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I have noticing Comixology more and more all over the web. I want to know how does it work? how easy it is to use? Can I get my comics the same day they are released? What are the prices? 
I am fully behind digital comics. I want to know if this is a viable option. I have actually stopped buying print comics because it just so inconvenient and then I have to store all of the issues, it has become a little too tedious at this point. I really want to throw my $$$ behind a viable option for comics but I want it to be digital. The reason for this is if the publishers see that people want this they will begin to provide us with more digital comics. So tell me is the comixology the option I have been looking for?

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Digital comics aren't exactly good because you may not have as fun reading it on the internet as you would in real life. Also unless u have an iPad which is expensive u can't read anything.

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@Jnr6Lil: so what your saying is that you would prefer carrying around a bunch CDs and a really big CD player, instead of having access to all of your music on a thing iPod that fits in your pocket? 
Does anybody actually use Comixology here?
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cdeoleo: No but you can only read digital comics on an iPad, or maybe an iPod Touch, Those are both pretty expensive, and wouldn't even be allowed at school for young comic book readers, or even at work for adults, so its best to carry around comics.

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@cdeoleo: I've used Comixology before. It's what you'd expect, you buy the comic, and you have access to it on all your devices. If you look at their site you can see a list of devices, which are not limited to iOS, but Android and also desktop web browsers.

I ran into the same situation a few years ago where I wanted to continue reading comics but was sick of having a box full of books that I'd probably never look at again. I wasn't into collecting, I just wanted to enjoy the content. I ended up giving what I had to some friends.

Digital comics fix that problem...sort of. Right now the downfall is most content doesn't come out the same day as the physical book. As an example, I wanted to read the new Daredevil #1 which I believe came out last month, yet it is not available on Comixology. There are a few exceptions, of course. Since I read 99% DC, I'm very happy to see they're going to start releasing their books on Comixology the same day as in stores. The other downfall is that, while they're the same price, most online and local retailers give discounts if you order more than one book. Right now sites like DCBS are offering all the #2 issues of DC's "New 52" for about $80. Buy them on Comixology and you'll pay full price, about double that.

If you're patient (which I'll admit, I'm not) then you can wait a month and each book will drop a dollar, but as far as I'm aware that's just a DC thing and not Comixology. It might vary from publisher to publisher. I think some publishers sell their books for cheaper on Comixology right from the start.

Bottom line, I wouldn't be afraid to use it, just know that your selection may be limited or delayed and prices could be more than physical books. This is an interesting transitional period with all media where some of us can't get used to the idea of buying something and not getting a physical object in return. Your analogy of CDs and an MP3 player was perfect. Comics might be entertainment but they're also collectibles, so it's going to take time for publishers and readers to make the transition to digital.

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Speed and accuracy are attributes valued by the ninja!
Long live the clan!

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@sterbacblu: I understand the collectibles aspect of comics but idk if that is really viable after the 90s (special covers, rampant renumbering, rob liefeld [he has nothing to do with this discussion but dammit he drew Captain America with boobs!]). I am like you here for a good story. I do not care about the number on the front of the issue I care about the writing between the covers. I am very disappointed though about the pricing, the success of the apple app store is based on the fact that most things are 0.99. People will not hesitate to spend 0.99 cents on anything, especially a good comic. Comics have lost readership because well it is honestly an expensive hobby and many times you do not even get a good story! Hopefully publishers will wise up as I would have to see Marvel or DC in the same position as record labels. 
Thanks for your input.
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@cdeoleo: Yes I use it, av got 100 odd issues on it altogether. You dont need an ipod or ipad to read them you can read it straight off your laptop and there about the same price as in the shops but you have to wait for quite a while before you can get new ones hut as far as I know as of September and the new 52 they will be available the same day as the shops.