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Part 1 Well where do I start? I know well it seems that there is a large bias on this site against DBZ when it comes to battles against Marvel/DC, especially the feats. I see in a lot of arguments that when DBZ/DC have similar showings or if DBZ has a more powerful showing it’s simply discredited; because 1. Batman didn’t say it, 2. A Narrator wasn’t there to confirm it, or 3. It didn’t have quantifiable numbers to back it up. If your wondering what I’m talking about well. Lets start here Speed: While it’s arguably true that in Speed lets say Superman is much faster than Goku in a strait line, unless Goku uses Instant Transmission. But I’m going to look at similar speed feats. On Panel Superman has been shown with multiple after images while fighting beings like Mongul, and while fighting Doomsday he vibrated his body so fast that Doomsday’s fist phased right through him. This feat by DC fans are used as feats for Superman having FTL reflexes. Now as for DBZ when Goku Pre Supersaiyin was fighting Burter and Jeice he actually moved so fast that it seemed that he was standing still, yet Burter and jeice’s attacks seems to pass right through him. Also when Goku was a child he created several after images using speed alone, and this became childs play to him by the time he was an adult, meaning it was easy. To add to that; when Vegeta was facing Majin Buu, he was moving so fast that he seemingly disappeared, and all we saw was impact dents hitting Buu’s body, but were no longer able to see Vegeta as he was striking Buu. This is constantly discredited by DC fans when used in battle as they continue to use the same exact type of feats to credit Superman with FTL reflexes. Part 2 Strength: Here there is no question that Superman and others like him are stronger than DBZ characters physically. But I will say that that’s arguable as well, being that Z fighters are never in the predicament to move a planet, or lift mountains or what not to prove how powerful they are. What I will go into is strike force! I saw wher Superman punched Wonder Woman from the sun to earth,and the crater looked to be about 50 ft wide and maybe 6 or 7 feet deep. In my eyes I think that’s kinda weak considering how strong Superman is and how far away she fell with the velocity behind it. Well I took a look at Gotenks punch well Vollyball smash to Super Buu, from the earths atmosphere, and in both the Manga and the Anime the site where Buu had landed looked as if (In Gotenks words) A meteor had hit. The hole was massive, and the area around it was even destroyed. The hole was very deep with a deep dark void proving that Buu was sent pretty deep down into the earth. In my eyes and the eyes of someone who isn’t a fan of either characters or universes or even comics in general would logically say that Gotenks punch seems to have caused a greater effect making it the harder hit. I also remember another punch where on panal tall buildings were being sent into the air like bowling pins from one fighter crashing into them. Also lets look at the Superman Doosday fight, these guys were hitting eachother very hard but only the glass from the buildings around them were breaking, while a DBZ fight say Piccollo vs Android 18, the blows were causing an island to sink, and even causes a massive volcano to erupt. Most DBZ fights cause massive seismic Quakes to happen around them. I’m not saying Superman doesn’t hit hard but sometimes his striking power can be overestimated and underestimated at the same time., which is the same for DBZ which is most of the time underestimated. Part 3 Durability: A lot of times we will see Superman get hurt by people with 100+ strength, and sometimes a bit less, then other times we see him tanking Supernovas. This makes no sense whatsoever!! But this argument leads a lot of DC fans to saying that Superman would not feel any attack from any DBZ fighter,and Goku cannot hit hard enough to harm him. My counter to that is, well Frieza who was half dead, yet he survived a planet much larger than Earth blowing up at Gorund Zero. He was already half dead, and yet he still lived, yet when he was full powered he was getting hurt by Goku’s punches. My argument is are all DC fans saying that Doomsday, Darkseid, Imperix Prime, Captain Marvel, and Flash are you guys saying that they all hit harder than Supernovas or that their punches rival them? If you said Yes I advise you to put down your comics and begin punches a wall or planting a tree. I think that due to speed, that DBZ characters from the Frieza saga can actually harm Superman with punches. There is no way a fighter with only 40ton strength can send a fighting several miles and through mountains, Islands, and sink islands from the force of the punches. I know it and you guys know it like it or not! Part 4: Power/Power scaling/ Logic Okay we all know that DBZ lack the Narrator and the numbers behind feats that DC have, well that’s how DBZ is. BUT they do and have given us a way to know how powerful someone is, and how powerful fighters have become, and that’s LOGICAL POWERSCALING! Most non Z fans hate it, as well as most Z fans, but it’s true. So Fighter A is strong enough to destroy a planet at his weakest form without using any effort, Fighter B comes along and trumps this fighter at full power. Well Fighter C comes along and makes A look weak. Fighter A becomes the base for how powerful the next few villains if not all are until a later villain is used to describe a even higher level of power as the base. What I’m talking about is Frieza, and power scaling from him, but to be honest it really started with Raditz. But we will start at Frieza, a tyrant so powerful that he could Destroy a planet like Earth with only 1% his full power, He could nearly cut a planet 10x the size of earth in two with a little energy from his finger. (Now this looks to me to be similar to Terrax) who can cleave a planet in two with the power (Of his AXE which is cosmically powered) But I’m sure Comic fans will ignore or discredit it because it didn’t come from a comic. Frieza gets manhandled at his most powerful form by SS1 Goku, who’s punches were causing him massive pain and Blood loss. Frieza cut himself in half, already losing power, and half dead survived a massive planet going boom only to come back and get diced to pieces by a Supersayin more powerful than Goku at the time of Fireza’s Nameke go Boom issue! Now from then on out and even in movies Frieza was the monocle for power and how powerful a fighter was and has become until Cell showed up. Then after Cell it was Buu which lead into GT as the power scale base. All I’m saying guys is PLEASE stop ignoring on panel feats that look very similar to the ones that you yourself are trying to claim as valid. Please kill the bias towards something simply because you don’t like it, and please stop acting as if your brain stopped working when Logic comes into play to figure something out. Sometimes a Narrator or numbers aren’t need to make something valid when you can see it for yourself with your own eyes. Also isn’t a character saying things considered hyperbole? You know what I mean, Cell- I have gathered enough energy to destroy the solar system (says the cybernetic android who’s brain should know exactly how much Kai it takes to destroy something as big) vs Superman – Black Adam I almost hit you with enough force to destroy a planet/ Or Superman& Batman claiming that Superman is approaching light speed without a speedometer right next to them. IJS!!! Have a great day!

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Sorry guys my browser isn't supported so it looks like a jumbles mess So I may repost in parts!

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God. I am *not* reading that.

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@Warcry80: won't happen people here hate hate hate manga/anime , superman and thor never lose and if the do they pull a they-had-something in-their-eye-kinda excuse . but good thread

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Too long man...

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Anyways, I'm the biggest Dragon Ball fan, and I too think they're portrayed unfairly in battle threads. I definitely think there is a bias here. But what are y'gonna do y'know? This site is primarily for comic fans, not anime/manga fans.

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Again Sorry guys because my text editor isn't supported here!! That blows!!!! I'm gonna try again on someones computer!

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Very true!!! It pains me to see the same on panel feat in DBZ as in DC/Marvel, and yet it's not valid, or it's hyperbol! People make it seems as if Doomsday, Darkseid punch with Supernovas everytime they fight Superman, as if it's the only thing that can hurt him. Ohh Superman would not feel any DBZ attack because he survived Supernovas and tw oplanets colliding. Well Frieza survived Nameke exploading while half dead.