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Long ago in a galaxy far far away... A couple of CV users virtually met up to talk comic books and other comic-related topics. That conversation has been posted here for you guys to see, read and enjoy. After the "enjoy" step of this process, be sure to comment below where you can submit your own opinions after reading ours. Even if you disagree with us, we like comments. Also, go back and read our past conversations (Here) and share your thoughts...

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Today's topic takes us to a world where "The 'magic' is with you!"-- wait, that's not right! It's a place where "A dream is a wish your 'midi-chlorians' make"?-- nope, that' ain't right either! "Space. The final frontier..."-- Crap! <sighs> Let's just get started.

Here with me are five awesome users who will help me make sense of this rather odd discussion topic. Please welcome Master JediXMan (JXM), Archaeologist Jorgevy (Jor), Sorcerer Duo_forbidden (Duo) and Disney Princess Gambit1024 (G24). Odd bunch we have today and it's a nice coincidence that their official titles pertain to the topic at hand! Say your greetings:

Duo: Duo_forbidden my name is. Here, glad to be Sora.

Jor: Hey I'm user Jorgevy but my actual name is Jorge (sounds like George rather than Spanish Jorge) and it's nice to be here!

G24: Hiya! I'm Gambit, and it's great to be here. Thanks for having me!

JXM: Hello, all! JediXMan, here. I feel like I should make a witty Star Wars reference...

All hail Lel...

... that wasn't Star Wars. Oh well.

Welcome Jedi, padawans, archaeologists, sorcerers, princesses... and geeks! To prove you are geeks, let me ask you the customary beginning question: What geeky things have you been doing lately?

Duo: I've been playing catch up with some comics. Eagerly awaiting Amazing Spider-man #700!!!! (Editor's Note: This RT Discussion took place before Dec, 26th, 2012)

Jor: Well, as my title suggest, I'm an archaeologist. Actually, I'm studying History in college, but if that isn't nerdy enough (I dont like the word geek) I also have been reading comics (NO WAY!), specially the new Marvel NOW! titles, and I'm rewatching the two SW trilogies after having heard of the topic at hand.

Yay! I got the Archaeologist title right! (Kind of...)

G24: What I've been doing: Well, as of right now, I've been replaying the new Man of Steel trailer over and over and over again for the past few hours. While that's not going on, I've been reading the new Marvel NOW titles. I gotta say, the ones I've picked up (Thor, Hulk, and Avengers) are pretty damn fantastic.

JXM: Lately, I've been reading Fables, read Y: The Last Man, watched Hellsing (Ultimate and the original anime - Ultimate is better). I'm also a Code Geass fan... like that's a secret.

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Viva geeks/nerds! Now that we've established that we are all geeks, lets begin with a something that interests ALL of us. So if you don't like Star Wars or Disney the emergency exit is right behind you. Remember the chaos that the Disney/Marvel buyout created on the internet? Well, something similar has happened. If you haven't heard (because you don't use the internet and this is the first time you ever use a computer), Disney Co. has gone through with its latest buyout: Lucasfilm.

Before we get into this catalyst of this buyout lets start off by talking about these two huge entities separately.

Q1: Disney is well known for it's amazing work on animated film, their tie to Pixar, theme parks and buying Marvel Comics. Give me your overall opinion of The Walt Disney Co.

"When Can I See You Again?"

Duo: I love Walt Disney. Walt Disney has been a part of my childhood growing up, and the majority of their movies are great. I recently watched Wreck-It Ralph, and I would say that it's on par with Pixar's movies.

I loved Wreck-It-Ralph! I recently bought "When Can I See You Again?" by Owl City because of that movie. Plus, most of my favorite animated movies are Disney's. Love Tangled!

Duo: Exactly! That song went along with movie! It's extremely catchy!

It's my ringtone right now. I just can't get enough of this song!♪♫ Switch on the sky and the stars glow for you. Go see the world 'cause it's all so brand new. Don't close your eyes because your future's ready to shine. It's just a matter of time before we learn how to fly... ♪♫

"Only think that disappointed me was the recent Prince of Persia movie."

Jor: As with almost everyone, Disney was a big part of my childhood and it still is part of me. I love the movies and I'm overall pretty happy with Disney and Marvel shenannigans. Only thing that disappointed me was the recent Prince Of Persia movie (big fan of the games). It had everything to be great, but it was just good. Other than that they're A-OK to me!!

Under the same style of movies, what did you think of Disney's John Carter?

John Carter
John Carter

Jor: No I actually haven't watched John Carter! I find it hard to watch movies nowadays but that is one that I was excited to watch but unfortunatelly I didn't yet (although I am going to as soon as I can - the trailer and the stuff it's based on [the novels] and the whole concept seems super interesting). If you asked me that based on Prince of Persia, although im a big fan of sword and sandal, PoP was mainly because I grew up with all the PoP games and the Prince is one of my favorite game characters ever (the original parkour guy FTW! GO HOME ALTAIR & EZIO)

"I have not met a person that doesn't like Toy Story 3"

G24: Having been practically raised on Disney movies, I guess saying that I'm a fan is a bit of an understatement. I love Disney! They're a very smart company that practically owns everything I love: from Mickey Mouse, to Hercules, to Buzz Lightyear, to even Spider-Man. My favorite Disney film is most definitely WALL-E, followed by The Lion King, the Toy Story trilogy, and the very recent Wreck-It-Ralph.

I have not met a person that doesn't like Toy Story 3, and all of the movies you mention are some of my top favorite! Judging from the movies you mention you must also like Treasure Planet, Finding Nemo and Tarzan.

G24: I know, right? Personally, Toy Story 3 was especially touching because Andy and I graduated high school in the same year. We sorta grew up together, and it's very sentimental stuff. Finding Nemo was a very good film, but I didn't quite like it as much as some others. Tarzan freaking rocked, and it's definitely in my top five. Is it embarrassing to say that I've never watched Treasure Planet?

It's awesome that you mention that. Andy and I graduated one year apart (apparently I'm older), but like you I grew up with Andy too. The sentimental part for me was that I gave away my toys one week before watching TS3. That last scene was heartbreaking!

"Who doesn't like adventure, pirates, interstellar sail ships and a robot with a Dory-like complex?"

Never watched Treasure Planet?! You must now go to the nearest video store and rent it or buy it! (It's on Netflix.) It's not the best Disney film but it does appeal to me in many ways. Plus, who doesn't like adventure, pirates, interstellar sail ships and a robot with a Dory-like complex?

JXM: Disney will, eventually, take over the world. Surprised it hasn't bought Facebook yet. The two big guys right now are Google and Disney... only a matter of time. That said, Disney hasn't been too great lately, except for Pixar - and even that isn't as good as it once was. I, for one, would like to see the return of 2D animated movies and TV shows.


Did you watch Wreck-It-Ralph? There was a short called Paperman that played before the movie. It was a combination of 2D animation (with a similar 101 Dalmatians character design) and 3D animation. I LOVED it! This got me thinking that Tangled (one of my, now, favorite Disney movies) would have been so much better if this animation would've been used instead of the Pixar-like animation. Anyways, I agree with you on the animation front lately, but what do you think of Disney recently story-wise?

JXM: I actually haven't seen it yet, despite the fact that many of my friends are telling me I should.


JXM: Story-wise, I don't know. It just doesn't feel like Disney feels like... Disney anymore. I loved their pre-2000 stuff, but lately... I don't know. It could be the animation, but it also feels like a lack of originality.

Intersting to hear a somewhat-negative opinion on Disney. This RT could prove even more interesting than I thought.

Q2: George Lucas is the man behind Lucasfilm. Which is a company known for its biggest franchises: Indiana Jones and Star Wars. What is your overall opinion of Lucasfilm.

Duo: Well, like you said, Lucasfilm is better known for both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. They had other works, but not as popular as those two. They also provide some great special effects. Overall, I think Lucasfilms made an impact in the Hollywood industry.

"I think Lucasfilms made an impact in the Hollywood industry."

What do you mean by impacting the Hollywood industry? Is it because of the special effects you mention or because of the story?

Duo: I would say the special effects. I mean, we would eventually see the type of special effects we now see currently, but I think Lucasfilms made that possibly a reality first. Today, you have movies like The Matrix, Avatar, Life of Pi, just to name a few. And they look good.

Jor: I only know of those two franchises but I love them both. Indiana Jones was/is kinda an inspiration for me to choose History, I really love adventure movies, and Harrison Ford is bad-ass. Their work with the latest movie wasn't that great but eh... It's okay. On the Star Wars front I think Lucasfilm has done an amazing work. Even if recently (I-II-III Episodes) they couldn't exactly replicate what they had done before, it was great.

G24: Lucasfilm is a company that was founded on pretty awesome ideas. I've watched and loved the original Star Wars trilogy, as well as the original Indiana Jones films, but the company's recent films, such as Episodes I-III and Kingdom of the Crystal Skullwere either lackluster at best, or just plain terrible. No disrespect to those that disagree with me, of course, but those recent films just weren't for me.

"Founded on pretty awesome ideas"

"Founded on pretty awesome ideas"... Why do you think the recent movies are "lacklusters" in your opinion? I have to say I don't exactly agree with you because I am a fan of all six of the Star Wars films, (not the latest Indy though), but I do want to know why.

G24: I guess I'll just have to elaborate, then! Lucasfilm, without a doubt, has always been a leader when it came to special effects and sound quality. Those effects used in A New Hope were incredible for its time. While I personally am not a fan of Lucas's, most of those shots of planets being obliterated or ray guns or any of that real sci-fi stuff Episode IV were utterly fantastic. I'll never except those new additions that he constantly keeps pushing. As far as the recent Star Wars films goes, I just find them incredibly boring. Literally the only things I could say that I enjoyed about them was Darth Maul, and practically all the fight-scenes in Episode III (which is the only film of that trilogy that I'll go on record saying that it wasn't bad). The rest of it was just... well, I just fast-forward them. Regarding the latest Indy movie, the whole thing was trash. Shia LaBeouf could never, and should never, replace Harrison Ford.

"Shia LaBeouf could never, and should never, replace Harrison Ford"

I have a thing against Shia LaBeuf, but we won't get into that here... I understand what you mean now... that lightsaber sound effect will go one in history as one of the most iconic sounds in history.

JXM: As most people around here know, I have a strong dislike for George Lucas: terrible writer, overrated direction, and not too creative. I also think the original Star Wars movie is rather overrated, but that's a discussion for another time. I think Lucasarts in general has been losing steam over the years. Their best work in recent years might be 1313, but it's far too early for me to say that with any certainty - and considering their last game series *cough*TFU*cough* I will play the game with low expectations.

Wow! I didn't know this about you... plus, I really wouldn't peg you for an anti-Lucas with the username you carry. So, you dislike George Lucas, but why do you call yourself a Jedi?

JXM: Doesn't mean that I dislike Star Wars. Needless to say, I'm a big Star Wars fan, especially the EU. But I still see the harm Lucas has caused. Seems to me that the only good contribution he made was the first movie. The rest of the OT was mostly handled by other people, and then... well, we know what happened with the prequels. I, for one, think he should have left Star Wars in more capable hands years ago. Maybe that's Disney? I don't know.

Maybe... We'll speculate about what Disney might do later.

Q3: Now that we've established the two companies on their own... Back on October 30th (2012) The Walt Disney Co. acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion. When the announcement hit the web, what was your initial reaction? Did that reaction stick?

"There were so many jokes like Princess Leia being included with the Disney Princesses"

Duo: I thought it was a joke at first. A huge joke. I mean, as soon as the news hit the web, there were so many jokes about it like Princess Leia being included with the other Disney Princesses, how Lucasfilms were truly going to the Dark side with this deal, Disney stars from the Disney channel playing different characters, Star Wars sing-a-longs etc.. After sitting down and reading over it, I became both extremely cautious and optimistic, especially when I heard that Disney had plans to start on the Star Wars sequels. There was also the repercussions to think about when it came to the comic books, novels, video games, and the TV series.

Well, we'll talk about the Star Wars sequels later on but it's good to know this idea didn't scare you like it did others.

Jor: I got the news through the internet and I didn't have doubts about it. I didn't see it as a joke because it all seemed very real. My initial reaction was almost apathy, because I didn't get all the info. Only after knowing about the idea of the sequels my reaction changed. It was a mix of joy, hope, cautiousness, curiosity... well, it was weird. I like the idea of new sequels and Disney behind it doesn't scare me at all, so I wasn't as pessimistic as other people and i was actually getting kinda annoyed by everyone saying it was the END. that was more stressing than the actual news.

Princess Leia a Disney Princess???
Princess Leia a Disney Princess???

Well, the END is pretty much a hyperbole but I see what you mean.

G24: My initial reaction was "fantastic!" Disney's a smart company that wouldn't spend $4 billion to run something as sacred as Star Wars into the ground. Just look at what those Disney dollars did for The Avengers! After reading and re-reading that press release, the more excited I got. Not only are we getting a new trilogy, but even more films too. Boba Fett movie, please! Today, I still feel as confident as ever, and I even did a presentation for my public speaking course on the subject. Very exciting stuff.

I did my senior research project on the Disney/Marvel buyout. How did the presentation go?

G24: Extremely well, actually! It was a persuasive speech on why the buyout was a good thing. I used Inferior Ego's article on the subject as an inspiration, as a matter of fact.

Disney Princess
Disney Princess

That's cool! We'll talk more on the subject a little later.

JXM: Interesting story, actually. As some of you know, I live on the East Coast of the US and was therefore affected by Sandy (albeit, very mildly, thank God). I did not have Internet access for a few days, so I wasn't up-to-date on... well anything, essentially. Somebody I know informed me that Lucasarts had been bought by Disney, which includes the rights to Star Wars and new movies. I kinda brushed it off as a rumor without giving it any thought. Then I get my Internet back, and I see my inbox flooded with comments and discussion regarding the buyout. I was... shocked, I guess. I'll be honest: first thought that came to mind, and the current thought I still have, is how this could potentially effect the EU. Needless to say, I would be quite perturbed it this were to happen.

Wow! I'm sorry, I hope you and your loved ones are okay.

JXM: Thanks. All my family and friends are perfectly fine. Oddly enough, I never lost electricity - just Internet and TV service.

That's good!So, are you still shocked about the Disney purchase?

JXM: I wouldn't say I'm shocked any longer. I've kind of accepted it as a fact at this point. Now I'm just interested in what comes of it. And fearful - very fearful.

Fear can sometimes be a good thing. That way the bar hasn't been set that high and you can either be greatly surprised or not disappointed at all.

Q4: Lets make a comparison. Back in 2009 Disney bought Marvel Comics, a company we are all well versed in (especially here in Comic Vine), the most popular reaction by fans was: "Disney will ruin Marvel!". Taking that into account, do you think that Disney will ruin Lucasfilm?

G24: That's exactly the reason why I'm not worried about this purchase at all. Ever since Disney bought Marvel, all I've seen are positive things. The Avengers was phenomenal, Earth's Mightiest Heroes was fantastic, etc. The only real thing I wasn't overly found of was Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man and their answer to DC Nation (can't remember what the time block was called, at the moment), but those were for the little kids. Every little kid I know loves that stuff. As a matter of fact, just the other day I was at the mall doing some Christmas shopping, and I saw a whole bunch of Marvel merchandise at the Disney Store. It's amazing! I can buy a Goofy mug and a Captain America shirt at the same store! Pretty soon, I'll be able to buy a Princess Leia t-shirt or an ewok plushie for my niece from there next Christmas, and it'll be great.

"Just when you thought the Disney Store couldn't get any cooler!"

I am picturing that. Just when you thought the Disney Store couldn't get any cooler!

Jor: As Gambit said, that's one of the reasons I'm confident. Everyone was freaking out, there were parodies everywhere... We have a saying among historians here which goes something like this: History doesn't repeat itself but it does rhyme. And that is the case here. All that happened during the news of the Disney buy of Marvel is happening again with Lucasfilm, mainly Star Wars. All types of jokes. Funny thing is that after all that Marvel actually got better in a lot of departments and survived bankrupcy. When Lucasfilm and all it's properties get a nice boost from this everyone will look back and see how unnecessary it was to be worried, specially when we already saw what Disney does with big properties under it's wing.

JXM: Interesting that you mention that, Ironically, after that, Marvel was pumping out more movies and became better than ever... that said, their comics suck. Now I don't know if that's just a coincidence or not, but consider if that same thing is mirrored with Lucasarts: good movies, crap comics/books. I would be very, very unhappy.

The future of Star Wars comics...?
The future of Star Wars comics...?

If Marvel were to publish Star Wars comics, do you think that they would do a bad job with them?

Duo: To be honest, I kind of ignored when Disney bought Marvel. Mostly because, I didn't think it would affect them negatively. Both parties came out better on the long run. I expect Lucasfilms to do the same.

Gambit1024, don't get me started on Ultimate Spider-Man. Yeah, it's great for the younger audience, but I was expecting the series to be something for everyone. I still miss Spectacular Spider-Man.

I miss SSM too! I tried watching Ultimate but I just can't! I'm flat out admiting it... I didn't like it!!!!

G24: Unfortunately that's exclusively for the kiddies. Cool for them, but I'd love something similar to Spectacular. When they were announcing the bigger details at last year's NYCC, they were selling the show like it was gonna be the be all-end all of Spidey cartoons. What we got was... well... not that.

Duo: When I first heard about the new Spider-Man series, I assumed it was going to be based on the Ultimate Universe, but looking at it, it's like a mixture of both the mainstream, the Ultimate Universe, and some new material.

Q5: There are a few ideas about what Disneymightdo for Star Wars, before we talk about that, what do you think that the company can do for Lucasfilm's other properties? (i.e. Indiana Jones)

G24: Personally, I'd love to see an Indiana Jones animated series. That, or maybe even some comics. Disney's got Marvel, so that's definitely not too far off, I reckon. I understand that Lucasfilm also owns partial rights to the Muppets, but I'm not sure to what extent. I know my sisters adored the Muppet Babies growing up, and that's a blu-ray purchase I totally wouldn't regret.

Inidiana Jones TAS
Inidiana Jones TAS

How would an Indiana Jones animated series work? Like the old The Mummy TAS? Also, I thought the Muppets were Disney's property already...

G24: I'm not familiar with the Mummy TAS, but I was thinking of something along the lines of Batman: TAS, but with Indy. Just a new adventure every episode, ya know? As far as the Muppet stuff goes, yes, Disney owned pretty much all of it, but I'm almost positive that Lucasfilm also had a piece of it that prevented the release of Muppet Babies on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Jor: I don't really like Shi Labeouf (?) or whatever his name is, but I'd like some new Indy films, done right, and with a new Indy. I think Ford is getting a bit old and with the new gifts into the genre like Uncharted etc... there really is a big angle that could be reworked with the whole Indy Jones franchise. A game would be fun too. I'm not too sure about comics though, I don't see myself reading them.

I agree. Shia (whatever) is terrible.

JXM: *shrug* Honestly, I don't really care. I'm not an Indy fan. And considering the last movie, Indy has nowhere to go but up now.

Duo: Like everyone else commented, Indiana Jones could get a reboot, or a new TV series. I remember seeing an Indiana Jones TV series when I was young (-er (I'm not that old)) about the adventures he had growing up as a kid.

Hey, we could see another Howard the Duck movie! Am I right?

Q6: Now that we've covered the "lesser" pieces of Lucasfilm, what do you think Disney should do with the Star Wars franchise?

Solo Movie? Yes please!
Solo Movie? Yes please!

G24: I want my Boba Fett movie. It's something I've wanted for a while now. I don't care how it's done, but I want it. For real, though, I don't think Disney should just rush into this thing head-first. They've got to ease into a franchise this huge with the utmost of care. Of course, I have no doubts that Disney already knows this, though. The sky is the limit, as far as what the possibilities are. Not only do you have the new movie possibilities, you've also got access to TV, the theme parks, cartoons, etc. I would be interested to see how they'd handle the comic books, though. I know Dark Horse has been doing all things Star Wars since forever. Would they be taken over by Marvel seeing as how Disney's got that?

Jor: A new trilogy. Either after the original one, or set in another totally different time, maybe follow some arcs from the EU. A solo movie focused on a character, like Boba or Han, or something that I would love to see QUI GON JINN!!!!! I would freaking love a movie focused on him, because he is like my favorite SW character. On the comics department, I think they should let Dark Horse finish their run and maybe even let them continue, but Disney definitally needs to give some boost to expand a bit more on the EU not only in comics but in games and animated series too, they can't stop what has been done. They should however try to "clean the house", not to mess up with having a bunch of different media on the same universe. But yeah, what I mainly want is a Qui Gon Jinn solo movie and more games.

JXM: I want the EU to be safe at all costs. To do this, they can do one of two things:

  1. Make adaptations of EU properties (Thrawn Trilogy, Darth Bane trilogy, NJO, Dark Empire, etc.)
  2. Ignore the EU, but make their movies a completely separate section of canon so as not to interfere with the EU.

That's really all I want.

Duo: I'm with JediXMan. That's one of the reasons why I was cautious about the buyout. The Expanded Universe has grown so much, I don't see how you could ignore it. Making adaptations of the novels, or comic books would be the reasonable option. But then again, they're Star Wars fans out there who only consider the movies canon.

And it's most likely that Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be part of Disney XD (?). I was reading an article that The next season (6th) is in production. I wouldn't be too bothered by the network change since there's a strong possibly that season six will be the final season, but I would be concerned if Disney milked out the series by having more seasons.

I would also like, if possible, for Dark Horse to keep publishing the comics.

JXM:@Duo_forbidden Oh definitely. I want Dark Horse to remain in charge of the comics. They're doing fine, I don't see the point in changing.

Q7: There are a few rumors and hypothesis going around as to what the Star Wars movies shall be like from now on. The biggest one (something some of you already mentioned) is that there is a possibilty that ther might be multiple SW movies in a year, the same way that Marvel Entertainment has established its Avengers Movie Universe. What do you think of this idea? (Elaborate)

Fan Art
Fan Art

G24: I think it's an exciting idea. I love movies, I love the Star Wars characters, and I love that Lucas won't be writing/directing them. What's not to love? The more exposure of these characters, the better. I'm not too familiar with the extended universe, but I'd love to see and learn about them through movies, if that's what the plan is. Then there's the possibility of my dude Boba Fett getting a movie, and I get goosebumps just thinking about it. So yeah, overall, it's a great idea, and I'd love to see where things will go from here.

Duo: See, I wouldn't mind like Gambit and Jorgevy suggested, standalone movies featuring other Star Wars characters like Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Darth Maul, Yoda, and even other characters. For some characters, it can be a completely new story without worrying about continuity issues. That would make them even more popular, and give others a chance to look into the Expanded Universe. Again, seeing adaptations from the comics and novels would be great. Prequels like Knights of the Old Republic, not the game mind you, (that too is could also be a possibly), but the comic series could be adapted somehow either as a movie or a TV series.

As for the next trilogy, that's still an unknown.

Fan Art
Fan Art

Jor: I kinda like the idea that they could build on the universe, with several movies, without exactly making them direct sequels, then maybe make on that puts together some stuff from those previous movies (close to Avengers style, but obviously not the same). I think that could really work, and it would be interesting to see other sides to an otherwise slightly linear plot. Like, wars have severals fronts, focusing on different fronts with a solo movie for each, and then for each main character could be very amusing.

I thought about something like, developing smalller arcs in the solo movies (like the Avengers) and then get them together in a battle context, but unlike the Avengers, don't bring everything together, just some of the characters on the other movies. Basically, an expanded universe, very flexible and mobile where characters can go from one movie to the other without having to stick in one of them or to get together for a "team" film. It totally works with super heroes but with Star Wars, it would need a few changes.

I like this idea. Like other Jedi's point of view while Order 66 was carried out during the third/sixth movie or during the Clone Wars, right?

JXM: I hope they do the series based on the New Republic era leading into the NJO era. So essentially: Thrawn Trilogy, Dark Empire, Yuuzhan Vong, etc. I know it's probably not going to happen, but I want the EU to be firmly established as canon.

Q8: What about live-action television series? Marvel/Disney is producing a SHIELD tv show, is there a future for a SW-themed series? If you think so, what should it be about?

G24: From what I understand, there were talks of doing something like that for a little while, but they never went forth with it because it would've been too expensive. At least with SHIELD, you can get away with a limited budget, especially since there aren't any plans of recurring superheroes set to appear in it. I'd watch a live-action TV series, but I'm not exactly asking for it either. Honestly, since I know very little of the EU, it's difficult for me to even think what a series like that would even be about. Personally, I think it'd be safe to stick with the cartoons for now.

Jor: when you asked that I immediatly thought of Firefly. Joss Whedon, avengers, disney, star wars = firefly came to my mind. if it was something like that, a live action show would be very cool to explore, maybe even put it in the same universe as the big screen movies and live action. But otherwise, as in, without Whedon or someone with a similar view, or something very brand focused (which are probably gonna be the cases if they come up with a SW live action series because it's such a big franchise name and money maker), I don't really need to see a SW tv series. If done right it could be AMAZING, but it sounds toooooooo hard, and with little chance of return

"How 'bout a new animated series? One that is made by Disney."

(although the idea to follow Han and Chewie through their periples before ep 4 could be a really good concept for a show, like Sora said)

Duo: Last I heard, Star Wars: Underworld was the title for the live action series, and it was supposed to take place between Episode III and IV. The idea of a live action TV series is ambitious, and the way I see it could be done is each season could be set in either a different era, something similar to American Horror Story (for those who don't know, The first season was set in the present and the second season is set in the 60s). Gambit is right, a live action TV series would be too expensive to do, but I'd most likely watch it.

JXM: I always liked the idea of a live action Star Wars series. But it all depends on the era they choose.

How 'bout a new animated series (separate from Clone Wars)? One that is made by Disney.

Duo: That's a good question. Knowing Disney, an animated series would most likely be suited for the younger audience, and go on a more comedic route, something that probably involve C-3PO and R2-D2 lol. I wouldn't be too opposed on that idea.

Pixar Meets SW
Pixar Meets SW

I just imagined an animated comedy short staring C-3PO and R2D2 like the ones that play before Pixar movies. Also, one starring Jar Jar Binks.

Jor: R2D2 and C3PO having animated adventures sounds awesome!!!!!!! Id love to watch some animation involving those two, specially R2D2.

Duo: My main concern would be the amount of violence. Disney let it slide from time to time, but most of the time, they don't deal with death. Then again, Disney XD got rights to show Naruto Shippuden, and while it wasn't fully uncut, they still showed people dying. So, if Disney decides to go that route, I would want it to have a realistic approach, like Star Wars: The Clone Wars or Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003 series).

Speaking of which, I would love to see Genndy Tartakovsky to do another Star Wars animated series. His work with Clone Wars was awesome.

G24: That'd be awesome. Since Clone Wars will most definitely be coming to an end soon, I can see Disney doing something very similar to it. Not the actual concept of the Clone Wars, but something like that. Maybe a Han and Chewie show? That's be so cool.

Oh! The adventures of Han and Chewie before Star Wars IV. I would love to see that... That could actually be a good premise for a live-action show. It wouldn't have to be big budget on CGi since we are focusing on non-Jedi. Although, it might be a lot of work for the make-up people.

Duo: A Han and Chewie show would be great! And it doesn't necessarily have to always take place between Episode III and IV. They could also incorporate adventures from between IV and V.

Jor: yeah, that is an example of something i'd like to see and could be very entertaining to play with - several POV's

Q9: It's been talked about a bit already but, what if Marvel were to take over all Star Wars comics from Dark Horse? What would you or wouldn't you want to see? (Of course, this does not mean that the SW universe will collide with Marvel's. That would be dumb!)

JXM: I'm pretty sure that's been confirmed now. I am unhappy; I liked the way Dark Horse was doing the Star Wars comics. This would also signify the essential death of Dark Horse Comics. I would be curious to see how Marvel handles it, but as long as they do so with as much respect to the canon as possible.

"What of the [Star Wars] series that [Dark Horse] is publishing now?"

What of the series that DH is publishing now? Should Marvel pick them up or start from scratch?

JXM: I assume that DH will wrap up the current titles and Marvel will start anew, or continue with the same story lines after the current arcs.

G24: Eh. I don't read the Dark Horse stuff anyway, so it really has no effect on me either way. Hopefully the Marvel Universe and Star Wars Universe never mix. That's basically all I got. As for what I'd actually read? I don't know... Boba Fett ongoing? Boba Fett ongoing.

Duo: Yeah, there's rumors that Marvel will acquire the rights to Star Wars comics by 2014-2015. What a lot of people don't know is that Marvel did have the rights to Star Wars comics when Star Wars started out, then Dark Horse got the rights. The fears I have for Marvel getting the rights back are:

1: They completely erase the EU and "reboot" it

2: They completely erase the EU and "reboot" it with some kind of an event

3: Crossovers with the Marvel Universe (if it's for the younger audience, that's fine)

Now, my fears may sound ridiculous, but take a look at DC's New 52, and Marvel's NOW!. Not all of the reception is negative, but not all of it is positive either. I just think it would be a waste if Marvel decides to scrap over 20 years of history.

JXM: I just want it to remain faithful to the EU. Really, that's my major concern. Unlike with the prequels, which was somewhatuncharted territory, this is going to be in uncomfortably close proximity to an era that I, personally, enjoy. But given that Lucas won't have any active role in this saga, I expect at least decent writers and directors - I doubt Disney spent 4 billion just to let it flop. They will try.

I think it's time for us to go "to infinity and beyond" and end this discussion but before we finish I just need to you to answer one last question...
Q10: Now that it's been confirmed that J.J. Abrams is directing this third Star Wars trilogy, what do you think will be the general opinion of this third trilogy?

"In JJ we trust"

JXM: I'm... conflicted. Again, for me, the major concern is maintaining the integrity of the EU. From what I understand, Abrams is not a Trek fan, but he is a Star Wars fan. Therefore, I'm not really going to use his Star Trek movie as a basis for how he'll do Star Wars. If he's a fan, he likely has a personal stake in the project. Hopefully, he'll do it well. I really hope he can pull it off.

Jor: well if JediXMan says JJ is a fan, then that kinda calms me down, because Im not a JJ fan. not as a producer and not really as a director. But Im not a Star Trek fan either so.... eh, can't go by that. My friends do like JJ and they think he will do pretty good, but I think, just like JediXMan said, that the main thing is keeping the integrity. if that is achieved, then half of it is done. Im not that much concerned with who is directing as I am with who is doing the script and the actors involved

Duo: Two words: LENS FLARE.

But really, I think J. J. Abrams is a great director. I like the majority of his works. I'm not a huge Star Trek fan, but I did enjoy his take on the 2009 movie. My concern however, is the script. Where will the new trilogy take place?

As for the general audience, like JediXman said, I think their mindset will be conflicted, especially for those who are just a fan of just one franchise. I'm pretty sure some are saying it's blasphemy. He's directed Star Trek so, there will be that sense of doubt of if he's giving his all for both franchises. But I didn't realize that Abrams was more a fan of Star Wars than Star Trek.

Jor: What I've heard Duo, is that he is gonna leave Star Trek behind to get mainly focused on Star Wars now, but I dont know if that's true. since Im not a Trekkie, if he does end up being a good call for SW then I'd definitally prefer that

Duo: Well, there's even more news that the 3D movies have been put on hold in order to put more time in for the new trilogy. I didn't really care much about the 3D project anyway, so that's fine by me if they put more effort for Episode VII.

Jor: I agree. Episode VII has to go right and the 3D can wait

G24: Couldn't be happier. As a matter of fact, I feel that he's the ideal choice. He did a stunning job with bringing Star Trek back from the dead, and the fact that he's a Star Wars fan is all for the better. I think a fan is the kind of guy you want to breathe new life in an otherwise stale movie franchise. No offense, of course. I'm referring to the more recent movies.

Alright guys, thanks for participating. Please say your goodbyes and exit the Millennium Falcon to your right. Thank you and come again.

Jor: Thanks for keeping with us, hope you had as much fun reading as we had discussing! Cya next time!

G24: A pleasure to be here, thanks for the read, and I'll see you on the forums. Don't do drugs!

JXM: T'was an an honor to be here. I look forward to the net discussion, whatever that may be.

Duo: Thanks for having me! Hope to be part of another discussion in the future! Live long and prosper....wait, that's not right...

Special thanks to The Poet who did an amazing job editing this! 'Till next time, may the force be with you all.

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @Geo_sorathekey

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wow awesome!! I can't believe I actually read this again, after everything we had already done! ahaha

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Bravo everyone -- that was an incredibly in depth and very thorough discussion in regards to Disney purchasing Lucasfilms. I really appreciated everyone's takes on each topic --- from Disney itself and what it's done for the Marvel world and also possibilities for lesson known films (Well -- Raiders of the Lost Ark isn't exactly lesser known but compared to Star Wars...)

A lot of work was obviously put into this. Great job and great read. Well done!

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My first reaction to the thing was something like this...

So, Disney buys another well known corporation that sucks money out of geeks/nerds to whom these movies and comics about these fictional characters have become a big part of their life. Not shocked at all.

What surprised me more, was the fact that others were shocked. Come on guys, they already did this with MARVEL! What-a-ya freaking out about? Those comics that are in this article are funny though.

I`m pretty sure that Disney (The most evil global company, that uses the blood and sweat of hard working dreamers, and other people with low self esteem. Yet, I continue to buy for their comics. I should just borrow everything form a library. I probably will, since I`m living the part of my life, when I`m acting idealistically. Maybe even too much. ) wont screw the franchise up. At first.

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WOW. I know this was my second roundtable, but I love how this one turned out. I had a lot of fun with this one. Great job Sora and Poet!

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"Disney Princess Gambit1024?"

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@Gambit1024 said:

"Disney Princess Gambit1024?"

You're just noticing this??? LOL! I even apologized afterwards...

@Duo_forbidden: @lykopis: Thank you but I really owe a lot to @The Poet:

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@Gambit1024 said:

"Disney Princess Gambit1024?"

Flattering nickname. Better hope it doesn't stick :P

A great roundtable guys. In depth discussion of such a high caliber is rare to come by and this mixture of prestigious Viners makes it all the more better. Great job everyone!

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Nice discussion as always.

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@sora_thekey: Lol, it's cool

@Lvenger said:

@Gambit1024 said:

"Disney Princess Gambit1024?"

Flattering nickname. Better hope it doesn't stick :P

Whether it sticks or not, I'd be a pretty damn awesome Disney Princess. I don't need no man saving me from musical villains :P

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@Gambit1024 said:

@sora_thekey: Lol, it's cool

@Lvenger said:

@Gambit1024 said:

"Disney Princess Gambit1024?"

Flattering nickname. Better hope it doesn't stick :P

Whether it sticks or not, I'd be a pretty damn awesome Disney Princess. I don't need no man saving me from musical villains :P

I can vouch for that... Gambit packs a punch that asks for no prince. B-but can't this story still be musical???

@Lvenger: Thanks for describing it so eloquently!

@Decoy Elite: Thanks as always!

@Jorgevy: What'd you think of John Carter? (Thought I'd bring the topic here.)

@Gambit1024: Did you watch Treasure Planet?

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@sora_thekey said:

@Gambit1024 said:

@sora_thekey: Lol, it's cool

@Lvenger said:

@Gambit1024 said:

"Disney Princess Gambit1024?"

Flattering nickname. Better hope it doesn't stick :P

Whether it sticks or not, I'd be a pretty damn awesome Disney Princess. I don't need no man saving me from musical villains :P

I can vouch for that... Gambit packs a punch that asks for no prince. B-but can't this story still be musical???

Did you watch Treasure Planet?

Oh, Absolutely! It wouldn't be a Disney movie without it. But I choose the style. Disney's first rock opera.

AND NO. I still need to get on that :'(

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BTW, I`d love a Marvel/Star wars crossover-adventure. Maybe a twelve issue maxi-series, made with love.

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@sora_thekey said:

@Jorgevy: What'd you think of John Carter? (Thought I'd bring the topic here.)

I actually answered in the RT after the questions were done. I watched it recently and I freaking loved it! I'm actually gonna start reading the Warlord of Mars comics from Dynamite. if I find the time I might actually go back and read the original novels!!