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 Its the week before Halloween and things are getting spooky around the Vine.  Well some of it is spooky, some of it is just endearingly awesome.  Let's have a look:


I think without question everyone's favourite blog of the week was this one by BumpyBoo.  It should probably be read in full without me summarizing it, but for that haven't read it, check it out, and for that have read it again! 
It is always nice when someone brings their expertise from elsewhere to the Vine, and RenChamp shares his legal expertise by looking at how copyright law applies to digital comics.  
Mbecks14 caught wind of the rumour of a Justice League movie and outlines what might make it work.   

ShadowX discusses the role of transgender characters in comics, or more accurately the lack thereof.  On a related note, molotovzav has a look at the lack of other minorities in the new 52.
Everyone is enjoying the new Hawkeye series?  It is one of the most reviewed series at the moment on CV, but Blood1991 has a look at how he thinks the series is doing in various ways.   
Is a picture worth a thousand words?  Or in the case of comics is a picture worth a couple of speech bubbles?  RabbitearsBlog has a look at the evolution of text in comics.   
A couple of dedicated fans shared a walk back in time to find some early appearances of some of their favourite characters - pingclang for Green Arrow and JSH92 for Moon Knight.  


Haven't been seeing the wiki tasks that I have been setting?  Its because users like guttridgeb and Xanni15 have been gobbling them up.  

Fan Fiction  

I missed this last week and promised not to forget this week.  Johnny_Anonymous wrote up a good how-to guide for writing horror.   
Ravager4 continued the No More Heroes stories with a collection of Part 3 stories and the Ravager/Deathstroke series.   
joshmightbe continues the Horror series, and it is a good time of year for it.  Check it out! 
WildVine wrote up her own Adventure Tales story.  Pretty cute and the Adventure Tales fans on CV all seemed to approve.   
For another Halloween/horror themed fan fic, mrdecepticonleader takes on the zombification of DC Comics.  

Artists and their Art  

Quite up front about his lack of artistic ability, Aiden Cross provides some nice inspiration for our artists.  
Mbecks14 shared some doodles including a wide range of comic characters.  
How bored was guttridgeb?  (when he wasn't busy with wiki tasks I guess?)  He created the Jedi symbol in Minecraft. 
Kiss_lamia shares some artwork as well in the thread dedicated to what he draws.  Check it out on the last page for the most recent stuff.   


My mostly random choice for list of the week is tamabone's list of Zenescope female characters.  BIas on my part?  Maybe, but also a nice theme for Halloween.  
 But stop the press ... I actually got a recommendation for a list, Delphic's list of his favourite force users in the Star Wars universe


pingclang gives his thoughts on a lesser known new series called Lookouts.  It sounds interesting. 
There were a few reviews of older issues this week - Mourgos looked at an old Aquaman issue where he fights O.G.R.E., JSH92 looked at Jemm Son of Saturn from the 1980s (and a second one),  and Uncas007 for an X-Men issue from the 1970s (who also reviewed two of these older comics.)
New user Faeye lets us know about how she thinks Morning Glories is going (three reviews - one, two, three).  I just picked up the whole series to this point this past week but haven't read any of it yet.  etragedy also weighs in with his thoughts.   
pspin takes a look at Artifacts #22 and found it to be pretty good.  Another lesser known series getting some attention here.   
And for a less conventional pick kfhrfdu_89_76k takes a look at a children's pocketbook called Owly.  


Lvenger discusses some of the present problems which face the battles forum and a solution in the form of one-on-one debates.   
Also in the interest of improving battle threads xxxddd has created a thread to collect all of the respect threads.  Good job!

Elsewhere Around the Vine 

The Poet is still working hard at his Top 100 character list (he also has to run the Best of October poll) and the voting stage is soon to end.  Let your votes be know by Wednesday, or relinquish any right to complain who gets ranked where.   
IcarusFlies despite her busy schedule made some creepily inspired cupcakes this week.  I wasn't scared (well I slept with the light on that night)
In what is shaping up to be CV's own version of Bride Wars (which was not a good movie by the way), deadpoorules and PrinceZiara are also planning to get married after BumpyBoo and Raiiyn already announced their nuptials.   
Some reviews for non comic stuff but which everyone liked - YNCG and K4tz got together for a review of Looper, Xanni15 for Once Upon a Time, and DM reviewed Borderlands 2.
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This is the happiest day yet. Thanks to all you Adventure Time fans for your support.

EDIT: Good job to everyone.

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Yay! My blog I was really proud of made it :D

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Sweet! My review.

Not my best ones though. But then again, even my best ones are pretty mediocre.

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Yes! I got a mention! :D

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Awesome! Made it here twice :)

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Can't believe a blog I wrote today is featured on the Community Spotlight this week. Talk about a fast track road to fame :)

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Thanks for the mention!

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Sweet! :D

The Vine's been awesome this week I see!

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Fantastic! =D

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Wow, I didn't know anyone looked at my Artifacts reviews. Thanks a lot! This is a great article. Blog. Thing...

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Excellent work everyone, and a MASSIVE thank you!

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@BumpyBoo said:

Excellent work everyone, and a MASSIVE thank you!

Your blog was something special, it was very well deserved. :]

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@Xanni15 said:

@BumpyBoo said:

Excellent work everyone, and a MASSIVE thank you!

Your blog was something special, it was very well deserved. :]

Thank you very much :) You get out what you put in I guess. I thought it might help anyone out who felt the same way.

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I'm pretty sure the legal nature of my blog has prevented people from reading it. Regardless, it helped me get some thoughts out for a real paper I'm writing. Thanks, Razz.

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@Renchamp: I liked it

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Thanks, I just found this thread now, I had been looking for it. But thank you again. >.<