem to be aiming for some sort of darker mythology universe with the undertones of WW and JL, from the looks of it.

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The DCEU has awesome fx and fight scenes

CW has some great arrow seasons and fights

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I love the action in the DCEU movies, i think batfleck is great, WW was awesome and im excited for JL.

Cant compliment CW as i havent seen any of it.

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If I had the will to do that myself, I wouldn't have asked you in first place Revered Sir.

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A unity thread... I like it.

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MCU has a lot of likeable characters.

DCEU has incredible cinematography.

CW Green Arrow is one of the most well developed superheroes in live action.

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I like the action and the ideas of what the DCEU wants to do

I like how the CW fits together well, but all the shows are also tonally different and how the shows can get really weird.

I like how the MCU has consistency with their movies and has all like able content plus tv shows

EDIT: to me the Fox Verse has the highest highs of theses franchise and when there is a great movie like DOFP since I love the x-men to death it makes me more happy than anything else.

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The MCU is a legendary franchise and has interconnected storylines that have never been this well executed on this big of a scale.

The CW has basically become a TV version of the MCU, with amazing crossovers/references that have reached a new height with the yearly four way crossover.

The DCEU has some of the best visuals and action scenes of any CBM.

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I like how interconnected the CW is, and how they handle strange things while still being able to be grounded and appealing for the general audience.

I like the fight scenes of the DCEU, the cinematography.

I like how consistently average-good the MCU is, how likeable their characters are.

FOX has some of the coolest scenes. For example, the Nightcrawler white house fight, or the Quicksilver scenes.

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Great thread. Something that we need for the inevitable war that will come to fruition once JL and Ragnorak release.

CW shows are the tits. The complaints about the melodrama that occur in the shows are kind of overblown in my opinion and the action is top tier and the actors are no slouches either. Not to mention some scenes get REALLY heavy emotionally. The end of Flash season 1 and Laurel dying in particular got me as well as my brother.

Also...they got Mark freaking Hamill to make an appearance on the show because he played the trickster in the 90s...MARK FREAKING HAMILL.

Consistency is often key and the MCU is consistent. I don't read that many Marvel titles and I'm incredibly glad that they gave characters who arnt Spidey, the Xmen, or Hulk (I know different companies but still) the chance to shine. Could you imagine going back in time to tell a fan or someone in the comics industry like Christopher Priest for instance that in the future Black Panther is getting a movie? Infinity War will be nothing short of amazing

I know Fox isn't mentioned here but sometimes in the great MCU vs. DCEU fan feud pushes them to the side. DoFP was amazing to say the least. I was in a bad spot when I saw that movie and teared up when Charles told Charles "we need you to hope again. Fox's Magneto is one of the greatest CBM villains there is and rightly so. Fox's ability to not only give us solid movies but bring to the forefront the themes that made the Xmen special is great.

I'll keep the thoughts on the DCEU short and just mention one thing... When the DCEU nails it they FREAKING NAIL IT. The music of the DCEU plays a big part of that in my opinion. MoS's main theme and "flight" are some of the best superhero related scores in recent memory.

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No love for the Foxverse?

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@uugieboogie: Very good point, I should add em. They didn't come to mind because there's not as many fanboy wars with them involved.

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@the_magister: This is a good thread tho. Nice to see some positivity for a change. Once Arrow goes off and I can focus on a good answer I’ll drop a OT post.

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FOX has some good storylines. Awesome characters in young Professor X and Magneto. They have the best R rated movies. Logan is probably a top 3 CBM of all time.

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Oooh, new favorite thread!

MCU is so well planned out, everything is connected and built so that they can show as much love to their characters as possible, while still building one cohesive story. There's a certain cause and effect they've created all leading up to Infinity War, and it feels how comic books should feel, but on the big screen. Also, it's caused more casual fans to get into comics, which is always good!

DCEU just feels so artistic, and their movies have really showcased why their heroes matter. The trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are some of the most important characters in fiction, and the DCEU has given us films that show why they're important and more than heroes, while also being visually stunning along the way!

CW is all kinds of fun. Shows like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow know they're comic book shows, and they never take themselves too seriously. Everyone seems like they're having a good time, and there are always fun little nods or relations to the comics. Arrow is the other side of that coin, and a lot darker, which really works for that show. It's a new way of looking at Oliver and his life which we haven't seen before, and they've built him into a great character that the battle forums rave about!

Fox has brought the X-Men into the limelight for casual fans, and has created household names out of B or C-list characters. They create these amazing team movies about young heroes finding their place in a world that hates them, and there have been some truly amazing movies in that list. Not to mention they've promoted Wolverine into one of the most recognizable heroes today, and Logan was simply stellar!

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@the_magister: FOXverse has my favorite powersets of any live-action cinematic/connected universe. They're powers are so varied and they aren't afraid to go cosmic.

And at their best, (X2,DofP,Deadpool,Logan) they have some of the best and most influential flims in the comic book genre.

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Without the MCU, the landscape of the entire comic book culture would look drastically different today. Maybe we'd still have shared universes, but absolutely not to this extent. The MCU was one of the most ambitious film projects ever.
And the people behind the MCU are probably the smartest out of the bunch. They've built more than a franchise, they've built a brand. A brand so powerful that it does nothing besides aid its own "competition." This was accomplished through masterful marketing, consistency in quality, and memorable characters. People think that a Marvel movie making bank is going to hurt DC? Uh, NO! They're all the same genre, so if people love one superhero film, they're going to say "wow I can't wait for the next superhero film so I can have more fun." The MCU to this day is what is holding up the ship of comic book culture, as WB, Fox, Sony, and the CW all slide once in awhile, Marvel is never far behind to remind people that superhero movies are fun.

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I never watched CW.

Fox makes great movies, and have been for nearly 20 years. I'm surprised by how much hate they get, especially when you take into consideration that 7 out of their 10 movies have been critically acclaimed, 2 having mixed reviews, and only 1 of them being received poorly.

MCU is one of the most influential movie franchises of all time. Without them, the DCEU wouldn't exist and X-Men would of been nothing but a trilogy.

DCEU has some great visuals and I liked Batfleck.

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I love all 4 universes, as a big comic book fan, I watch everything that has a superhero or superpowers in it. I'm just glad to have all these amazing characters brought to life on TV.

Lol, funny, only 20+ replies, if this was a bait thread, we'd be on page 3 by now.