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I haven’t been reading comics for ages. The last DC thing I was seriously following was Batman: Endgame back in 2015 and the Justice League and Superman titles. I sporadically read some Rebirth lead-ins here and there, but I can’t even remember what I read.

Is Rebirth worth it right now? What series is a must-read?

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If there is a must read, I wouldn't bother tbh, it will save your heart from being broken by the time you reach the right now with what Doomsday Clock and Heroes in Crisis are doing. The Rebirth one-shot is a good book on it's own, Mister Miracle got rave reviews (again good in isolation)... everything else is just kinda spinning the wheels, or feels like it.

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Flash and Aquaman have been great. Hal Jordan and the GLC was amazing, but it's finished. I've heard good things about Red Hood and the Outlaws, but haven't picked it up myself

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@tomkatie: Give it a look, it won't disappoint you.


Rebirth book itself is good. Flash and Aquaman worth a shot (especially Flash), Nightwing is great, it does have a soul that even Batman comics didn't had for the last decade. Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps is a must read, definitely worth your time. Red Hood and the Outlaws is the best IMO, it's a "MUST READ". If you're a fan of Superman and particularly not, you need to read both Superman and Action Comics. Supersons series was fantastic too.

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Aquaman, GLC & Superman are must reads.

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@jasonv80: Rebirth is great. Start with Rebirth #1 first and then maybe you could go for like Flash, Suicide Squad, Justice League (first few issues were eh but they get better), Justice League of America and Batman stuff maybe? Never got into the Green Lantern stuff so I can't really say. As far as I know Flash and Batman had really great arcs so I say prioritize those two. Don't skip on Metal too because that was a great event. Tie-ins were solid so just try to read as much as you can.

Keeping up with comics is hard so I prefer reading online sometimes.

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@jasonv80: This is the reading order I followed. Its very well put together and you get to read different titles without feeling lost in between, which is a great plus for me, since I get bored of reading the same title for a long time. If you aren't interested in any title, just skip it.

2Superman (New 52)32-39The Men of Tomorrow
3Aquaman (New 52)49-52Out of Darkness
4Justice League (New 52)40-45Darkseid War
5Justice League: Darkseid War: Batman1Darkseid War
6Justice League: Darkseid War: Flash1Darkseid War
7Justice League: Darkseid War: Superman1Darkseid War
8Justice League: Darkseid War: Green Lantern1Darkseid War
9Justice League: Darkseid War: Shazam1Darkseid War
10Justice League: Darkseid War: Lex Luthor1Darkseid War
11Justice League (New 52)46-48Darkseid War
12Justice League: Darkseid War Special1Darkseid War
13Justice League (New 52)49-50Darkseid War
14Justice League of America (2015)1-10Power and Glory
15Superman: Lois and Clark1-8Road to Rebirth
16Superman (New 52)51Final Days of Superman
17Batman/Superman (New 52)31Final Days of Superman
18Action Comics (New 52)51Final Days of Superman
19Superman/Wonder Woman (New 52)28Final Days of Superman
20Batman/Superman (New 52)32Final Days of Superman
21Action Comics (New 52)52Final Days of Superman
22Superman/Wonder Woman (New 52)29Final Days of Superman
23Superman (New 52)52Final Days of Superman
24Titans Hunt1-8Road to Rebirth
25DC Universe: Rebirth Special1Rebirth
26The FlashRebirth...Doomed to Repeat It...
29Justice League (New 52)51-52
31Action Comics957-962Path of Doom
32Superwoman1Who Is Superwoman?
33Green ArrowRebirth, 1-5The Death and Life of Oliver Queen
34Suicide Squad Special1War Crimes
35Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern CorpsRebirthForged
36Green LanternsRebirth, 1-2Rage Planet
37Justice LeagueRebirthFear the Reaper
38Green Lanterns3-6Rage Planet
39BatmanRebirth, 1-6I Am Gotham
40Batgirl1-6Beyond Burnside
41Nightwing1-4Better Than Batman
42Harley Quinn1-3Die Laughing
43Superman1-6Son of Superman
44AquamanRebirth, 1-6The Drowning
45Detective Comics934-940Rise of the Batmen
46Harley Quinn4108 Million Ways to Die!
47Batman7Night of the Monster Men
48Nightwing5Night of the Monster Men
49Detective Comics941Night of the Monster Men
50Batman8Night of the Monster Men
51Nightwing6Night of the Monster Men
52Detective Comics942Night of the Monster Men
53Superman7Our Town
54Green Arrow6-7Sins of the Mother
55Justice League1-5The Extinction Machine
56Aquaman7Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears the Crown
57Action Comics963-964Superman, Meet Clark
58Green Lanterns7-8Family Matters
60The Flash1-8Lightning Strikes Twice
61Suicide SquadRebirth, 1-4The Black Vault
62Superman8-9Escape From Dinosaur Island
63Green Arrow8-9Island of Scars
64Justice League6-7State of Fear
66Titans1-6The Return of Wally West
67The Flash9Kid Flash of Two Worlds!
68Action Comics965-966Lois Lane, Back At the Planet
69Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps1-7Sinestro's Law
70Aquaman10Future Tide
71Nightwing7-8Rise of Raptor
72Harley Quinn5-7Undercover Punker
73Catwoman: Election Night1Election Night
74Cyborg3-4Mind Maze
75Gotham Academy: Second Semester1-3Second Semester
76Nightwing9Fighting Destiny
77Superman10-11In the Name of the Father: World's Smallest
78Green Arrow10-11Murder on the Empire Express
79Wonder WomanRebirth,1,3,5,7,9,11Lies
80Harley Quinn8Relax, Undo It!
81Superman Annual1Tangled Up In Green
82Batman Annual1Silent Night
83Harley Quinn9Butt Maiming & Mud Gaming
84Suicide Squad5-8Going Sane
85DC Rebirth Holiday Special1Holiday Special
86New Super-Man1-6Made in China
87DeathstrokeRebirth, 1-8The Professional
89Teen TitansRebirth, 1-5Damian Knows Best
90The Flash10-12The Speed of Darkness
91Gotham Academy: Second Semester4The Carnival Midnight
92Harley Quinn10Egg Noggin
93Batman9-13I Am Suicide
94Justice League8-11Outbreak
97Wonder Woman13Angel Down
98The Flash13Date Night
99All-Star Batman1-5My Own Worst Enemy
100Detective Comics943-947The Victim Syndicate
101Green Lanterns9-14Phantom Lantern
102Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps8-12Bottled Light
103Red Hood and the OutlawsRebirth, 1-6Dark Trinity
104Deathstroke9-10Four Rooms
105Titans7Home Sweet Home
106Batgirl and the Birds of PreyRebirth, 1-6Who is Oracle?
107Wonder Woman2,4,6,8,10,12,14Year One
108Green Lanterns15A Day in the Life
109Aquaman11-15The Deluge
111Justice League vs. Suicide Squad1-2Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
112Justice League12Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
113Justice League vs. Suicide Squad3Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
114Suicide Squad9Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
115Justice League vs. Suicide Squad4-5Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
116Justice League13Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
117Justice League vs. Suicide Squad6Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
118Suicide Squad10Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
119Justice League of America: The Atom Rebirth1Justice League of America Rebirth
120Justice League of America: Vixen Rebirth1Justice League of America Rebirth
121Justice League of America: The Ray Rebirth1Justice League of America Rebirth
122Justice League of America: Killer Frost Rebirth1Justice League of America Rebirth
124Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps13Heroes
125Action Comics967-972Men of Steel
126The HellblazerRebirth, 1-6The Poison Truth
127Blue BeetleRebirth, 1-5The Posse
128Sixpack and Dogwelder1-6Hard-Travelin' Heroz
129Detective Comics948-949Batwoman Begins
130Harley Quinn11-13Joker Loves Harley
132Justice League14Regroup
133Cyborg8-9The Imitation of Life
134Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love1-3Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love
135Red Hood and the Outlaws7How Do You Solve a Problem Like Bizarro?
136SupergirlRebirth, 1-6Reign of the Cyborg Supermen
137New Super-Man7-8Training Day
138Batgirl and the Birds of Prey7Valentine's Day
139Superwoman2-7Who Killed Superwoman?
141Trinity1-6Better Together
142Green Lanterns16-17Darkest Night
143Mother Panic1-3Work in Progress
144Superman17Dark Harvest
145Green Arrow12-17Emerald Outlaw
147Batman BeyondRebirth, 1-5Escaping the Grave
148The Flash14-17Rogues Reloaded
149Action Comics973-974Mild Mannered
150Death of Hawkman1-6Death of Hawkman
151Midnighter and Apollo1-6Midnighter and Apollo
152Green Lanterns18The Last Testament of the First Lantern
154Shade, The Changing Girl1-6Earth Girl Made Easy
155Supergirl7Mission Mind
156Harley Quinn14-16Nether Regions
157Superman18Superman Reborn
158Action Comics975Superman Reborn
159Superwoman8Superman Reborn
160Superman19Superman Reborn
161Action Comics976Superman Reborn
162Trinity7The New Pandoras
163Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye1-6Going Underground
164Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps14-17Quest for Hope
165The Flash18-19Sins of the Father
166Titans Annual1Titans: Legacy
167Batgirl Annual1World's Finest
168Batman16-20I Am Bane
169Green Arrow18-20Reunion
170Gotham Academy: Second Semester5-8Second Semester
171Titans8-10Made in Manhattan
172Justice League of AmericaRebirth, 1-4The Extremist Agenda
173The Flash20Agent of Black Hole
174Supergirl8Superman Reborn Aftermath
175New Super-Man9-10Coming to America
176All-Star Batman6-9Ends of the Earth
177Green Lanterns19-21Polarity
178Suicide Squad11-15Burning Down the House
179Justice League15-19Timeless
180Superwoman9Super Women
181Trinity8The Truth About Superman
182Doom Patrol1-6Brick by Brick
183Teen Titans6-7The Rise of Aqualad
184Mother Panic4-6Broken Things
185Action Comics977-978The New World
188Harley Quinn17-19Deadly Sin
189Nightwing16-20Nightwing Must Die
190Batgirl and the Birds of Prey8-10Blackbird
191Detective Comics950-956League of Shadows
192Justice League of America5-6Heart of a Bastich
193Batman21The Button
194The Flash21The Button
195Batman22The Button
196The Flash22The Button
197Justice League20-21Endless
198Super Sons1-4When I Grow Up
199Batman23The Brave and the Mold
200Nightwing21Split Second
201Batgirl7-11Son of the Penguin
202Detective Comics957The Wrath of Spoiler
203Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps18-21Prism of Time
204Wonder Woman15,17,19,21,23The Truth
205Justice League of America7Terrorstrike
206Titans11The Lazarus Contract
207Teen Titans8The Lazarus Contract
208Deathstroke19The Lazarus Contract
209Teen Titans Annual: The Lazarus Contract1The Lazarus Contract
210Trinity Annual1Tied Together
211Wonder Woman Annual1And Then There Were Three...
212Harley Quinn20-21Blast from the Future
213Batman24Every Epilogue is a Prelude
214Fall and Rise of Captain Atom1-6Fall and Rise of Captain Atom
215Aquaman23-24Crown of Atlantis
216Deathstroke20The Lazarus Contract Epilogue
217Green Arrow21-24The Rise of Star City
218Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor1The River of Lost Years
219Green Lanterns22-24Lost In Space
220Justice League22A Thousand Little Things
221Cyborg10-13Danger In Detroit
222Red Hood and the Outlaws8-11Who Is Artemis?
223Wonder Woman16,18,20,22,24Godwatch
224The Flash23-24The Color of Fear
225New Super-Man11-12The Zero Ultimatum
226Odyssey of the Amazons1-6Odyssey of the Amazons
227Superman20-25Black Dawn
228Super Sons5Battle in the Batcave
229Green Arrow25Broken Arrow
230Green Lanterns25Return of the First Lantern
231Justice League23Fear Itself
232Batgirl12Troubled Waters
233Wonder Woman25Perfect
234Green Lanterns26The First Ring
236Justice League24Fury
237Superman26Brain vs. Brawn
238Justice League of America8-9The Man From Monster Valley
239Suicide Squad16-17Earthlings On Fire
240Action Comics979-980Revenge
241Suicide Squad18-19Earthlings On Fire
242Action Comics981-984Revenge
243Suicide Squad20Managing People
244Harley Quinn22-24Family Circles
245Supergirl9-11Escape from the Phantom Zone
247Batwoman1-5The Many Arms of Death
248The Wild Storm1-6
249Justice League25Reborn
251Trinity9-11Dead Space
252Batgirl13Bats and Cats
253The Flash25-27Running Scared
254Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps22-25Fracture
255The Hellblazer7-12The Smokeless Fire
256Justice League of America10-11Curse of the Kingbutcher
257Harley Quinn25Birthday
259Batgirl and the Birds of Prey11-13Source Code
260Detective Comics958-962Intelligence
261New Super-Man13-14Shanghai Under Siege
262Red Hood and the Outlaws12-13The Life of Bizarro
263Gotham Academy: Second Semester9-12The Ballad of Olive Silverlock
264Harley Quinn26Mean Streets
265Blue Beetle6-12Hard Choices
266Batwoman6Pax Batmana
267Batman Beyond6-11Rise of the Demon
268Teen Titans9-11Blood of the Manta
269The Flash28-29Negative
270Detective Comics963Utopia
271Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual1Big Tent, Bigger Dreams
272Action Comics985-986Only Human
274Superman29-30A Minute Longer
275Shade, The Changing Girl7-12Little Runaway
276Harley Quinn27Master of Her Domain
277All-Star Batman10-14The First Ally
278Suicide Squad21-25Kill Your Darlings
279Batgirl and the Birds of Prey14Field Trip
280Supergirl12The Girl of No Tomorrow
281Supergirl Annual1The Girl of No Tomorrow
282Supergirl13The Girl of No Tomorrow
283Wonder Woman26-30Heart of the Amazon
284Detective Comics964Dystopia
285Superwoman13-14Return to Smallville/Supermax
286Green Arrow26-31Hard Traveling Hero
287Green Lanterns27-31Out of Time
288Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye7-12The Whisperer Saga
289Batman Beyond12Batwoman Beyond
290Blue Beetle13Endgame
291Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps26-29Fall of the Gods
292The Flash30-31Bloodwork
293Batman25-32The War of Jokes and Riddles
294Green Lanterns32House Party
295Superman31-32Breaking Point
297Supergirl14Heaven to Earth
298The Flash32Black Hole Rising
299Justice League26-31Legacy
300Super Sons6-9Planet of the Capes
301Justice League of America12-17Panic in the Microverse
302Mother Panic7-12Under Her Skin
303The Hellblazer13-15The Inspiration Game
304Batman Beyond13Gotham Games
305Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps30-31Mind Games
306Deathstroke25The Society
307Cyborg14-18Singularity Aftermath
308Green Lanterns33-34Work Release
309Harley Quinn28-31Vote Harley
310Action Comics987-991The Oz Effect
311Detective Comics965-968A Lonely Place of Living
313Super Sons10Secret Headquarters
314Trinity12-15Dark Destiny
315Batman33-35Rules of Engagement
316Action Comics992After Effects
317Batgirl14-17Summer of Lies
318Aquaman Annual1Crownspire
319Batman Annual2Some Of These Days
320Green Arrow Annual1
321Justice League of America Annual1Dolphin-Safe
322Super Sons Annual1Animal Planet
323Green Lanterns35-36Oh Bolphunga, Where Art Thou?
324Harley Quinn32-33Aftermath
325Superman33-36Imperius Lex
326Bug!: The Adventures of Forager1-6
327Batgirl and the Birds of Prey15-17Manslaughter
328Justice League of America18-20Surgical Strike
329New Super-Man15-18Equilibrium
330Titans12-18The Rise of Troia
331Batwoman7-10Fear and Loathing
332Harley Quinn34Gossamer
333Trinity16Old Acquiantance
335Justice League of America21Against the Invisible God
336Doom Patrol7-12
337Deathstroke26-27The Fall of Slade
338Batgirl and the Birds of Prey18Eco-Deadly
339New Super-Man19A Day in the Life
340Superwoman15-18The Midnight Hour
341Titans19Who is Troia?
342Red Hood and the Outlaws14-18Bizarro Reborn
345Green Lanterns37-39A World of Our Own
346Harley Quinn35-36Man-Batter Up
347Blue Beetle14-17Road to Nowhere
348Detective Comics969-973Fall of the Batmen
349The Hellblazer16-18The Bardo Score
350Deathstroke Annual1An Innocent Man
351Detective Comics Annual1Clay
352Swamp Thing Winter Special1Winter Special
353Dark Days: The Forge1Dark Nights: Metal
354Dark Days: The Casting1Dark Nights: Metal
355Dark Nights: Metal1Dark Nights: Metal
356Dark Nights: Metal2Dark Nights: Metal
357Batman: The Red Death1Dark Nights: Metal
358Batman: The Murder Machine1Dark Nights: Metal
359Batman: The Dawnbreaker1Dark Nights: Metal
360Batman: The Drowned1Dark Nights: Metal
361Batman: The Merciless1Dark Nights: Metal
362Batman: The Devastator1Dark Nights: Metal
363The Batman Who Laughs1Dark Nights: Metal
364Teen Titans12Gotham Resistance
365Nightwing29Gotham Resistance
366Suicide Squad26Gotham Resistance
367Green Arrow32Gotham Resistance
368Dark Nights: Metal3Dark Nights: Metal
369The Flash33Bats Out of Hell
370Justice League32Bats Out of Hell
371Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps32Bats Out of Hell
372Justice League33Bats Out of Hell
373Batman Lost1Dark Nights: Metal
374Hawkman Found1Dark Nights: Metal
375Dark Nights: Metal4Dark Nights: Metal
376Dark Nights: Metal5Dark Nights: Metal
377Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt1Dark Nights: Metal
378Dark Nights: Metal6Dark Nights: Metal
379Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps33-36Twilight of the Guardians
380Mister Miracle1-6
381Teen Titans13-14The Return of Kid Flash
382The Flash34-35Black Hole
383Nightwing30-34Raptor's Revenge
384Suicide Squad27-32The Secret History of Task Force X
385Wonder Woman31-37Children of the Gods
386Superman37Super Sons of Tomorrow
387Super Sons11Super Sons of Tomorrow
388Teen Titans15Super Sons of Tomorrow
389Superman38Super Sons of Tomorrow
390Green Arrow33-36Trial of Two Cities
391The Flash36-38A Cold Day In Hell
392Super Sons12Super Sons of Tomorrow Epilogue
393Suicide Squad33-34The Chosen Juan
394The Flash39The Perfect Storm
395Justice League of America22-23Queen of Fables
396The Flash Annual1Flash War Prelude
397Batman36-40Super Friends
398Detective Comics974Knight's Fall
399Red Hood and the Outlaws19Date Night
400Supergirl15-18Plain Sight
401Wonder Woman38-40Swan's Song
402Aquaman31-33The Crown Comes Down
403Blue Beetle18
404Wild Storm7-12
405JLA/Doom Patrol Special1Milk Wars
406Mother Panic/Batman Special1Milk Wars
407Shade, The Changing Girl/Wonder Woman Special1Milk Wars
408Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye/Swamp Thing Special1Milk Wars
409Doom Patrol/JLA Special1Milk Wars
410Action Comics993-998Booster Shot
411Detective Comics975The Trial of Batwoman
412Justice League of America24-25

New Life and Death

I didn't compile this list. I got this from somewhere and I have since forgotten where from.

Hopefully, that's helpful.

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Well if you going to start strictly with Rebirth going forward, the best place to begin is the DC Universe Rebirth #1 one-shot issue. That’ll pretty much give you a synapses of where things are headed ultimately with the Doomsday Clock books (which I’m assuming will end the “Rebirth” era once completed). If you want to get a brief backstory pre-Rebirth, I would start with the Darkseid War event that pretty much ended the New52 era, and sets up the DC Universe Rebirth #1 one-shot book.

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@jasonv80: I dis-recommand:

  • Batman
  • Detective Comics
  • All-Star Batman
  • Green Lantern
  • Justice League
  • Suicide Squad

I liked:

  • Action Comics
  • Aquaman
  • The Flash
  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lanter Corps

I heard good on:

  • Superman
  • Red Hood
  • Green Arrow
  • Wonder Woman
  • DeathStroke

You might have some difficulties with Flash or Hal Jordan or other series because you haven't read New52 and the Rebirth event, but you quickly understand what's been going after a few issues. Star with number one's and go on. The Events are a bit pointless, skip them).

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Superman and Action comics start off amazing... Just don't read any further past #45 to keep your memories of that run good

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