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For those of you who don’t know D&D alignment:


Clearly Cap is Lawful Good.

But this thread is to discuss whether or not his questionable decision in Infinity War to allow Vision to live against his wishes was a Lawful Good choice.

His decision to protect Vision at all costs seems Lawful Good in that he would‘t allow his friend to die. But this was at the cost of bringing war to the innocent people of Wakanda, and gambling all life in the universe.

I’d call this a Lawful Neutral choice.

Lawful because he refused to stray from his ideal of, “We don’t trade lives.”

Neutral, because his choice was kind of selfish. He sacrificed a lot of innocent lives to remain true to his ideals. I wouldn’t call this evil, although I could see a Wakandan vieiwng Cap as evil. I really don’t see this as a good aligned choice at all though.


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I think it made sense. The reason they didn't kill Vision is because they had a chance to save him and destroy the stone. Steve didn't know that they would be attacked before they did so until they barley had time to prepare and at that point they probably would have been attacked even if they destroyed the gem.

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I'd call that decision Chaotic Good

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@amcu: Bruce Banner let them know Thanos was coming for Vision. I don’t disagree that it made sense, or even that it was out of character. I just think it might not fall in this alignment system as ”good”. I definitely think it was “Lawful”, this decision. was like the text book definition of a Lawful character, but the decision was made to serve his own ideals and friend, and not the rest of the life in the universe and the innocent people of Wakanda.

He fought to protect them and Vision, but the existence of life in the universe was gambled, and lost because of his decision to not stray from his own ideals. That falls pretty nicely in the “neutral” spectrum. Keep in mind that these alignments blur with each other quite a bit. A neutral act could lean towards good or evil, and a self-serving act is normally seen as neutral. I think his decision satisfied his own ideals at the expense of everyone else, even if it seemed good at the surface.

The rest of the universe might look at Cap as an evil Warlord for not allowing one person to die to save everyone else.

I could definitely see the survivors of Wakanda seeing Cap as an evil character because of him bringing Thanos and needless war to Wakanda.

I’d still call Cap a Lawful Good character, but I think it’s interesting how this decision could be viewed by others in the MCU as neutral, or even evil.

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