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Tell me what you guys think:

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@haydenclaireheroes: I love how neutral you are, you didn't just picked one, you talk about the best of each editorial, you are one of my favourite users on CV because that.

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I can't watch right now, but I will later.

I was originally a Marvel fan. For quite some time, I wanted to get into DC, and so I did. I eventually just became consumed by it. I absolutely loved DC's stories and I found that they intrigued me more. And, honestly, the Spider-Man incident swayed my opinion quite drastically.

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@Deadcool: Thank you so much I am flattered. I always like to give both sides a chance.

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@haydenclaireheroes: Well, you did it perfectly, I am gald to know that users like you exist =)

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DYNAMITE & Valiant, BABY!!! DC & Marvel pffftt

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I am equal, both have their strengths. And I enjoy them for different reasons.

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DC no contest, but i like image more than either

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Both, agree with the video.


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DC ive been exclusively reading them for years

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Well I am a big DC fan, one of my friends is a big Marvel fan, and we constantly do battle and debates to try to sway the other's opinion on which is better. About once or twice a month we trade comics, he gives me his Marvel stuff, and I give him my DC, to save money, and to sway the other. And honestly, I just don't get what he sees in Marvel, the past few years of Marvel has been boring and uneventful (despite the fact that they are full of events) however, he feels the same way about DC so really, when it comes down to it, it's all about personal preference.

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Both, but I lean towards DC a bit.

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People have to widen their horizons and start trying other publishers. I read Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Boom, Dynamite, Vertigo, Valiant and IDW. Each publisher has great titles and stinkers. But guess what? I reap the rewards because I get to enjoy more comics because I'm not limited to bias. To say none of these publishers have great comics is flat out wrong. Being loyal to only Marvel or DC is ridiculous and it's the reason this medium is struggling. Competition is good for business and makes for great stories. Now everyone is entitled to like what they want, but to not give something else a shot because of loyalty is sad because you are really missing out. I used to be strictly Marvel now I enjoy a bounty of different titles from different publishers. Well that's my 2 cents hopefully some of you try different books and help out this dying medium that we all seem to love.

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As of now, Marvel. I am more attracted to their universe and characters much more than DC even though i enjoy reading the hell out of Wonder Woman.

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Never read much DC so I can't really judge but I love Marvel!

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@x_29: Wait to Disney ruins Marvel.lol

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DC Cartoons > Marvel cartoons

Characters I like from Marvel are the X-Men, Spider-Woman, and Vol.4 of the Avengers it was pretty good until the mistake called Feat Itself. AvX is pretty cool to me.

I like DC cartoons more though, I mean DC is doing boss in animation right now. Just I don't think we will see any more JLA Animated Cartoons, Batman left the League but I bet if they make a new one it will ignore those events, but now they made Superman vs. The Elite (Superman looks like Stan Smith), and Dark Knight Returns. Atleast Young Justice is better than anything animted Marvel has come up with though.

Don't you think Marvel can be a little to silly at times or things that piss you off (The Ilumanite sending Hulk into Space) or in Ultimate Avengers where Hulk beat all the Avengers, and in Hulk vs Thor where they made everyone in Asgard look so weak. So yeah I go with the DC

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Personally, I also agree that both companies have their good and bad titles and I usually try to find the good titles in both of them.  I enjoy exploring different types of comics, so I'm never really stuck on one of the companies, even though I grew up reading a lot of Marvel comics.  But nowadays, I read a lot of indie titles (IDW, Dark Horse, Vertigo to some extent) since the stories there seem to interest me a bit more.