creatures/races that you find annoying or insufferable

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Did you ever come across any kind of creature or race in any work of fiction that somehow just triggered your bad side?

For me, it's the orkz from warhammer 40k. They just seemed like such a random thing that has no place in the grim dark setting of warhammer. "They can build anything they set their mind to" What the hell kind of crap is that?

Please explain what made you hate them; is it the way they acted, things they did or said, or their appearance?

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@nucleon said:

Humans. =)

This for me. Not because I find their presence in a story bad or anything but because they have a tendency to take over the narrative completely. "Human potential" can get really, really frustrating when it is used as an excuse to completely invalidate another race/species' achievements. Humanity in a war against a species biologically and culturally geared only for war? They'll still win because humans never give up! As if the other species is for some reason more willing to just accept extinction.

They also tend to be the protagonist species of every single story even when there are far more interesting peoples within the world we could be following. I'd sure like to learn more about the Tau but nearly every book is written from the Imperium's perspective. Usually Space Marines.

I also dislike how they tend to be presented as a jack of all trades species but then end up being at the top of every field. This is especially true in Warcraft where elves literally taught humans about magic but now every top tier mage seems to be human. There are also human warriors who far exceed orc or tauren warriors in battle and human rangers that can out-shoot elven rangers. The only things humanity can't do the best are classes they explicitly cannot be.

Humans get the lion's share of everything and it really gets frustrating when it is so ubiquitous in every form of fiction. I get that most writers are biased in favor of their own species but dang.

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Humans. =)

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@nucleon: Fairly self explanatory given the many detestable things they have done in many works of fiction.

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@joshtaku: Yeah. Insects, too.

But I exaggerate; there are some useful insects.

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Ewoks and Jawas. I use to slaughter them in Battlefront 2.

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The Dwarves from the Hobbit trilogy. (LOTR not included)

Arrogant, immature, selfish, greedy, rude, and just honestly all-around detestable creatures.

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@zgtfreak: amen for ewoks. Illogical fluffballs that have no place being in a war unless if it's being served as livestock for slaughter

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MCU Fanboys / fox lowballers

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They should have been all wiped out due to sheer annoyance.

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The fact you don't like orks means we can never be friends. Also, at it's heart, 40K was and always will be, a social parody.

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MCU Wakandans

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Na’vi. They are stand-ins for Native Americans and similar aboriginal people, but they’re also stereotypes. They fall into the “noble savage” trope which is offensive on a couple of levels.

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@wut: Yes, I get that but come on, can't be friend? =(

I mean, yes I see the social parody side of it but I'm the type of person who likes to get immersed into the world I read/see and the warhammer universe is one of the most immersive experience I've had. I like that every race has a decent reason to fight and everything is high stakes where the survival of their species is literally on the line.... except for the orkz.

They are so random and have such BS reasons for getting the upperhand in some encounters with the other races. We have super human soldiers, technologically advanced aliens, powerful telepaths and psykers, literal demons, and yet the orkz are not only surviving but somehow winning. I just find them annoying and wipe them out in warhammer games every chance I get.

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@joshtaku: Yes, the race that doesn't need food or water [they eat for fun], breeds asexually through microscopic spores that are dang near impossible to remove, create their own ecosystem as they grow and expand and is organically durable enough to survive in the most hostile environments is going to spread across the galaxy like a plague. That isn't 'derp derp dumb ork' that is realistic.

Then you take in the background. What are Orks? They are a bio-engineered race created by the Old Ones to defeat the Necrons, so yes, them having some rather.. odd abilities such as an inherent psyker ability [same as the eldar who were also created by the Old Ones] that manifest in a gestalt conscious that allows them to alter reality [as all psykers do] letting them alter reality on a small scale to force machinery to 'work' based on that power again, makes sense within the confines of that universe.

Why don't they have a culture? Why do they only care about war? Because they were created as a bio-weapon by the Old Ones...

Everything about the Orks makes sense within the 40k universe. They are actually one of the most well thought out, original and explored xeno race in 40k.

You may not like them. But they fit perfectly, they have always fit perfectly [there is a reason one of the two first named characters in 40k's history was an Ork and feature in almost all 40k video games in some form], and they are a fan favorite.

If you want to hate a race for 'not really fitting' and 'surviving because of dumb reasons' hate the Tau.

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@wut: noooooo no no no I hate them for not fitting in not in the sense that they don't make sense but that they are involved in a high stakes battle for survival without them not having anything to lose. If they win, they grow stronger. If they lose, they get a good fight out of it which is what they want. They have no threat of extinction because they are practically impossible to wipe out from the galaxy. It just really takes me outof the immersion whenever they are involved. Like the three headed dragon meme. Two of the heads look badass but the one is goofy looking.

The tau for me are meh. They're kind of just there. I will continue to be neutral to them unless another BS reason is given that somehow gives them a leverage to grow and actually win; which should be impossible given the hellishly tight spot they are currently in. They'll be wiped out soon enough, but the orks will continue to be a fish bone in my throat.

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@joshtaku: ... The only people that are in a 'high stakes battle for survival!' is the Eldar, Imperium and Tau. The Necrons are never under threat of extinction. The Tyranids are not under any threat of extinction. Daemons are never under any threat of extinction. Yet, for some reason, you spare them this misguided dislike. If you don't like their aesthetics, okay, not sure how anyone could hate the Mad Max/Barbarian aesthetic, but takes all kinds of people to run a world, but don't say 'they don't fit in the setting' when they do and are always a 'core' in any representation of the universe for that very reason because that is just flat out wrong unless your knowledge of Orks extends only as far as memes and video games.

The Tau just established a worm hole to the other side of the galaxy allowing them to expand far beyond their borders.

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@wut: The necrons want to establish themselves as the true rulers of the galaxy, the tyranids have that shock factor for just how much of a threat they pose plus the story of the battle of macrage between the nids and the ultramarines are one of my favorites, chaos is a constant reminder of just how fricked up the galaxy is now because of the chaos gods and the constant warp storms.... Orks are just their wanting yo get into every and any fight they can.

Look, I'm not trying to convince people to hate orkz nor do I want to argue with you. Just wanted to state my reason on why I have no love for the orkz. You can love them if you want and I wouldn't care nor will you change my mind about them.

So for the middle ground, can we at least say we both don't like the tau that much? Yeah I know about that blasted wormhole. Like the imperium has to use dangerous passages in the warp just to get to places and then all of a sudden the fricking tau have a conveniently placed wormhole that puts them in position to conquer more territory???

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No explanation required

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Races I find annoying... Tyranids/Zerg/Generally most hive mind races.

The Ancients from Star Gate. I was okay with them when they were just this ancient alien race that built the gates, I was loved the explanation of why humans were everywhere [moved to those planets as slaves in the past], but then they made the Ancients humans and just.... god, that sucked.

Elves, now I think elves, the magical, vain race of super models is okay. But the problem is authors have developed such a hard on for them they make them unstoppable mary sue demigods and use them as a filter for the author's personal beliefs where it becomes super annoying.

Zubats. I still get nightmares about that cave.

Na'vi and WoW Orcs for much the same reason.


Daytime Sparkles Vampires

@joshtaku:No, the Necrons don't. The vast majority of Necrons don't care about the 'galaxy at large'. They want to establish their rule over the territory they used to have back in the day. Not 'domination over the whole universe!' just control over their individual dynasty fiefdom then they just sit there like grumpy old men. The only one that has shown he wants to be a galactic conqueror is Imotekh... Which is much the same as the Orks with most Orks only caring about a fight while Thraka wants more.

Tyranids have no character, at all. That is the entire point of them. They are, by and far, the most boring of all the races in that regard. They have no real motivations besides 'come to eat and leave'. On 'big threats' there have been two forces that have besieged Terra in history and brought the Imperium to the brink of collapse. One was Chaos during the Horus Heresy. The other was the Orks.

On stories, you know most of the best written novels in 40k are with Orks as the bad guys? Case in point: Brothers of the Snake and Helsreach. Two of the best Space Marine novels, ever, feature Orks. Because Orks are perfect bad guys because they are, quite literally, dial a yield villains. They can go from fun cockney goons to galactic scale threat on the flip of a dime. A Warboss able to be faced by a human to a warboss capable of mulching a Space Marine Chapter Master and speed blitzing an entire squad. Which is why they are so often used by authors, they are just fun to write and easy to fit in a narrative [which is why they are far more featured then Tyranids, Necrons or Tau].

Now, I don't care if you don't like Orks. I don't want to convince you to like them. I don't really understand how your taste goes as not liking Orks is so foreign to me I wouldn't bother to try to understand. What I do have a problem with is false claims like 'Orks don't fit in the setting of Warhammer and don't make sense' or the moved goalpost to 'Orks don't have anything to lose like the others.... {Let me just ignore half the factions that also aren't at risk of losing}' and now 'Orks don't have real motivations besides fighting. Now, let me talk about how much I like the Tyranids who only have the motivation of eating'.

But I am not okay with nonsensical reasons that are flat out wrong. If your real reason is just 'I don't like their accents' or 'I don't like their aesthetics' okay, whatever, personal taste. But the reasons you have given out so far have been false.

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@wut: how can a reason not to like something be wrong? It's my personal opinion. It would make it wrong if I try to convince others of it and try to make it a fact. Like what I said, I just don't feel the orkz as a whole. Maybeeee if they also were to face some sort of threat that actually brought them close to the brink then I could grow to like them a little but as it stands, that's what I think. I'll admit though the moonbase coming close to terra was cool.

I never said I liked the nids. I just said I like the macrage story and the way they made me feel like everything is hopeless. But other than that, I tolerate them like I do chaos. Personally, I think the eldar are the most interesting of the races.

Ooohhh new thread idea.

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Saiyans. At this point why doesn't Akira Toriyama just make them official gods? By "Them" I just mean Goku btw because get f*cked if another character has some shine I guess.

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@joshtaku: Issue wasn't that you disliked Orks, again, as I've touched on. The issue was your claim that 'they don't fit in Warhammer'. Which I took an issue with.

Now, if its just 'I don't like Orks cause I don't like their feel/aesthetic/just don't like them', okay. But the second you make a claim like 'they don't fit in Warhammer' don't be surprised if such a claim is met with resistance.

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The Oocca tribe from Zelda Twilight Princess. Kill them with fire, please.

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@joshtaku said:

So for the middle ground, can we at least say we both don't like the tau that much? Yeah I know about that blasted wormhole. Like the imperium has to use dangerous passages in the warp just to get to places and then all of a sudden the fricking tau have a conveniently placed wormhole that puts them in position to conquer more territory???

Have you read the story in how said wormhole happened? From a writing perspective it is a convenient narrative tool that allows Tau to have a presence in more stories, which is a good thing. Tau are one of the playable factions and anything that allows them to be more relevant to the galaxy at large is a good thing as it means they can get fleshed out more and interact with more of the galaxy's factions.

But in-universe? That wormhole was a horror show. A live broadcast horror show that the entire empire saw first hand. The first true touch of Chaos their society has had that the Ethereals can't just sweep under the rug. This is huge for their development as a society. Additionally the Tau who went through it experienced the horrors of the warp first hand and came back jaded and filled with a distrust of the non-Tau in the empire. Likely because the more Chaos susceptible individuals were corrupted and turned on them during transit. This creates a hardened, xenophobic faction within the Tau for those that want to play that way, adding more variety to the race.

All in all the wormhole was far from a good thing for their society. It undermined the blissful ignorance their people had been living in until now and caused immense trauma in those that used it for the first time. It is every bit as hazardous as the Imperium's warp travel and looks to have had a major cultural impact.

It may be convenient for the writers to be able to write Tau into more stories but it isn't like it was gift wrapped for them by the writers. There was a cost to using it. A heavy one that once paid can never be undone.