Cooler fight scene- Black Panther vs Killmonger or Venom vs Riot?

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Poll: Cooler fight scene- Black Panther vs Killmonger or Venom vs Riot? (21 votes)

Panthers 43%
Symbiotes 57%

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Black Panther vs Killmonger and it's not even close. The Venom vs Riot fight was just plain boring.

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Venom vs riot to me. The cgi was bad in both, but the level of cgi in that final fight of BP really disappointed me for marvels standards.

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Those were two of the most disappointing fight scenes. For Venom, they were really sloppy with the symbiotes in that movie, no ground rules or plausible limitations at all.

Mmmmmm.... I’ll go Venom. What was happening in the field in Wakanda was more interesting than what was happening in the cavern.

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The Panther/Killmonger was shit so I would say Venom/Riot.

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Panthers. I love Killmonger's reaction when he was stabbed and accepts defeat.

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They fought like how I'd picture to be one lite characters fight.

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T'Challa beating up fodder in a casino was cooler than the Symbiote fight

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