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@kevd4wg said:

I would just like to also point out that Asian Mercenary stabbed DCEU Batman who beat Superman, who killed Doomsday, who survived a Nuke, which took out Japan, Which made anime so Asian Mercenary > all of Anime

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@macleen said:
@gotoucanario said:
@wakel said:

Is this guy a comic character? Why is he so op? Was it just lazy directing where Zack thought instead of using more characters lets make this guy more durable?

The opposite, instead of have a bunch of guys just trip on themselves off camera they made the mercenaries competent for once. Taking more than a sneeze to get knocked out, attacking all at the same time instead of one by one like idiots, actually aiming and him using his gun to shoot batman's grapple gun. He's just the most skilled nameless mercenary ever.

"I am helping"

the bastard had a gun and didn't fire a single bullet


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Popularity of this thread is a insult to all the hard work I put into my other blogs. Can't you bump DCEU Bearded Mercenary Thread? At least it has a good humour.

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underrated thread. Anyone see this guy in battle forums yet?

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CaV: DCEU Asian Mercenary vs. Mack from Agents of SHIELD.

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Some name he's got there. :P

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@veshark: Mack is 2 durable. He could tank galaxy busting and come back for more

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A+ Thread

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Kinda just goes to show how weak and incompetent batman is

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@the_magister: I benchmarked(I think thats the word) from season 3 and skipped a few episodes since then but yeah I watch the show.

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