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This is the second half of my respect thread for Count Dooku, featuring his Force powers. You can read part 1 here.

Although this thread will include Legends showings, some of you may only be interested in Dooku's Canon showings. Everything from sources in the canon timeline will be distinguished accordingly.

Respect Count Dooku A.K.A. Darth Tyranus

"Soon enough, you will stop denying the truth of so very many things. And you will understand that I am not a traitor, but a visionary! Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hatred leads to suffering. But what the Jedi failed to teach you, what I have learned, is how to persevere, to pass through suffering, and achieve ultimate power!"

Force Power

Even as a Jedi, Dooku exhibited an extraordinary connection to the Force:

Yoda had taken a personal interest in Dooku for his extraordinary connection to the Force.

Source: The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Yoda claims that Thame Cerulian said Dooku is the most gifted Padawan he ever saw:

"Your Master, Thame Cerulian, says the most gifted Padawan he ever saw, you are. Trust in yourself, you need not. I, Yoda, great and powerful Jedi Master, will trust for you! Is it enough?"

Source: Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Even as a Jedi, Dooku's strength in the Force is difficult for Yoda to comprehend:

Dooku's strength in the Force made him enigmatic for even Yoda.

Source: Attack of the Clones: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide

Dooku grows to become a most powerful Jedi:

With two such powerful Masters, Dooku quickly grew to become a most powerful and respected Jedi, and acknowledged master lightsaber duellist.

Source: The Official Starships and Vehicles Collection #34

Dooku is the most gifted apprentice in the Jedi Order:

On the other side of the galaxy, the Order's most gifted apprentice reached out to tap a lightsaber with the toe of his boot. Count Dooku grimaced.

Source: Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Canon: Prior to his resignation, Dooku had been one of the most powerful Jedi in all of the Jedi Order's twenty-five thousand year history:

He was one of the most respected and powerful Jedi in the Order's twenty-five-thousand-year history, yet at the age of seventy Dooku's principles would no longer allow him to serve a Republic in which political power was for sale to the highest bidder.

Source: Revenge of the Sith

Dooku would've been a Master on par with Yoda had he not left the Order:

Dooku was a unique case in the history of the Jedi Order. Universally respected, he would have been a Master on a par with Yoda had he not abandoned the Order to join its greatest enemies.

Source: Insider #113

Dooku was one of the Order's greatest legends and losses, potentially suggesting that he was among the most powerful Jedi in history:

One of the greatest legends of the Jedi Order, and one of its greatest losses, Dooku was a revered Jedi Master until he abandoned his commission, disillusioned with the direction of both the Jedi and the Republic they served.

Source: The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Yoda considers Dooku to have been the Jedi's strongest and wisest student, and considers him to be most learned in the ways of the Force comparative to other Jedi:

The other three Jedi in the room glanced guiltily at Yoda. He snorted, but laugh lines crinkled around his eyes. "Mm. Thinking of students, I am. Best then I should go to battle with him in whom the Force is strongest, hmm? With young Skywalker, think you?"

"He's not polished," Ilena said.

"And too impulsive," Mace added.

"Hm." Yoda stirred again with his stick. "Then best of all would be the strongest student, yes? Wisest? Most learned in the ways of the Force?" He nodded. "Best of all, Dooku would be!" His eyes found the other Jedi, one by one: and one by one, they looked away. "Our great student!" Yoda's ears flexed, then drooped. "Our great failure."

Source: Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Canon: Dooku's power was a factor in Palpatine choosing him to become Maul's successor as the Dark Lord's apprentice:

Aware of Dooku's power and his dark side leanings, Sidious took Dooku as his new apprentice and Darth Tyranus was born.

Source: Insider #34 (Relaunched)

Canon: Dooku is more powerful as a Sith than he was as a Jedi:

"Powerful you have become, Dooku. The dark side I sense in you."

Source: Attack of the Clones

He felt Dooku gathering power, and he bowed his head in shock and sorrow as he sensed the true source of the Count's increased ability.

Source: Attack of the Clones Junior Novelization

"I have spent the last ten years learning to use the power of the Dark Side. It gives me infinitely greater power."

Source: http://www.imsdb.com/scripts/Star-Wars-Attack-of-the-Clones.html

Count Dooku is a disillusioned former Jedi Knight who lost faith in the Republic and abandoned the Jedi Order. Dooku spent ten years in seclusion honing his Force abilities - and - as a master of the old style of fencing - wields his scimitar-handled lightsaber with consummate grace.

Source: Count Dooku - Dark Lord (Star Wars SAGA Series, 2002)

This is Dooku, Darth Tyranus, Count of Serenno:

Once a great Jedi master, now an even greater Lord of the Sith, Dooku is a dark colossus bestriding the galaxy. Nemesis of the corrupt Republic, oriflamme of the principled Confederacy of Independent Systems, he is the very personification of shock and awe.

Source: Revenge of the Sith

Not even Dooku's Sith-enhanced powers were enough for him to defeat Yoda.

Source: http://www.starwars.com/count-dooku-biography-gallery

Dooku's use of telekinesis on Korriban appears to leave behind a pool of darkness that causes the Jedi to feel palpable disturbances in the air:

There was a disturbance in the air, as though the dark energy of the Force still pulsed around the wall of debris. As if the Sith had vanished, but left a pool of his darkness behind.

Source: Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

Dooku is far more powerful than Obi-Wan Kenobi on Geonosis:

Kenobi moved in for the attack, but Dooku proved far too powerful.

Source: The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Dooku possesses an alarming degree of skill in the Force:

Displaying an alarming degree of skill with the Force, Dooku casts dark-side lightning that sends Anakin crashing against a wall.

Source: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded

Yoda is incapable of beating Dooku with the Force:

"It is obvious that this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force... but by our skills with a lightsaber."

Source: Attack of the Clones

The old Master was so accomplished in every aspect of the Force that until the Battle of Geonosis he had rarely needed to resort to his weapon. When he did, he proved as masterful with it as without.

Source: http://imgur.com/84WNvvI (Star Wars Fact File)

The two Force warriors attempted to defeat each other with displays of telekinesis and other Force abilities, but they were too evenly matched.

Source: Lightsabers: A Guide to the Weapons of the Force

The two engaged in a titanic struggle of Force powers, neither besting the other.

Source: The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Count Dooku and Master Yoda engaging in a titanic struggle of Force powers on Geonosis.

Source: The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Yoda's battle with Dooku gives him a sense of how dangerous Darth Sidious is:

Yoda was not that one.

Aged, experienced, diplomatic, informative, brilliant with a lightsaber… Yes, all of these things. And not unacquainted with the power of the dark side. For that reason he understood just how dangerous this new Sith Lord was. He hadn't had a sense of that danger until he had fought Dooku on Geonosis.

Source: Labyrinth of Evil

Canon: Tyranus is a "super-powerful Force warrior":

It is Yoda who brings the newly-created Clone Army to the Battle of Genosis (22 BBY), and it is Yoda who confronts an escaping Count Dooku for a spectacular Lightsaber clash, one super-powerful Force warrior battling another.

Source: Star Wars Trading Card Game

Dooku's powers were increased by a Sith holocron:

Dooku had at his disposal a Sith holocron. This powerful and ancient dark side resource enhanced his own powers and helped to entice other Force users into the Separatist cause.

Source: The Official Star Wars Fact File #116

Canon: Dave Filoni, the director of The Clone Wars, claims that Dooku is incredibly powerful:

"Now, I agree wholeheartedly that Dooku is incredibly powerful."

Source: https://youtu.be/4o1fd-M3aBo?t=34

Canon: Dave Filoni claims that Dooku can kill fifteen of thirty pirates without his lightsaber:

"But the fact remains: if he gets into a fight with thirty pirates - yes, he might kill fifteen of them - but he will be shot, and he will go down."

Source: https://youtu.be/4o1fd-M3aBo?t=39

Canon: Dooku is more powerful than Karis imagined, even though Ventress had warned her that he was powerful:

"He is stronger than I imagined..."

"I warned you."

Source: The Clone Wars: Nightsisters

Canon: Darth Tyranus is said to be too strong in the dark side for Ventress and Savage to defeat him:

This was not to be, as the Sith Lord was too strong with the dark side and survived the attack.

Source: http://www.starwars.com/databank/count-dooku

Yet when the moment arose, Ventress and Opress were not powerful enough to destroy Dooku, and the monster turned against both.

Source: http://www.starwars.com/databank/asajj-ventress

But Dooku proved too strong for even their combined efforts - and Savage finally snapped under the strain of his abusive training, turning his fury on both Dooku and Ventress.

Source: http://www.starwars.com/databank/asajj-ventress-biography-gallery

Dooku's Sith mastery barely gave him the edge over his former apprentices.

Source: http://www.starwars.com/databank/savage-opress-biography-gallery

Although Opress escapes, he displeases Dooku, leading to brutal combat. Then Ventress strikes. Unable to best the powerful Dooku, the two escape...

Source: Insider #122

Canon: Dooku's abilities with the Force far surpassed those of Ventress and Savage's:

Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress wage a combined attack against Dooku, whose abilities with the Force far surpass those of his apprentices.

Source: http://www.starwars.com/video/dooku-vs-his-apprentices

Canon: Savage Opress regards Dooku as too powerful for him to kill:

"Kill him! Kill him, you fool!"

"I... can't. He's too... powerful."

Source: The Clone Wars: Witches of the Mist

Canon: Jeremy Barlow, writer of the Son of Dathomir series, claims that Darth Maul's Force power is not on the same level as Count Dooku's:

His power isn’t on Vader’s level, true, or even on Count Dooku’s level — but that never stops him. He stands alongside the Sith Lords only by sheer force of will.

Source: http://www.previewsworld.com/Home/1/1/71/950?articleID=145871

Canon: Dooku is more powerful than Quinlan Vos:

This man was steeped in the dark side of the Force, saturated with it, in a way that she was certain Vos, perhaps even Dooku, had never been.

Source: Dark Disciple

Dooku calls upon the Force to allow him to see through it, such that he feels that he became the axis and center of the universe itself, and that everything he perceived was through the Force:

He called upon the Force, gathering it to himself and wrapping himself within it. He breathed it in and held it whirling inside his heart, clenching down upon it until he could feel the spin of the galaxy around him.

Until he became the axis of the Universe.

This was the real power of the dark side, the power he had suspected even as a boy, had sought through his long life until Darth Sidious had shown him that it had been his all along. The dark side didn't bring him to the center of the universe. It made him the center.

He drew power into his innermost being until the Force itself existed only to serve his will. Now the scene below subtly altered, though to the physical eye there was no change. Powered by the dark side, Dooku's perception took the measure of those below him with exhilarating precision.

Kenobi was luminous, a transparent being, a window onto a sunlit meadow of the Force.

Skywalker was a storm cloud, flickering with dangerous lightning, building the rotation that threatens a tornado.

And then there was Palpatine, of course: he was beyond power. He showed nothing of what might be within. Though seen with the eyes of the dark side itself, Palpatine was an event horizon. Beneath his entirely ordinary surface was absolute, perfect nothingness. Darkness beyond darkness.

A black hole of the Force.

Source: Revenge of the Sith

Dooku is one of the most powerful Force practitioners in history:

"Dooku has become one of the Force's most powerful practitioners, though his ultimate loyalty is to Darth Sidious."

Re-live the incredible battle between two of the most powerful Jedi of all - as they fight to the finish on a Trade Federation Cruiser! Only the strongest Jedi remains—will it be the light side or the dark side of the Force?

Source: Battle Arena: Federation Cruiser

Force Knowledge

Yoda claims that Dooku is the Order's most learned student:

"Hm." Yoda stirred again with his stick. "Then best of all would be the strongest student, yes? Wisest? Most learned in the ways of the Force?" He nodded. "Best of all, Dooku would be!" His eyes found the other Jedi, one by one: and one by one, they looked away. "Our greatest student!" Yoda's ears flexed, then drooped. "Our greatest failure."

Source: Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Dooku's understanding of the Force even as a Jedi was far beyond his peers:

The belief that he was better than the other students only seemed to gain further validation when Dooku demonstrated an understanding of the Force far beyond that of his peers.

Source: Insider #113

In preparation for his transformation into Darth Tyranus, Dooku steals and studies the Dark Holocron, the most powerful of all Sith holocrons, which contains dark side knowledge dating back some hundred thousand years:

Jealous of Dooku's fortune at having been chosen as an apprentice by Jedi Master Thame Cerulian, Nod tried to convince Dooku to access the Temple's forbidden Sith Holocron. Although Dooku was intrigued by the secrets of the Sith artifact (and would in fact steal the device decades later), he refused.

Source: The Official Star Wars Fact File #116

The most powerful Sith Holocron contained Sith teachings and histories that covered some hundred thousand years... The Dark Holocron was taken by Jedi Lorian Nod, who maintained that he saw "true evil" when he accessed the device. Motivated by Nod's claims, Dooku later used the Sith Holocron as well, unlocking its secrets in preparation for his transformation into Darth Tyranus.

Source: The New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Upon joining the Dark Side, Dooku is presented with various mystic teachings "of shadowy power" by Sidious:

After Dooku pledged himself to the Sith and became Darth Tyranus, Darth Sidious supplied him with a holoprojector and cells containing mystic teachings of shadowy power.

Source: Attack of the Clones: The Expanded Visual Dictionary

Dooku embraces the ancient teachings of the Sith:

"Count Dooku, now Darth Tyranus, has fully embraced the ancient teachings of the Sith."

Within five years of joining the Sith, Dooku becomes a master of the dark side:

A simpler man, he reflected, even a master of the Dark Side like Lord Tyranus, might have tried to eliminate C'baoth directly through a genuine assassination, utilizing a more potent attack from more competent conspirators.

Source: Outbound Flight

Canon: Dooku claims to be Yoda's equal in knowing the ways of the Force:

"It is obvious that this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force... but by our skills with a lightsaber."

Source: Attack of the Clones

Dooku gives Nikkos Tyris a Sith holocron that was once studied by Volfe Karkko, providing him with knowledge that would make him a threat to the Jedi:

During the Clone Wars, an Anzati Jedi named Nikkos Tyris left the Jedi Order, allegedly after studying a Sith Holocron he may have obtained from Count Dooku.

Source: Jedi vs Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force

In exchange for his allegiance, Dooku promised Tyris access to his Sith Holocron - the same one that had been accessed by the Anzati Jedi Volfe Karkko.

Source: The Official Star Wars Fact File #116

Dooku claims that he's aware of all the "mind tricks" that Jedi use to bypass pain, and that he can circumvent each of these techniques:

"All of the mind tricks you know to control pain are known to me as well. And I know how to circumvent them."

Dooku had access to Bane's manifesto Rule of Two, and presumably knows all of the powers detailed within (this includes Blind, Convection, Crucitorn, Cryokinesis, Death Field, Drain Life, Hatred, Horror, Inertia, Mind Shard and Memory Walk):

"Darth Bane's Rule of Two was a keystone of the Sith Order for centuries. The Battle of Ruusan, nearly a millennium ago, would have ended the Sith Order had Darth Bane not reconstituted it as a diarchy operating from the shadows. His writings became part of the Sith Archives passed down from master to apprentice for generations. During the Clone Wars, my servant Count Dooku shared the book with Jedi agent Quinlan Vos in an ill-conceived effort to lure and corrupt him."

Source: Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side

As a Banite Sith apprentice, Tyranus has access to the Sith Archives, which were developed over a millennium since the time of Darth Bane:

Darth Bane's Rule of Two was a keystone of the Sith Order for centuries. The Battle of Ruusan, nearly a millennium ago, would have ended the Sith Order had Darth Bane not reconstituted it as a diarchy operating from the shadows. His writings became part of the Sith Archives passed down from master to apprentice for generations.

Source: Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side

For a millennium, the Sith maintained the order in secrecy, passing down their evil heritage. As they gained knowledge of the dark side of the Force, their powers increased with each generation.

Source: The Phantom Menace Scrapbook

The Sith had changed. The Sith had grown, had adapted, had invested a thousand years' intensive study into every aspect of not only the Force but Jedi lore itself, in preparation for exactly this day. The Sith had remade themselves.
Source: Revenge of the Sith

Dooku claims that that he has taught Asajj many secrets, who maintains that he has withheld much more and much greater knowledge of the dark side from her. Additionally, it is revealed that the Count has access to at least an entire shelf of holocrons:

"Have I not taught you many secrets, Asajj?"

"Scraps. Little devices. Lesser arts. Not nearly what you would if I were your apprentice sworn in blood, I know. I am no fool," she said angrily. As if he didn't know that. As if she needed to convince him she was deadly. "I have learned much about the Sith. Their lineage and their greatness."

"But what of their natural history?" Dooku said.

Ventress blinked. "What?"

"The Sith, considered as a species. An insect, perhaps." Asajj's thin lips got thinner. "You mock me."

"I have rarely been more serious." The Count paced over to a shelf of holocrons on the wall, plucked one out, and inserted it into the comm cube on his desk.

Source: Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Dooku has near-unrivalled knowledge of the Force:

With a near unrivalled knowledge of the Force combined with formidable skill with a lightsaber, Dooku was virtually indomitable.

Source: Insider #109

The Count possesses vast knowledge of the Force:

Count Dooku would have to use his vast knowledge of the Force (Maul's major weakness) in order to triumph.

Source: Insider #109

Force Sense

Force Sense is a passive Force power which enables a Force user to feel physical, emotional and mental traits as well as events.

Dooku senses Ventress's presence even whilst she is masking herself with her powers:


"Impressive. You mask your presence well. Flawless timing. Perfect control. You have great skill in infiltration. My host would applaud your abilities posthumously. However, I am not looking for a spy."

Source: Clone Wars: Chapter 6

Dooku senses fear in Ventress:

"The dark side is strong in me, for I am Sith."

"A bold claim, but you are not Sith. You wear the trappings of the Sith, you fight like the Sith, but this can be imitated, however. You lack a vital quality found in all Sith. Sith have no fear, and I sense much fear in you."

Source: Clone Wars: Chapter 7

Canon: Dooku senses Anakin's feelings of pain and loss on Tatooine:

"Ah, now I remember. This was your homeplanet, wasn't it? I sense your strong feelings. Feelings of pain. Loss."

Source: The Clone Wars

Canon:Dooku anticipates and dodges a lightsaber attack from behind:

No Caption Provided

Canon: From across the galaxy, Dooku can sense Savage Opress' growing power and the rise of Darth Maul:

"I can sense him, Grievous. That creature, Savage Opress, is growing stronger and stronger as each day passes. He is a threat to all of us, even the Jedi. Something is rising, something sinister..."

Source: The Clone Wars: Brothers

Canon: Dooku foresees an impromptu transmission from the Kaminoans:


"I've been expecting your transmission."

Source: The Clone Wars: Conspiracy

Canon: Corey Burton claims that Dooku can sense Anakin's connection to the dark side:

Q: Do you think Dooku knows or suspects Anakin's connection to the dark side?

A: Of course. I doubt there is much he wouldn't at least sense in the infinite matrix of the Force.

Source: Insider #122

Canon: Dooku senses great fear in Anakin Skywalker:

"I sense great fear in you, Skywalker. You have hate, you have anger, but you don’t use them."

Source: Revenge of the Sith

And even now, he was holding himself back; even now, as he landed at Dooku's flank and rained blows upon the Sith Lord's defenses, even as he drove Dooku backward step after step,

Dooku could feel how Skywalker kept his fury banked behind walls of will: walls that were hardened by some uncontrollable dread. Dread, Dooku surmised, of himself. Of what might happen if he should ever allow that furnace he used for a heart to go supercritical. Dooku slipped aside from an overhand chop and sprang backward. "I sense great fear in you. You are consumed by it. Hero With No Fear, indeed. You're a fraud, Skywalker. You are nothing but a posturing child."

Source: Revenge of the Sith

Force Sight

Force Sight is an ability allowing a Force user to see through the Force.

Canon: Drugged to physical blindness, Dooku relies on the Force to see for him, allowing him to duel Ventress and her two Nightsister aides naturally:


"I do not need my eyes to see you, Jedi."

Source: The Clone Wars: Nightsisters

Dooku sees Obi-Wan and Anakin moving towards a doorway through the Force:

Dooku sighed in disappointment. They weren't hearing him. Worse, the video feed was also becoming hopelessly corrupted. More through the Force than the holocam feed he saw them moving toward the very doorway he had taken to reach the control room.

Source: Labyrinth of Evil

Dooku perceives Obi-Wan, Anakin and Palpatine through the Force:

He called upon the Force, gathering it to himself and wrapping himself within it. He breathed it in and held it whirling inside his heart, clenching down upon it until he could feel the spin of the galaxy around him.

Until he became the axis of the Universe.

This was the real power of the dark side, the power he had suspected even as a boy, had sought through his long life until Darth Sidious had shown him that it had been his all along. The dark side didn't bring him to the center of the universe. It made him the center.

He drew power into his innermost being until the Force itself existed only to serve his will. Now the scene below subtly altered, though to the physical eye there was no change. Powered by the dark side, Dooku's perception took the measure of those below him with exhilarating precision.

Kenobi was luminous, a transparent being, a window onto a sunlit meadow of the Force.

Skywalker was a storm cloud, flickering with dangerous lightning, building the rotation that threatens a tornado.

And then there was Palpatine, of course: he was beyond power. He showed nothing of what might be within. Though seen with the eyes of the dark side itself, Palpatine was an event horizon. Beneath his entirely ordinary surface was absolute, perfect nothingness. Darkness beyond darkness.

A black hole of the Force.

Source: Revenge of the Sith

Force Concealment

Force Concealment allows one to mask their physical presence or presence in the Force.

Canon: Dooku conceals dark side alignment from Obi-Wan Kenobi:


Canon: Dooku conceals his dark side alignment from all the Jedi in the Petranaki arena, including Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker:


Canon: Tyranus conceals his presence from both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker:


Canon: Dooku sneaks up on Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker without them sensing his presence, despite him calling upon the Force to Choke Silman from just metres behind them:


Dooku is able to elude the senses of Ki-Adi Mundi and Aayla Secura:

"They weren't even aware that I was there."

A master of Quey'Tek meditation, Dooku instructs Ventress in the technique to allow her to conceal her Force sensitivity from the likes of Obi-Wan Kenobi:

Despite his mastery of the Quey'tek technique for hiding oneself in the Force, they had located him!

Source: Labyrinth of Evil

For months Count Dooku had taught her the Quy’Tek meditations.

Source: The Cestus Deception

Obi-Wan knew that last voice. Suddenly, and with shocking clarity, all that had happened in the last days made terrible, and possibly terminal sense. "Asajj Ventress," he said.

She appeared out of the shadows, but it was not shadows alone that had protected her. In each hand she held a glowing red light-saber with curved handles. A dozen young X'Ting emerged from the boxes around her. Males, barely out of their adolescence, judging by the light rings of fur around their necks. They swaggered and postured, but they were callow.

"You have perfected the Quy'Tek meditations, Adept," he said. "You can shield your Force."

"From fools, yes," she said, and smiled.

Source: The Cestus Deception

Force Healing

Heal is a Force power allowing a Jedi to heal external wounds or internal afflictions.

Tyranus heals himself of the deadly Karatos plague:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3


Telepathy is a power enabling Force sensitives to read or influence the minds of others.

Canon: Dooku is able to cloud the mind of Obi-Wan Kenobi:

Kenobi, his senses confused and clouded by the dark side, realised just how much trouble he was in.

Source: The Official Star Wars Fact File #49 (Relaunched)

Drain Knowledge

Drain Knowledge is a dark-sided telepathic ability which allows one to extract knowledge from another's mind against the latter's will.

Dooku utilizes Drain Knowledge somewhat successfully on Obi-Wan Kenobi with the aid of the fact that Kenobi had difficulty drawing upon the Force due to electrocution:

Blue-tongued bolts of lightning coursed through Obi-Wan Kenobi, gathering at his wrists and ankles before racing up and down his body in a journey surely designed to drive him to the edge of reason. He was held largely immobile, like an insect pinned to a cotton display swab, twitching as his muscles spasmed uncontrollably in a futile struggle to escape their torment. It was an odd sort of pain: an aching, prickling, numbness similar to a limb that had fallen asleep combined with the burning of muscles worked to shaky exhaustion. A sheen of cold sweat covered his pale face, the occasional bead of which rolled down his temples before disappearing into his beard.

Green-blue eyes narrowed as he surveyed his surroundings, an enterprise assisted by the fact that he was suspended a meter off the ground by a series of repulsorlifts while being constantly rotated like a nerf on a spit. The crisp, acidic smell of electricity with the faint underpinning of burnt hair wafted through the air of the cavernous chamber. Under other circumstances he might have been impressed by the millions of years of slow geological evolution required to create the red rock structure serving as his prison, but currently it was just one more obstacle between him and freedom.

How long he’d been there, he could not say. Hours certainly. He was exhausted, yet wired, his mind wandering deplorably, unable to concentrate on one thing for more than a few moments at a time.

It was an effective way to secure a Jedi, he had to admit. He could focus neither mind nor body enough to harness the energy of the Force in order to affect an escape. The static electricity emanating from the containment field felt like millions of tiny nimgnats burrowing relentlessly into his flesh. It was excruciating and disturbingly efficient.

The Jedi swallowed hard, wincing at the stale, coppery taste of blood in his mouth. Dwelling on his discomfort would benefit neither himself nor the Force he had dedicated his life to serving. He sighed and tried to center his concentration. Again. Instead all he could think about was clawing the skin from his bones.

As another static-induced tremor lit up Obi-Wan’s nervous system, he marveled at the wonderful hospitality of the Geonosians. He generally preferred to be welcomed with Corellian whiskey or even tea rather than shock treatment, but every culture had its foibles. He could only hope he was seriously running up their power bill.

He took a deep breath and released his frustration into the Force. He would wait and the Force would present him with the opportune means and time for escape. Anytime now… or now… or perhaps now… Patience was usually a skill that he had in abundance, although his own Master had long despaired that he would ever acquire it.

Qui-Gon Jinn. Dead ten years now. Grief, like the nightmares of his death, had faded in time, but the void in Obi-Wan’s life never entirely diminished. Obi-Wan ruthlessly pushed the thought from his mind. Ruminating on his Master’s murder was not going to assist him in his objective, which, he reminded himself sternly, was to find a way to center himself and discover a means of escape.

Right. Red walls. Check. Intense pain. Check. No aid from the Force. Check. He wanted to kick a control panel. Or a storage container. Or his astromech. He wondered how R4 was doing. He hoped the Geonosians wouldn’t disintegrate her. Had the little droid been able to send his last transmission? As another series of shocks racked his already battered body, he mused that perhaps deciding to report the information gleaned during his covert foray into the Geonosian stronghold before departing the planet was not his most brilliant decision.

Many of his decisions lately had been less than stellar, he admitted, as his mind drifted inwards, unconsciously seeking refuge from the pain, until he bumped rather abruptly into the unease that had been lurking just under the surface of his consciousness since before he left the Jedi Temple on this fact-finding mission.

Someone had erased the planet of Kamino from the Jedi archives. No, not just someone. A Jedi. He had seen the evidence of it himself. His breath caught in his throat as he again considered the implications of that. A Jedi had apparently contracted with the Kaminoans ten years ago to create a clone army for the Republic, presumably to fight against the Separatists, in whose hidden base of operations he now found himself imprisoned. But a decade ago the Separatists hadn’t even existed.

As Obi-Wan considered these facts, fear began to seep into his mind like water into duracrete cracks. The Galactic Republic, which had stood for a thousand years, was moving full speed ahead toward civil war. The Jedi, who had kept the peace for at least that long, were powerless to stop it. And, perhaps most frightening of all, he felt something was terribly wrong with his Padawan, the boy — now man — he had trained in the ways of the Jedi for the past ten years. Although he wasn’t entirely sure how, his feelings told him that the fates of these three things were intricately linked. Forces were at work here on Geonosis that could destroy everything he held dear.

Anakin Skywalker was not the Padawan that Obi-Wan would have chosen for himself, which was rather ironic since he was fairly confident that his own Master would have said the same of him. But there was no question that he loved his apprentice with a fierceness that often frightened him. Still, training Anakin was a bit like dodging blaster fire, always one step away from disaster. There was no doubt that the boy was one of the most powerful Jedi ever. But the essence of the Jedi was not the power, but rather what one did with it.

A Jedi may feel anger, hate, hurt, despair — they were, after all, sentient beings — but a Jedi must never allow these feelings to guide his actions. Such behavior went against the instincts of most species, which was why Jedi younglings began their training so young. The ability to circumvent one’s nature and to put unwavering trust in the guidance of the Force was not an easy thing to do. It was a choice that each Jedi had to make every day. Sometimes, every minute. But it was essential. Control was at the core of a Jedi. This was the lesson he feared he had utterly failed to teach Anakin.

His apprentice hadn’t been ready for the responsibility of the solo mission to safeguard Senator Amidala. The fact that Anakin had apparently abandoned his mandate and was on Tatooine only served to illustrate that point. When he’d expressed his concerns to Master Yoda and Master Windu, they’d brushed him off, much to his dismay. It wasn’t the first time it had happened. Lately, the Council seemed to think they knew what was best for Anakin. He felt to his bones that they were wrong. And if they were, the consequences could be catastrophic.

Don’t center on your anxiety. How many times had his Master said those words to him? More times than there were stars in the galaxy. Even now in the privacy of his own mind he heard them in Qui-Gon’s voice. He took a deep breath. Qui-Gon was right. Live in the moment. Focusing on his fears would accomplish nothing.

He wanted to rip the flesh from the back of his skull and stop the insidious itch! He summoned all his energy in an attempt to move his head, hoping for any type of relief, only to discover Count Dooku entering his cell.

“Traitor!” Obi-Wan called as a greeting, the bitter word escaping his lips before he’d had a chance to evaluate the situation. Damn, he knew better than that.

Dooku didn’t seem all that offended, however. “Oh no, my friend. This is a mistake. A terrible mistake. They’ve gone too far. This is madness.”

The appearance of the elderly human was at odds with the distress in his voice. He looked more like he was on his way to an opera, with his elegant clothing and perfectly groomed beard, than on a mission to assist a “friend” in need.

Irrationally, the fact that not a single hair on the man’s gray head was out of place made Obi-Wan want to unleash a Force storm on him.

“I thought you were the leader here, Dooku,” the Jedi replied, holding his voice as steady as possible. Leader. The thought disgusted him. Dooku had been a Jedi once. Qui-Gon’s master! How could he have come to this?

“This had nothing to do with me, I assure you,” the Count said, ignoring Obi-Wan’s accusation. “I will petition immediately to have you set free.”

While his words were reassuring enough, Obi-Wan was sickened to feel a new tingling at the corners of his consciousness. The former Jedi Master was pushing against Obi-Wan’s Jedi-trained mental defenses and attempting to access his most private thoughts. He struggled against the assault, but the pain and distraction of the electric pulses still coursing through him ensured he was fighting a losing battle. In desperation, Obi-Wan sought to distract the Count with a verbal sally. “Well, I hope it doesn’t take too long. I have work to do.”

Dooku wasn’t deterred, and sweat broke anew across Obi-Wan’s brow as he tried to retreat mentally to higher ground.

Why do you run from me, my friend? Dooku’s voice resounded in Obi-Wan’s mind, even as he walked counter the direction Obi-Wan was being rotated by the containment field, thus forcing the Jedi to keep tabs on his tormentor’s location both mentally and physically.

Dooku’s slow pace spoke of an underlying arrogance and was in sharp contrast to the briskness of his invasion into Obi-Wan’s mind. Obi-Wan bit back a gasp and fled, trying to set new mental barriers in his wake. He’d had other Force users in his mind before. Qui-Gon. Anakin. Even Master Yoda. But where their touches had been gentle, almost a caress, Dooku’s was painful and humiliating.

“May I ask why a Jedi Knight is all the way out here on Geonosis?”

The energy currents surrounding his body increased, and Obi-Wan felt his mental footing slip. He struggled not to cry out. “I’ve been tracking a bounty hunter named Jango Fett. Do you know him?” His voice sounded stilted even to his own ears.

“There are no bounty hunters here that I am aware of. The Geonosians don’t trust them,” the count said.

But you can trust me, Obi-Wan. The words oozed into his psyche, sickening in their sincerity.

Obi-Wan tried again to flee, but Dooku’s mental presence pinned him. The former Jedi Master was rooting through his memories like a Kowakian monkey-lizard scavenging through an open gut, pulling out what was useful, what could hurt him, and tossing the rest aside.

Obi-Wan’s own feelings assailed him in a maelstrom of pain and loss.

The faint smell of stale floral perfume and coarse material against tiny fingers as he clung to his mother for the last time.

He mentally pressed against the memory, finally pushing it back only to feel the sweaty fingers of a fellow Jedi and childhood rival brush past his as the boy fell to his death.

Obi-Wan recoiled from the memory, and it gave Dooku the gap he needed to open the floodgates. Memories were ripped from him in a barrage of color, sound, and smell.

… red ears, face burning with the sting of a reprimand from his Master over a missed curfew…

…the weight of Qui-Gon’s disappointment over a failed astronav exam…

…the light fading from Cerasi’s eyes as life left her. Melida/Daan’s last casualty…

… the feel of soft lips ghosting across his brow, not in promise of a deepening relationship, but in bittersweet acknowledgement of what could never be, as dictated by the Jedi Code…

… the sting of jealousy at the realization that Anakin would replace him as Qui-Gon’s Padawan…

…the torture of being trapped behind an energy field, forced to watch as Qui-Gon battled a monster, knowing his Master would not survive the encounter…

…the agony of feeling the thread of their training bond dissolve as his Master became one with the Force…

… blind panic with the comprehension that the fate of a child was in his hands…

“Well, who can blame them? But he is here, I can assure you,” Obi-Wan heard himself say, what felt like hours later, though in reality it must have been only a few seconds.

“It’s a great pity that our paths have never crossed before, Obi-Wan. Qui-Gon always spoke very highly of you. ”

Even if he wasn’t ready to take another Padawan. It was an insecurity that normally no longer held any power over him. Obi-Wan knew all too well how an unwanted Padawan could grow to be as essential a part of a Jedi as any limb. But now, with his life flung around him like an overturned rubbish bin, the words seared him. Tears burned his eyes as he was lost again in the pain of a twelve-year-old child as he watched his last hope of a Master turn his back and walk away.

“I wish he were still alive.” The Count sighed theatrically, and Obi-Wan heard the words, too bad you weren’t a little faster, knife through his mind. “I could use his help right now.”

“Qui-Gon Jinn would never join you.” The words were a shield.

“Don’t be so sure, my young Jedi. You forget that he was once my apprentice just as you were once his.”

And I was his friend. This, Obi-Wan knew to be a lie. Dooku had been Qui-Gon’s Master and his teacher, but he had never been his friend. It was a tactical error and the knowledge briefly empowered Obi-Wan.

“He knew all about the corruption in the Senate, but he would never have gone along with it if he had known the truth as I have,” Dooku said, as he continued to circle maddeningly around his captive.

“The truth?” Obi-Wan cursed himself for the curiosity reflected in his voice. Dooku now knew intimately of his disdain toward the Senate and politicians in general and wasn’t hesitating to use that knowledge against him.

“The truth…”

Dooku let the words hang there for a long moment, gathering strength, even as Obi-Wan prepared himself to disbelieve whatever came next. He could feel the Count’s amusement at his efforts. And just who do you think taught Qui-Gon that tactic?

The words deflated Obi-Wan as the pervasive haze returned, robbing him of the tiny foothold he’d managed to garner.

“What if I told you that the Republic was now under the control of the Dark Lord of the Sith?”

“No, that’s not possible. The Jedi would be aware of it,” Obi-Wan said quickly, but his voice was shadowed with doubt.

Are you so sure, my young friend? An image from his memory of the star map room, the empty space just south of the Rishi Maze, bled into his mind’s eye. He realized he was trembling and it was not entirely an effect of the containment field.

“The dark side of the Force has clouded their vision, my friend. Hundreds of Senators are now under the influence of a Sith Lord called Darth Sidious.”

Clouded vision. His own errors in judgment. The failure of the Jedi at Antar, and dozens of other missteps that had precipitated the current crisis.

“I don’t believe you.” But he did.

“The Viceroy of the Trade Federation was once in league with this Darth Sidious. But he was betrayed ten years ago by the Dark Lord…”

It is not true, Obi-Wan told himself.

“… he came to me for help. He told me everything…”

It is not true. It is not true. It is not true, Obi-Wan repeated to himself, clinging stubbornly to his defiance, using the denial as a bulwark.

He could feel Dooku quashing his efforts, fogging his mind. Pressure bore down on his psyche like a vise. He twisted and struggled, but the grip only grew tighter, leaving him sluggish and confused.

The Jedi Council would not believe him, the Count continued his accusations mentally.

It is not true. It is not true. It is not true. It is not true.

The Count continued to pace, his movements becoming agitated. I tried many times to warn them but they wouldn’t listen to me.


But some tiny part of the Knight acknowledged that it might be. Had the Council not brushed off his concerns about his Padawan’s readiness to carry out his mission with Senator Amidala? Dooku seized the flicker of doubt and exploited it mercilessly. All Obi-Wan’s frustrations with the Council for ignoring his concerns crashed over him in a wave.

They see only what they want to see. They ignore your concerns. The words were coated in honey, soothing and seductive. How many times did Qui-Gon warn you to keep your own counsel?

It is… true. Force help him, it was true. Qui-Gon had often questioned the omnipotence of the Council. The Council had ignored his concerns about Anakin.

Dooku pounced on the admissions. Once they sense the Dark Lord’s presence, it will be too late.

Too late. The words reverberated through him. They would be too late. The Senate was corrupt. The Council was floundering. The Republic would fall. His head spun with the implications of it all. He struggled to get air into his lungs. What would his Master have done?

“You must join me, Obi-Wan, and together we will destroy the Sith.”

Destroy the Sith. Stop the Republic from obliterating itself. Save his Padawan. It sounded so simple. So tempting. Take matters into his own hands. Step away from the dictates of the Council and turn his back on the plethora of politics. Could he better serve the galaxy at Dooku’s side?

Obi-Wan stood on a precipice, the edge of a cliff over a great yawning abyss. Pebbles gave way under his feet, their scraping against the soil representing his waning resistance. He felt emptiness open up under him as he started to fall. A voice not his own grabbed him.

The very worst time is the time you must follow the Jedi Code. Cast away your doubt. Let the Force flow through you.

Qui-Gon. He clung to those words and let the truth of them rush through him. He found his footing. The ground coalesced under him. He could breathe. Relief and the luminous energy of the Force suffused him. He chose the Light. He chose the Jedi. Just as he had thousands of times in his life. Just as he would until the end of this days.

“I will never join you, Dooku,” he swore.

The Count’s shoulders slumped slightly in defeat and Obi-Wan felt the tendrils of the other’s man presence slither out of his mind. As Dooku turned to leave, he said, “It might be difficult to secure your release.”

What Dooku failed to understand was that he already had.

Source: Precipice

Beast Control

Beast Control is an ability that allows Force users to tame and control beasts.

Dooku controls a Krayt Dragon:

No Caption Provided

Drain Resistance

An incredibly esoteric technique can be learned to protect oneself from having their life energies or Force connections siphoned by others.

Dooku was guided by the ghost of Ulic Qel-Droma, who taught him how to excavate the Force Harvester without harm. As the Force Harvester siphons the life energies of everything around it (and can drain entire armies), Dooku was obviously taught to shield himself from its effects:

The Dark Reaper had not been seen in millennia, but Count Dooku knew that some Force spirits persisted even after death. Dooku sent a Trade Federation fleet to frozen Rhen Var to secure Ulic Qel-Droma's crypt. Guided by the ancient Jedi ghost, Dooku began excavating the buried Force Harvester on Raxus Prime.

Source: The New Essential Chronology

Created by ancient Sith Lords during the Great Hyperspace War, the Dark Reaper is a Force-draining weapon rediscovered by the Krath and used in the Great Sith War. At its heart is a device known as a Force Harvester, which drains the life essence from all living things around it. When activated, the Dark Reaper drains the life forces in the surrounding area, channeling that energy to boost the power of its turbolasers. More than just a weapon of mass destruction, the Dark Reaper can defend itself using the very Force energy it steals from nearby living beings.

Source: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Exar Kun also gave Ulic a terrible weapon–the Dark Reaper, which was capable of drawing out the life essence of an entire army. Ulic tested the Dark Reaper against Republic troops on Raxus Prime, killing hundreds.

Source: The Old Republic: Codex Entry: Galactic History 57: The Brotherhood's Power Grows


Doppelganger is a Force power that allows a Force user to create an illusion of himself.

Dooku uses Doppelganger to create an illusion of himself which fools Anakin and further lures him to the dark side:

Tracking Dooku to the Techno Union foundries on Metalorn, Anakin valiantly faced the Count again and, to the young Jedi's surprise, seemingly defeated the Sith Lord. But it was in fact another of Tyranus' tricks. Dooku created a Doppelganger, a weaker dark side manifestation of himself, to detain Anakin and further lure him to the dark side. Count Dooku escaped once again.

Source: The Official Star Wars Fact File #116

Force Flight/Glide

Force Flight is a Force ability allowing one to glide or levitate using the Force.

Canon: Tyranus hovers mid-air after jumping over a sweep from Obi-Wan's lightsaber:

No Caption Provided

Dooku rises slightly, then descends via Force Flight:

No Caption Provided

Dooku uses the Force to glide downwards:

Dooku leaned forward, and his cloak of armorweave spread like wings; he lifted gently into the air and descended to the main level in a slow, dignified Force-glide.

Source: Revenge of the Sith


Telekinesis is the movement of objects and manipulation of reality through the power of the mind.

Dooku was adept at telekinesis by the age of seven:

Adept at telekinesis by the age of seven, Dooku had a strong interest in the greater galaxy.

Source: The Official Starships and Vehicles Collection #34

Dooku ragdolls Anakin Skywalker after gathering his power:

Anakin was moving quickly, hugging the wall of the hangar. His focus was so intent that he did not sense Obi-Wan behind him. Obi-Wan noted this with alarm. How many times had he warned Anakin to never focus on the goal ahead only, but to cast his attention like a net, as far around him as he could? He should have sensed his Master. Obi-Wan quickened his pace. He felt the dark side of the Force grow and gather, and he wanted to call out to Anakin, but didn't want to give away their positions.

He needn't have worried. Whoever the Sith was, he knew exactly where Anakin was, for, to Obi-Wan's horror, his apprentice was suddenly lifted like a doll and flung into the air. Anakin's body slammed into the wreck of a cruiser. He fell to the ground.

Source: Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

Anakin compares the power of Tyranus' telekinesis to that of an autoblaster cannon (which is designed to engage capital ships):

"Only from behind. Tall. Dressed in a black-hooded cape that trailed all the way to the ground. I didn't see his face. He didn't even turn. I felt the Force come at me like an autoblaster cannon...." Anakin struggled to his feet. "It could be a Sith."

Source: Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

Tyranus easily hurls numerous large vehicles, including a cruiser. He then smashes the vehicles together to form a barrier that blocks the entrance to the front of the hangar:

They moved farther into the darkness.

"Keep your focus loose," Obi-Wan warned him in a low tone. "He will come from anywhere when he comes."

"This time I'll be prepared."

"Don't be so confident," Obi-Wan answered. "You probably won't be."

They were nearing the end of the hangar. He sensed it rather than saw it. The corroded vehicles were more numerous now, lined up like dark, giant phantoms.

Like phantoms..

Phantoms that move...

Obi-Wan wrenched his gaze away. He could have sworn the ancient ships were moving.

Then he knew.

"This way!" he yelled, as the first vehicle suddenly flipped over. It would have crushed them if Obi-Wan hadn't dashed to the side with Anakin on his heels. He flattened himself against the wall as another vehicle moved, its jagged wing a lethal weapon, capable of slicing them to ribbons. A cruiser suddenly zoomed toward the wall, straight at them.

"Drop!" Anakin and Obi-Wan hit the floor, hugging the stones as the cruiser passed over them and smashed into the wall.

Vehicle parts began to fall like rain. The crashes were deafening. They leaped, twisted, and dived to avoid them, using the Force to deflect them when they could. Finally they came to rest in the shadow of one of the giant statues. Obi-Wan leaned against a clawed foot and squinted into the darkness.

He could not see the Sith, but he felt the Sith's amusement, his triumph.

The vehicles now smashed into one another, creating a solid mass of screaming metal, effectively blocking them from the front of the hangar.

Anakin ran to the mountain of metal and tried to climb over it. Obi-Wan felt the dark side rise in a crest and then fall, leaving a vacuum behind.

"It's no use," he told Anakin. "The Sith is gone."

Source: Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

He paused by the wreckage of the vehicles that the mysterious Sith had moved so easily.

Source: Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

Canon: He utilizes telekinesis and Lightning simultaneously to knock out Anakin:

But this was no simple warrior enemy. Dooku's hand shot out toward the charging Jedi, sending forth a Force push as solid as any stone wall, and a burst of blue Force lightning, unknown to Jedi, charged all about the trapped and lifted Jedi Padawan. Anakin managed to hold onto his lightsaber as he went up into the air, held there by the power of the Count. With a wave of his hand, Dooku sent Anakin flying across the room, to crash into a distant wall, where he slumped down, dazed.

Source: Attack of the Clones
No Caption Provided

Canon: Dooku calls down great blocks of stone ceiling on Yoda:

No Caption Provided

Dooku clutched up at the ceiling, breaking free great blocks that tumbled down at Yoda. But small hands waved and the boulders dropped to the sides, bouncing across the floor all about the untouched Master Yoda.

Source: Attack of the Clones

Canon: Dooku uses Saber Throw:

No Caption Provided

Canon: Dooku Crushes the base of a huge pillar to topple it, with just a gesture:

No Caption Provided

Dooku knocks over a crane onto Anakin and Obi-Wan:

"Fought well, you have, my old Padawan," Yoda congratulated, and his lightsaber bean to move out, just a bit, forcing Dooku back.

"The battle is far from over!" Dooku stubbornly argued. "This is just the beginning!" Reaching into the Force, he took hold of one of the huge cranes within the hangar and threw it down at Obi-Wan and Anakin.

"Anakin!" Obi-Wan cried. He grabbed at the plummeting crane with the Force, and Anakin, startled awake, did so, as well. Even working together, they hadn't the strength left to stop its crushing descent.

But Yoda did.

Yoda grabbed the crane and held it fast, but in doing so, he had to release Dooku. The Count wasted no time, sprinting away, leaping up the ramp to his sail ship. As Yoda began to move the fallen crane harmlessly aside, the sail ship's engine roared to life, and all three Jedi watched helplessly as Count Dooku blasted away.

Source: Attack of the Clones

Canon: Dooku crushes the windpipes of two clones and hurls them at two Jedi:

He paused, shot both hands out in front of him, and and raised his clenched fists. The clones were lifted in the Force, dropping their blasters as their hands went to their necks to pry off invisible hands. Desh heard an awful crunch, and they both went limp. Sneering, Dooku hurled the corpses directly at Bayons and Desh.

Source: Dark Disciple

Canon: Dooku almost nonchalantly ragdolls Quinlan Vos and Asajj Ventress, incapacitating them:

He stood tall, imposing, and as Vos raced toward him, Dooku didn't flinch. He lowered his sword and extended his hand. Vos rose in the air and then Dooku shoved, sending the Jedi slamming into one of the pillars. The count turned, almost nonchalantly performing the same maneuver with Ventress. The wind was knocked out of her and she couldn't breathe. Stubbornly, using her hate the way she had taught Vos to do, she summoned energy to to push herself up to a kneeling position, still clutching her lightsaber.

Dooku's lip curled in a manner that might have been a smile or a snarl. Abruptly, Ventress found herself dangling in in the air as he whirled her around behind him and then threw her down like a spoiled child discarding a disliked toy.

The pain was excruciating, but Ventress remained conscious long enough to see that Dooku wasn't yet done. She could only watch helplessly as she slid, headfirst, into the unyielding stone of a meticulously carved bench. Then the world went white, and she knew nothing more.

Source: Dark Disciple

Canon: He casually utilizes Grip/Choke on Obi-Wan while throwing chairs and even a situation table at Anakin:

Anakin launched himself at Dooku's back—and the Count half turned, gesturing casually while holding Obi-Wan at bay with an elegant one handed bind. Chairs leapt up from the situation table and whirled toward Anakin's head. He slashed the first one in half contemptuously, but the second caught him across the knees and the third battered his shoulder and knocked him down.

He snarled to himself and reached through the Force to pick up some chairs of his own—and the situation table itself slammed into him and drove him back to crush him against the wall.

Source: Revenge of the Sith

Canon: Dooku floors Obi-Wan with the flick of his wrist after gathering Force energy:

He gathered the Force once more in a single indrawn breath that summoned power from throughout the universe; the slightest whipcrack of that power, negligent as a flick of his wrist, sent Kenobi flying backward to crash hard against the wall, but Dooku didn't have time to enjoy it.

Source: Revenge of the Sith

Canon: He floors Obi-Wan with a Force Push:

No Caption Provided

He accelerates Kenobi's falling body to high speeds like that of a missile burning the last of its drives. Kenobi's body strikes the floor and skids along it to strike the wall with enough force that Kenobi is not only incapacitated, but the hydrofoamed permacrete collapses onto him (this happens in the RotS novel instead of the Choking and collapsing a balcony):

While Kenobi's bonelessly limp body was still tumbling toward the floor far below, Dooku sent a surge of energy through the Force. Kenobi's fall suddenly accelerated like a missile burning the last of its drives before impact. The Jedi Master struck the floor at a steep angle, skidded along it, and slammed into the wall so hard the hydrofoamed permacrete buckled and collapsed onto him.

Source: Revenge of the Sith

Canon: Tyranus Chokes Obi-Wan Kenobi while kicking Anakin backwards, then throws Kenobi across a room into a walkway and collapses a large portion of a balcony onto him:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Count Dooku half-turned and raised a hand. A rush of dark power lifted Obi-Wan off his feet and choked the air from his lungs. He reached for the Force to counter Dooku, but the attack had been too sudden. He saw Dooku twist, kicking out at Anakin with all his weight behind it. Anakin fell backward, and Dooku hurled Obi-Wan over the edge of the balcony.

Obi-Wan dropped to the floor below and lay half-stunned. Distantly, he felt a surge in the dark side, and then a large chunk of the balcony hurtled down at him. His last thought before he lost consciousness was, It's up to Anakin now.

Source: Revenge of the Sith Junior Novelization

Dooku proved a formidable opponent. He Force-pushed Obi-Wan like a ragdoll against the wall of the quarters, knocking him unconscious.

Source: Databank: Obi-Wan Kenobi Biography Gallery

Waiting for them was Count Dooku, and unlike the impulsive and disorganized attack that had marked their last confrontation with Dooku, Obi-Wan and Anakin challenged Dooku as a team. Dooku proved a formidable opponent. He Force-pushed Obi-Wan with terrible strength, tossing the Jedi Master like a rag doll against the walls of the quarters. Kenobi was knocked unconscious.

Source: The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Canon: Tyranus lifts about a dozen heavy obelisk stones:

No Caption Provided

He hurls Captain Rex, Commander Cody and Commander Fox with a mere gesture, effortlessly slams down a metal door, and proceeds to easily collapse a bridge to knock down a ship:

No Caption Provided

Canon: When Padme attempts to shoot him with a blaster, he manipulates her arms so that she shoots Bec Lawise instead, against her own will:

No Caption Provided

Canon: He casually hurls two Pykes off a ledge to their deaths:

No Caption Provided

Canon: Tyranus kills two Pykes with Choke:

No Caption Provided

Canon: He kills Silman with Choke:

No Caption Provided

Canon: Dooku kills Miraj Scintel with Choke:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Canon: Dooku Chokes Turk to death, but not before forcing him to shoot his companion against his will:

No Caption Provided

The Count easily collapses boulders on Tholme, burying him, then levitates Sora Bulq's unconscious body:

No Caption Provided

Canon: Dooku collapses several boulders from a cave ceiling:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Canon: Dooku collapses a cave entrance:

No Caption Provided

Canon: Tyranus Chokes an untrained Savage with ease:

No Caption Provided

He lifts Quinaln Vos up whilst strangling him with the Force and simultaneously disarming him. Dooku then hurls Vos, exerting considerable power and control over the Kiffar:

No Caption Provided

In a remarkable demonstration of his formidable dark-side abilities, the Jedi-turned-Sith Lord Count Dooku directs his powers toward the Jedi Quinlan Vos. Levitating his adversary and choking him in a telekinetic stranglehold, Dooku simultaneously relieves Vos of his lightsaber.

Source: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded

Canon: Dooku casually catches Brother Viscus in mid-air and throws him to the ground with telekinesis, with enough force to severely injure the Nightbrother:

No Caption Provided

Dooku casually inflicts torturous pain on Ventress through the Force, knocking her to her floor and giving her the sensation of sharp stones in her throat and chest, then slamming her into the floor and bursting a blood vessel, which causes Ventress's overall features on her face to be bruised:

"Don't patronize me," Asajj said coldly.

Dooku looked around. "Or what?"

Her face went pale.

Dooku lifted that one finger, and this time he tapped it in the air, as if pushing a needle into a pincushion. Ventress crumpled to her knees. Her voice came out clotted with pain. "Please," she said. "Don't."

"It doesn't feel good, does it? Like sharp stones in your throat and chest." Dooku made another little patting motion, and Ventress slammed to the tile floor. "It's the blood vessels I hate, "Dooku said. "The way they stretch inside like balloons about to pop."


"But worse anything is the memories," he said, more softly still. "They crowed around, like flies on meat. Every despicable thing, every petty vice, every little act of spite." A cruel, strange quiet stretched out as Ventress panted on the stone floor. Rain ticked against the window glass, and the Count's voice went dark and far away. "All the things you should have stopped, but didn't, and nothing will ever be right again. And the things you've done," he whispered. "By the pitless stars, the things you've done..."

The comm on Dooku's desk beeped. He shook his head, like a man waking from a dream. "The Troxan delegation is at the door."

Ventress crawled to her feet. Her face was bruised and her cheeks were wet with tears. Both pretended not to notice.

Source: Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Dooku kills his former padawan Komari Vosa with Choke:


Canon: He telekinetically pushes Ventress into a wall, then drags her through the air and disarms her via the Force:

No Caption Provided

He intercepts one of Ventress's attacks by throwing an object between them (without the need to gesture or even face the object), then telekinetically disarms Ventress and proceeds to send her flying:

No Caption Provided

Canon: He floors about a dozen Pykes and staggers Anakin and Obi-Wan simultaneously. The feat is more impressive when you see that the Pykes are still floored several seconds later:

No Caption Provided

Canon: The Count redirects a small sand tornado:

No Caption Provided

Canon: Tyranus ends his fight with Anakin with a Force Push:

No Caption Provided

Canon: The Count hurls an Anakin who was still recovering from multiple Magnaguards' electrostaffs into a wall, then strangles him with the Force, leaving him defenseless against Dooku's incoming Lightning barrage:

No Caption Provided

Canon: He lifts chairs and cutlery and hurls them at Anakin, overwhelms Anakin's strength with telekinesis by shoving him into a wall and a chair with him, and later hurls an electrified Anakin into some columns:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Canon: Dooku uses the Force to pull Master Tiplee into the path of his lightsaber, allowing him to fatally impale her:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

He casually hurls Grievous into some barrels:

No Caption Provided

Force Barrier

Force Barrier is an invisible defense that Force users use to protect themselves against other attacks.

Dooku shields himself against Asajj Ventress' Force Repulse, remaining unmoved and unharmed while Obi-Wan Kenobi is thrown backwards and a nearby Magnaguard is decapitated by a shard of glass:

No Caption Provided

Dooku shields himself against Mace Windu's Force Wave, remaining unmoved and unharmed while two Magnaguards are sent flying:

No Caption Provided

Force Deflection

Force Deflection is an ability enabling a Force user to repel varying energy attacks.

Canon: Dooku deflects his own Lightning when Yoda sends it back at him:

No Caption Provided

This feat is very impressive due to the fact that any Lightning burst, let alone one as powerful as that of Dooku's, has been listed as a challenge for even the most powerful Jedi Masters to deflect with the Force:

Called Sith lightning, these charges cause excruciating pain and weaken life, and it is a challenge for even the most powerful Jedi Masters to deflect such bursts.

Source: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded

Force Absorption

Absorption, or Tutaminis, or Negate/Absorb/Dissipate Energy, is a Force ability enabling one to absorb various forms of energy and channel it for personal use.

Canon: Dooku absorbs his own Lightning when Yoda sends it back at him:


Heart Stun

Heart Stun halts the beating of the heart, essentially placing it in stasis.

Dooku stops Auben's heart, killing her:

Anakin rushed forward. He checked her vitals, even though he knew she was gone. "What happened?" he asked. "There's not a mark on her."

"Her heart just stopped beating," Siri said. "It's said that the Sith were capable of stopping a heart without even touching their victim."

"The question is, what was she doing here?" Obi-Wan asked.

Source: Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

A possible display of Heart Stun in which Dooku used his powers to keep Grievous alive after a would-be fatal ship crash:

Grievous is unaware that the ship crash that led to his cybernetic reconstruction was caused by Dooku. The Count used his powers to keep the unconscious General alive as part of his plan to recruit Grievous to the Separatist cause.

Source: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded

Sith Sorcery

Sith Sorcery refers to a number of arcane practices relating to the dark side which could cause a variety of supernatural effects.

Dooku animates zombies on Korriban with the Tasiwinokka Hoyaku spell. It is likely that Dooku learnt the spell from Sorzus Syn's chronicles, which detailed Sith Sorcery in various other forms:

Then the undead came. Korriban zombies, revived by the Sith to guard the tombs. Anakin had read about them, but never thought he'd see them; the Sith must have activated them to defend Omega and the sacred Sith ground. The zombies were used to eating the flesh from the tombs; now they had living targets in mind. And they had blasters and detonators to make the kill. They came careening out of the darkness now, different species but all moving with the same odd, lurching gait... the air came alive with smoke and fire.

Source: Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

Dooku sets several Dark Energy Traps on Korriban. One such trap cages Anakin Skywalker and several other Jedi, with Skywalker being unable to break out with his lightsaber and even admitting that Dooku was more powerful than himself:

He focused so much on his Master, on his need to catch him, that he blundered into an energy trap.

Anakin was caught. He couldn't move. Frustrated, enraged, he slashed at the invisible cage with his lightsaber. He could not free himself. He kicked. He hammered. Caught.

He had met a power greater than his. Impossible!

"Master!" he called, but Obi-Wan didn't hear him. The energy trap sucked his voice out of the air and imprisoned it.

I just need the Force. Obi-Wan said a Master can summon the Force and fight this. I am as good as a Master. I can do this.

Strange, though. He could reach out for the Force, but visions got in the way. And not visions from the dark side. Visions of what had just happened. Tru's mouth, open in a howl of anguish and disbelief. Darra, falling, eyes wide with the shock.

Darra, her head turned toward him, her cheek in the dust of the tomb.

He had seen her like this before, when she'd been wounded on Haariden. He had felt her wounding then was his fault. Unsure of her abilities, sure of his own, he had leaped to protect her and crashed into her instead. He had thought himself the better fighter, and because of that, he had pushed her into blaster fire.

She had never held it against him.

He saw her face again, so pale. The bright ribbon she always wove through her braid, trailing in the dust of the tomb.

He knew she was badly wounded. He felt it choke him. He had not gone to help Ferus. Darra had. She was lying on the ground. He tried to put those facts together to have them make sense.

Tru's lightsaber had slipped to half-power.

Anakin had never offered to check the flux aperture, just in case. He had meant to.

What is happening to me? Anakin wondered. His mind felt suddenly clear, sharp. Why didn't I help my friends? Have I changed? Am I changing? What am I becoming?

When he had first become a Padawan, he would not have hesitated. His first loyalty had been to them.

Things were more complicated now. There was more at stake.

Maybe he was changing for the better.

Control rule supremacy greatness...

Was he more mature now? A better fighter? Better able to assess a situation, move toward the goal? Was that why he had raced to confront Omega? Or had his own jealousy propelled him? How could he separate those things? Why did he have to?

Power rules by results...

Anakin shook his head. The voices would not leave him.

He thought of Darra. Tenderness filled him, and the voices went away.

Years ago, he had gone to see Darra in the med clinic, filled with remorse. She had shaken him out of his guilt with a grin. Now I have something to impress the younglings with. I've been wounded in battle.

And then he remembered something he hadn't thought of in years. He had always thought of her strength during that time. Now he remembered her fragility. He remembered her hand on the coverlet. Her fingers had so briefly touched his sleeve.

Stay with me until I fall asleep. It's lonely here.

Anakin beat at the trap again. He felt the rage rise inside him. He knew the rage was interfering with the Force, but he couldn't control it. If only... if only he could use the rage. But that was something a Jedi should not do.

The frustration boiled in him. He could not move. His Master was gone now, into the darkness.

Source: Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

Tyranus creates illusions of Sith Lords, which is confirmed by the fact that the visions dissipate upon Dooku's retreat following the death of Granta Omega. Dooku also creates a vision of Shmi Skywalker in Anakin's head, as well as a vision of Qui-Gon in Obi-Wan's mind, although Obi-Wan realizes this:

Then the darkness came alive with visions. The Sith Lords, mighty in their armor, terrifying in their decaying, bloodied faces. They rushed at the Jedi, only to disappear in a shower of splintered shadow.

Source: Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

Anakin saw Shmi rise and fall, rise and fall. He felt the familiar need, the familiar guilt. The feelings overwhelmed him and Obi-Wan had to leap in front of him to protect him from a detonator heading his way. Obi-Wan swiped it out of the air.

Source: Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

Obi-Wan shouldn't have been surprised when the visions of the Sith Lords faded and he saw Qui-Gon. But he was. He should have known the Sith were capable of drawing his most painful memory from within him.

Qui-Gon, with a gaping wound in his chest where Darth Maul had struck.

"You were always so afraid of disappointing me," Qui-Gon said. "And you have."

Obi-Wan stopped. His lightsaber dangled in his hand.

It's not real. It's not real.

"You've failed me, Obi-Wan."

Not.. real.

"And you don't even know why."

Obi-Wan took a breath. He walked forward, straight at Qui-Gon. The image disappeared.

Shaken, he continued into the darkness. Now it was easier to walk past the Sith Lords, the visions who snarled and hissed and sent out grasping fingers as he walked past. He had seen the worst.

Source: Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

Something rushed out, as if a great power had removed its protection from Omega.

The visions of the Sith Lords faded. The dark side of the Force retreated. The Sith would not be found. Obi-Wan knew he had withdrawn both his presence and his protection.

Source: Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

Force Lightning

Force Lightning is a Force power which allows a dark sider to unleash electrical discharges from their fingertips, acting much like normal electricity but also having the property of weakening life.

Tyranus can fire powerful bursts of Force Lightning with one hand while dueling with the other:

Fighting with the skill of a consummate warrior and master of the Force - the Dark Lord battles his foes with both hands - wielding his scimitar-handled lightsaber with grace and precision while simultaneously leveling powerful bursts of Force lightning at those who challenge him.

Source: Darth Tyranus - Geonosian Escape (Star Wars SAGA Series, 2003)

Dooku forms a barrier of Lightning:

Soara cried out. Anakin felt the moment spin out into impossible time, time that froze everything, even his heart.

He saw the blue shimmersilk move like a breeze as Zan Arbor took advantage of the distraction to dash for the entrance. Blue Force-lightning erupted in the darkness, a barrier shielding her from the others, giving her space to run.

Source: Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

Canon: Dooku utilizes telekinesis and Lightning simultaneously to knock out Anakin:

But this was no simple warrior enemy. Dooku's hand shot out toward the charging Jedi, sending forth a Force push as solid as any stone wall, and a burst of blue Force lightning, unknown to Jedi, charged all about the trapped and lifted Jedi Padawan. Anakin managed to hold onto his lightsaber as he went up into the air, held there by the power of the Count. With a wave of his hand, Dooku sent Anakin flying across the room, to crash into a distant wall, where he slumped down, dazed.

Source: Attack of the Clones
No Caption Provided

Canon: Dooku fires Lightning that Yoda can only turn aside with difficulty:

Dooku gave a little growl and thrust forth his hand, loosing a line of blue lightning at the diminutive Master. Yoda caught it in his own hand and turned it aside, but far from easily.

Source: Attack of the Clones

Dooku instantly kills several Kiffar warriors:

No Caption Provided

Canon: Dooku tortures Maul with Force Lightning, forcing the Zabrak Sith to scream in pain and leaving him smoking and limp afterwards:

No Caption Provided

Canon: The Count seemingly kills multiple Nightbrothers with Force Lightning, which is a feat made more impressive by the fact that Zabraks have increased durability and pain tolerance:

No Caption Provided

He knocks Asajj Ventress unconscious with an extended blast of Lightning:

No Caption Provided

Canon: The Count uses Lightning to stun Savage, making him scream in pain. Savage later wonders how it is possible to defend against such power::

No Caption Provided

"How can one defend against such power?"

Source: The Clone Wars: Witches of the Mist

Canon: He continually subdues Savage with Lightning:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Canon: Dooku subdues Ventresss with a blast of Lightning:

No Caption Provided

Canon: While drugged, Dooku unleashes a powerful burst of Lightning that lifts three Nightsisters (including Ventress) off their feet and additionally hurls them out of a window:

No Caption Provided

Canon: He shocks Anakin into releasing his hand while being choked by Anakin and in a saber lock:

No Caption Provided

Canon: He knocks Anakin unconscious with Lightning after rendering him defenseless with Choke:

No Caption Provided

Canon: The Count tortures Anakin Skywalker with Force Lightning:

No Caption Provided

He incapacitates Sora Bulq:

No Caption Provided

Canon: A severely weakened Dooku (just after being Drained and possessed by Talzin and shocked by Sidious to exorcise Talzin) uses Lightning to assist Sidious in his Lightning duel with Talzin. Although a fresh Maul is channeling all of his power through to Talzin, Dooku's weakened Lightning gives Sidious the immediate upper hand:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Though she drew strength from her son, she could not resist the power of Darth Sidious and Count Dooku combined.

Source: The Official Star Wars Fact File #70 (Relaunched)

Canon: Dooku downs a Jedi Knight, kills three clones and injures a fourth with Force Lightning:

In rapid succession Dooku cut down one clone escort, Force-threw Cody down the corridor and against the bulkhead, freed Vos, then blasted everyone in front of him, including Bayons, with Force Lightning. The Chagrian and the four clones went down, writhing in agony.


Desh glanced over his shoulder. All but one of the clones lay at such unnatural angles that that it was clear they would never rise again. Cody seemed to be injured, but alive. Bayons was a little dazed, but he quickly shook his head and joined Desh in giving chase.

Source: Dark Disciple

Canon: After collapsing in pain from a blaster wound and having an injury from a ship crash reopen, Dooku fires Lightning so powerful that it kills Asajj Ventress. Obi-Wan later remarks that she sacrificed herself to save Quinlan Vos, indicating that he would've been killed had the Lightning struck him instead:

Another blaster bolt, and this time, it hit. Dooku had just made it to the threshold when he suddenly arched in pain and collapsed.


Vos inspected the wound, then rolled Dooku’s limp form over. “There’s nothing we can do now about the blaster burn, but this injury from the crash has reopened.” Gently, Vos picked Ventress up and laid her down beside the unconscious Dooku. He took her good arm and placed it on Dooku’s injury. “Keep pressure on it,” he said.


Vos saw Ventress’s eyes open wide. Her body went taut and she seemed to be staring at something he couldn’t see. Fear exploded in him, quivering in the pit of his belly, and he shook her, gently.


“No,” she whispered, her eyes still unfocused, frighteningly blank. Then, “No!”

Violently, she shoved Vos away, putting the Force into the movement so powerfully that he was hurled across the room. As he struck the wall, he heard a terrifyingly familiar sound: the sizzle and crackle of Force lightning.

Dooku stood, his teeth bared in a savage snarl of victory. Ventress was caught in the most violent bolts of Force lightning Vos had ever seen. They danced and crackled about her hungrily, almost like living creatures. Her body spasmed and her face contorted into a mask of absolute agony. Blood trickled from her ears, eyes, and nose.

“Asajj!” Vos cried, leaping between Ventress and Dooku. He activated his lightsaber, deflecting the Force lightning back onto Dooku. The count’s eyes widened in comprehension a split second before his own weapon turned on him, disloyal, as things of the dark always were. Dooku was flung back and lay on the ground, screaming and trembling, then lying still as the bolts faded.

Ventress lay unmoving on the floor. Her clothes—and her body itself—emitted wisps of smoke. “No,” Vos moaned. She was breathing, but her pulse was thready and she was still, so terribly still. “Asajj…no…no…!”

Fury, as intense and primal as the bolts that had nearly killed her, shuddered through him, and the world went red. Vos threw back his head and voiced his rage, whirling on the count as he lay, shivering and gasping for breath, on the stone floor.

Three strides brought Vos to Count Dooku. He pressed the humming blade close to Dooku’s neck.

“Do…it,” rasped Dooku. Impossibly, he was smiling. “The lightning wasn’t…for her. It was for you. She just…got in the way. Go on. Take…your revenge!”

Vos’s heart shook his body with its pounding, its aching, its demands. His gaze flickered to Ventress, lying so terrifyingly motionless. His vision blurred. It took him a moment to realize that tears were falling down his face in a river of pain. The dark, rage-filled tide inside him receded, leaving in his heart only the truth of the tears. The count still smiled, still anticipated the final step that would turn Vos irrevocably to the dark side.

“I am not your kind,” Vos said, his voice thick. “I do not feed off vengeance.” Truth was quiet. It did not need to shout or to demand. It simply existed. “I am a Jedi.”

Vos deactivated his lightsaber. Ventress was still alive, and hope, cruel and beautiful and agonizing, flared in his chest as he rushed to her.

“Vos.” He didn’t turn around at the sound of Kenobi’s voice. Somehow, he was unsurprised that Obi-Wan was here, at this moment. “We’ll take him from here.”

Vos simply nodded. He might still be executed. He would certainly be taken back to the Council in chains. But none of that mattered. Everything that mattered was here, right before him. He felt raw in this moment—cracked open and laid bare. His senses were heightened and he was almost painfully aware of everything: the smell of blood and scorched flesh; the steady slip of tears down his angular cheekbones, and their salty taste; the coppery tang of blood and fear in his mouth. He saw that strange patterns now decorated Ventress’s bone-white skin; traces of darker flesh that looked like lightning bolts. The Force lightning had marked her for its own.

Ventress’s breathing grew labored. He wanted to hold her, to keep her alive through the sheer force of his will, but he was afraid touching her would cause her more pain. Her beautiful, ice-blue eyes opened, and she smiled. He tried to return her smile, and failed miserably.

“Hey, handsome,” Ventress murmured.

Vos gave a shaky laugh through the tears. “Hey, yourself.”

“I won’t break, you know.” No. She would never break. Not Asajj Ventress. At the invitation, Vos gathered her as gently as possible in his arms. The movement caused her to cough violently. “I’m…”

Blood ran from her mouth, soaking his shirt. He bit back a sob. “Don’t try to speak.”

Ventress gave him a look that was so completely her, it tore him apart. “You don’t…tell me what to do, Idiot.”

A small smile surprised him. “Never could,” he admitted.

“Damn right.” Another bout of coughing racked her thin frame, and for a devastating, heart-scalding second Vos thought this would take her. But she continued. “I’m proud of you for…what you did over there. You chose loving me instead of hating him.” Her bloody-frothed lips curved in a smile. “Best choice you’ve ever made.”

Vos wept unashamedly, cradling her, stroking her face. He wanted to memorize its every curve, sear it into his memory, then realized that he had already done so. “It was,” he agreed. He swallowed hard. “Asajj…you were right. I—I did fall to the dark side. And I’ve been there this whole time. I just…I didn’t…know!”

“You lied to yourself,” Ventress whispered. “That’s…why I couldn’t tell.”

“I love you, and I’ve never stopped, not for a moment.” Here, at the end, Vos had to make sure she—

“I know,” Ventress said. “But you did stop lying.” She shuddered deeply. Vos felt his heart crack. Her fingers dug into his arm tightly and her gaze bored into his. “Remember…you always have a choice to be better. You always have a choice to…to pick the right path.” She smiled sadly. “Even if that choice comes a little late.”

No, it couldn’t be too late. Vos still had to tell her everything he’d felt. How his heart had jumped the first time she had touched him tenderly, caring for his injury on the Banshee. That seemed like a lifetime ago. When she’d asked him how she looked in the ball gown, he should have told her. And when they had first kissed—Asajj Ventress had changed everything in his world, was still changing it, right this minute. But there was too much to say, and not enough time to say it, and the words crowded his throat and choked him into silence.

With an effort, Ventress reached to touch his face, tracing the yellow tattoo, lingering over his lips. When she spoke, her voice was so faint that he had to strain to hear it. “And always remember…that I loved you, with all of my heart.”

He had known it. But he had never before heard it from her lips. Now he found he could speak, the simplest of words. “I will.”

Ventress took a shuddering breath. The tension left her body, and she relaxed into his embrace as her eyes began to close.


“Asajj,” Vos begged. “Asajj. Please don’t go.”

Her eyes flickered open, and a corner of her mouth turned up. “I have to, Quinlan. It’s my time now. My sisters…are waiting.”

Fear such as he had never known seized Vos, and he tightened his arms around her, as if by holding on he could somehow prevent death from taking her. “Please…please don’t…”

“You must let me go, my love,” Ventress said, her voice so gentle, so tender, and she smiled lovingly. “It’s the Jedi way.”

And she was gone.


“Asajj Ventress moved Vos out of harm’s way, taking the full brunt of Dooku’s Force lightning upon herself,” Kenobi said. “She sacrificed her life to save him.”

Source: Dark Disciple
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Well done!

If I must nitpick.

When Mace leaps at Dooku and the MG's go flying. Dooku has his hand pointed out behind him. To me it always seemed like Dooku was blasting them away. Perhaps to stop them from interfering or to allow them to surprise Windu later.

While this is a respect thread, I don't feel you should include the "Yoda and Dooku fought evenly" quotes for AotC. For obvious reasons.

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Awesome, as always.

There's a few Fact File quotes(particularly regarding the Dooku's lightning > Maul's power thing) you're missing, but I think it's in the comments of your original RT so it shouldn't be hard to find them. Bravo, though.

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@greysentinel365: That's just the art. I recall you complaining about something similar for the other Barrier feat and you thought it was Dooku pushing Obi-Wan. I'm not seeing why Dooku would want the Magnaguards to not interfere, by the way. He wanted to get out of there as soon as he could; Mace was the only one impeding that. Indeed, Mace wanted to defeat Dooku, so it'd make sense if he didn't want the Magnaguards to intervene. So really, it only makes sense if he's the one who sends them flying.

And I'm just putting those because they exist, and the fact that there's several of them. It's an RT; we tend to put things that may or may not be usable on the battles forums. I guess if enough people decide that they shouldn't be here, I'll remove them.

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@wollfmyth209: Yeah, I'll do more updating for both of them soon. Thanks anyways.

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Thirty pirates would be enough to kill an unarmed Dooku? Thats a bit of a shame. Didn't Windu manage to sweep armies of droids with his force abilities alone? And he was supposedly equal to Dooku?

Nice blog regardless.

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@noobsnowman: Canon vs EU in a nutshell.

Also inb4 "Maul took out all of Black Sun but Dooku can fall to thirty pirates" comparison.

Also, just for lols

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Thirty pirates would be enough to kill an unarmed Dooku? Thats a bit of a shame. Didn't Windu manage to sweep armies of droids with his force abilities alone? And he was supposedly equal to Dooku?

Nice blog regardless.

Thanks. And yeah, that's the (shameful) difference between Canon and Legends, as Grey said. But I mean, these same pirates (and a lesser number, in fact) managed to tag Maul's leg even when he had his lightsaber. Granted, he was supporting Savage at the same time, but it doesn't change the fact that in Legends, either Dooku or Maul would've decimated the lot of them.

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All hail the Count of Serenno.

Nice work.

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Amazing work, as always. Your Dooku and Palpatine threads are among the greatest RTs ever created.

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Well done

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Very nice thread.

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Thanks for the exceptionally comprehensive respect thread. Awesome job.

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Really good.

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Great finish! Gonna miss your quality threads.